Imagine working out with Tom

  • You asking tom to help you stretch your hips
  • Wearing itty bitty shorts that come up when he pushes on your leg
  • Making a soft moan when your hip stretches and tom can’t help it
  • Tom watching you from behind as you do squats
  • Watching him do pull ups without a shirt and him watching you the whole time.
  • Being the only ones at the gym late at night
  • Tom coming up behind you and grabbing your hands, playfully telling you to break free.
  • Moving and pushing against Tom’s body to get free before giving up and purposely grinding against him
  • Listening to him groan how that’s not getting free
  • Being lifted up over his shoulder and being taken to the gymnastic mats.
  • Tom pinning you down and play fighting with you.
  • Putting your legs around his hip and moving up into him.
  • Tom grabbing your ass with one hand while you continue to grind into him
  • When toms distracted you flip him over and pin him down. Laughing and smiling at his shocked face.
  • Tom going from laughing to silent before taking your face in his hands and kissing you hard.
  • His tongue is in your mouth, his hands are already pulling off your tank top and sports bra
  • Rubbing yourself on Toms hard bulge
  • Tom groaning and ready to pull off your shirt and bra before stopping.
  • Tom looking up at the security camera that’s focused on the mats.
  • Tom pinning you down and telling you he can’t let any one else see his girl like this, before picking you up onto your feet and throwing you over his shoulder.
  • The whole ride home his hands are in your lap, brushing your clit over your shorts
  • Tom getting you home and carrying you up into the room before tossing you on the bed and pulling off his clothes.
  • Pinning you down fully clothed, Tom kissing you while you play fight for dominance.
  • Managing to push tom on his back and stripping off your top and bra, taking toms hands to your chests.
  • His fingers brushing your nipples, earning a groan from you
  • Tom groaning for more
  • Losing yourself in the feeling and not realizing you lost control of him
  • Grabbing your hips hard and being pushed into the mattress, Tom pulls off your shorts and panties and quickly positions himself between your folds
  • Moaning as he teases your clit with the tip of his cock
  • Begging tom to take you, to fuck you hard
  • Tom groans and pushes in hard and deep, not giving you time to adjust to his cock inside you before he pulls out and flips you over so your ass is in the air but your face is pressed into the bed.
  • Getting fucked from behind while tom spanks your ass hard and grips your hips.
  • Tom rubbing your clit as he fucks you, telling you things like :
  • “Fuck, darling, you feel so good” or “c'mon on angel, cum for me. Cum on my cock”
  • Cumming hard on Toms cock and feeling him pull out and cum on your ass
  • Taking a hot shower where tom holds you the entire time and rubs out your sore muscles
  • Tom kissing your neck as he dries you off, telling you what a great work out partner you are.
  • Joking with him and asking him if this is what his workout routine is like with Harrison
  • Tom not getting the joke and seriously answering that he and Harrison are much harder in the gym together
  • bursting out laughing and asking tom if he cums on Harrison’s ass to
  • Tom mimicing you before taking your towel away and refusing to let you get dressed.
  • Naked wrestling with tom for your underwear
  • Ending up under tom, both of you naked, making out lazily while he fingers you.
  • Stroking his cock slowly while you make out like teenagers in high school
  • Tom building your second orgasm and cooing you to cum for him
  • Tom kissing down your body, licking your clit and making you cum, his tongue still inside of you
  • Tom laying next to you afterwards, your head on his chest while you tease the tip of his cock. His eyes closed but hearing silent groans of pleasure.
  • Tom taking your hand and kissing it before placing it under his own on his chest and telling you to stay with him for the night.
  • Kissing toms face, whispering that you couldn’t be anywhere else right now.
  • Watching tom Holland fall asleep, happy and sated from being with you
  • Falling asleep to his heart beat.
Hitman AU


Daniel is hired by someone unknown but very powerful to murder Jason in a very painful way. He would have done so with no problem, but he has to study his daily life for a while, first. So, he does. Something strange happens, though. He finds himself stalking Jason more than he has to, watching him near constantly. It isn’t long until he realizes he has a crush on him and he approaches him at work, which is a small café. He asks him out (rather smoothly) and Jason, charmed by this sly man, accepts. Rather than killing him that night, he kisses him at the door and leaves. They continue to meet, having date after date and they even enter a relationship. Daniel is reminded about a month later that he has to kill him. And he’s filled with an incredible sorrow and rage towards himself. He doesn’t stop seeing him, though, continuing to go on dates with him until he’s grown dangerously attached. His excuse every time is, “If I earn his trust, he’ll be more hurt in the end, right?” to which his customer begrudgingly responds with, “I suppose so.” Eventually, Daniel’s client gets fed up with waiting and demands it happen by a certain date, or he’ll hire Jen, who never failed an assignment. She’d make it excruciatingly painful, and Daniel knew that. So, after a particularly wonderful date, Daniel takes Jason to his house, knocks him out, gags him, and ties him up. And he tortures him for HOURS. He hates it, but a part of him enjoys feeling so in control. And he only hates himself more for that. The whole while, Jason begs and screams for him to stop, apologizing and sobbing. He says he loves him as he’s practically torn apart, saying he enjoyed every second with him. And that absolutely breaks Daniel’s heart. He gets more aggressive and violent with his movements, truly making his death an excruciating one, perhaps more excruciating that Jen would make it. When he finishes he reports to his client that it’s been done before shooting them in the head.

Daniel is known as the most violent and dangerous hitman in the world. Rumor says he had his heartbroken. Rumors are true.


BTS Reaction ; You Giving Them Random Kisses

Requested by Anonymous, “The boys’ reaction to their s/o who likes to give them kisses/pecks when the boys aren’t paying attention to them/focusing on something else please? Thanks!”

Note; this made me soft dare u.

Jin ➳ Standing with his hands gripping the airplane tickets as he found out the airlines were at the very other end of the building, stress and a load of tiredness was beginning to overtake him as you tried to get his attention, hold his hand, anything — only for him to bolt down the airport while dragging you along. “Babe,” you called to no avail, frowning in distaste, “Seokjin!”

“What?” He snapped, stopping in his tracks and the minute you tippy toe to plant a small peck onto his plump lips, a fierce blush takes over his cheeks as he smiles and drops his head onto your shoulders.

You laugh softly as you rub his neck, “calm down.”

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Suga ➳ “Your hands are freezing.” He mumbles, holding the frozen limbs in his warm ones. He wasn’t smiling, more annoyed at having to walk with you to the faraway café instead of taking a taxi or an uber — but what he did take satisfaction in was being able to walk through the greenery that still brimmed with life despite the negative temperature. “Maybe we should head back–”

But you interrupt him as you kiss him unexpectedly, feeling his chapped lips against yours as you quickly pull away. “Nah,” you say with a small smile as he stares at you blankly, “I’m warm now.”

And a big grin slaps onto his features, eyes immediately turning into mini crescents.

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J-Hope ➳ He was death glaring Jungkook who was acting a little too friendly with you, throwing in snark comments here and there as the younger only laughed it off as if Hoseok was joking — but he wasn’t. Jungkook would nudge you in a flirty manner, smile at you, eye you and just–

But the soft and damp pressure on his lips makes all thoughts evaporate into thin air, you pulling away and laughing as you finally got his attention. 

And the smile encasing his being is bright, pulling you into his chest as you continued to talk to the other man and tried your hardest to pull away from the man who tried to peck you once again.

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RapMonster ➳ He was exhausted as you two sat on the bench of the nearly empty park during the day, the sun emitting rays that illuminated onto the grass and pond — and whilst he closed his eyes to zone out your voice and drown into the melody of nature, you nudge him as he groans in displeasure.

It is quiet then, and all he could here was the singing of the birds, the shivering leaves and the ruffling of your clothes before you kiss the corner of his mouth, his eyes blasting open in astonishment. “Are you going keep ignoring me?”

A grin spreads onto his lips. “Well,” he says, wiggling his eyebrows, “you do know what unexpected kisses leads to..right?”

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Jimin ➳ He was paying way too much attention onto his phone as you both ate out with the rest of the boys, Jimin only tuning in on a recent video game play-through as he ignored the conversation happening at hand and especially you.

To say that he was caught off guard when you kissed him in front of the guys was an understatement — scarlet immediately drowned his ears as he giggled at your cute gesture. “Jagiya,” he gasped as if you did something horrible, “you know we only kiss in the bedroom.”

You punched his shoulder in mortification as the guys begin to catcall and eventually, Yoongi spatting in disgust to “keep it in the bedroom.”

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V ➳ It was during the night when the windowsill was open and the breeze blew onto the sheer curtains as Taehyung wrapped you in his arms under the duvet and pulled you into his chest. His eyes were closed, and as his breathing began to soften, your small voice pierces the quiet atmosphere. “Babe?”

He hums in response, refusing to open his eyes and when he felt the bed dip the slightest as you move to get comfortable, the kiss you give him before nestling into his neck has him smiling. “Oh, no you don’t,” he says as he feels the thousands of butterflies attack his gut. Immediately, he pulls away from you just to catch your lips in a passionate kiss, letting the night drown you both into bliss.

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Jungkook ➳ Driving for hours in the city with no destination in mind, Jungkook only wanted to spend time with you and away from his hectic singer life and definitely, away from the boys. It was raining, the traffic was too much and as he sits their impatient as the truck was stuck in nearly the same spot for half an hour, you grab his hand and he quickly looks to you as your lips crash perfectly together in an innocent kiss.

Pulling away from him, a toothy and cheeky grin is plastered onto his features as his previous frown melted into the ground. “Again,” he begs, intertwining your fingers together as he squeezes your hand, “kiss me again.”

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When Feyre and Rhysand first meet in A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

“They were strong hands- warm and broad.”

”There you are. I’ve been looking for you,” said a deep, sensual male voice I’d never heard.”

“Standing before me was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen.”

“Everything about the stranger radiated sensual grace and ease. High Fae, no doubt. His short black hair gleamed like a raven’s feathers, offsetting his pale skin and blue eyes so deep they were violet, even in the firelight. They twinkled with amusement as he beheld me.” 

“His voice was a lover’s purr that sent shivers through me, caressing every muscle and bone and nerve.” 

“His clothes- all black, all finely made- were cut close enough to his body that I could see how magnificent he was. As if he’d been molded from the night itself.”

“I could have sworn tendrils of star-kissed night trailed in his wake.” 

“The man’s remarkable eyes seemed to glow- with enough of a deadly edge that I backed up a step.”

All I’ve got II pt. 4

Jungkook x reader

genre: fluff, ANGST, smut!!, bestfriend!jungkook

word count: 13k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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“He asked me when I knew I was in love with him, but I didn’t know how to explain it. How do I explain this world is a dark night sky and he is the brightest star? I don’t know how to tell him how his happiness means so much more to me than my own or how his laughter turns an upside-down day into something beautiful. If I’m being honest, his question threw me because there wasn’t a single moment I fell. Maybe it was every time I fell apart and he stayed. Maybe it was every happy moment I wanted him to be there for. Maybe it was every sunset I wanted to share with him. Maybe it was the way we know each other down to how we take our coffee in the morning, but honestly? Maybe it wasn’t. I don’t know. All I know is one day, I woke up, and the question of whether or not I was in love with him wasn’t a question at all.”

–he is my one sure thing

BTS how they initiate sex

as requested, here is how BTS put the moves on you :’)
I wasn’t too sure if this was a preferences or a reaction… so i’m just gonna classify it as both hehe

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

requested by @notmoose23: Can you do a bts reaction on how they would put the moves on you? Like how they would initiate sex for the first time?

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First Fight with Peter Parker (Headcanon)

i wrote this an hour ago and it fUCKING DELETED I’M SO MAD SO I HERE I AM REWRITING THIS FOR THE SECOND TIME MF! but any way, hope you all enjoy:) this is long asf whoops lol (GIF NOT MINE, CREDS TO OWNER)

a/n: my headcanons also tend to be situational?? like i mostly focus on one situation and with a lot of detail lmao. I know that’s not how it’s usually done but o well ya know!! i love u all and pls enjoy!


- “he’s with Liz”

- “he’s what?”

- you, ned, and peter were supposed to meet at 7 to work on a chemistry project 

- it was now 7:40

- and peter was a fucking nO SHOW

- your anger was already growing by the minute as you kept checking the clock with ned next to you

- “yeah I saw him exit the main entrance today with Liz. They were talking about Calculus?”

- your hand balled into fists as your eyes narrowed into slits

- you were pissed because it was a chemistry project, and peter was the fucking group leader, not because he had ditched his best friend and girlfriend to help Liz Allan with math

- that wasn’t it at ALL

- of course it fucking was

- “I’ll be back” you growled to ned, reaching for your phone and running out of the room into your living room

- zero missed calls

- head fucking ass

- you were going to kICK HIS ASS

- ned stayed silent in your room as he played on his phone 


- your fingers feverishly dialed peter’s number before forcefully slamming the phone against your ear

- “Hel-”


- “It’s-”

- “IT’S 7:45! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” you screamed through the phone, your eyes narrowing into slits at him mentally through the phone

- “Well, I-uh, I-”

- is he serious?????

- “Be here in ten or we’re finished

- you were low key being a little extra but oh WELL

- he deserved it

- “Be there in ten!” he hollered semi-jokingly through the phone, attempting to brighten your mood

- you just growled before forcefully ending the call, throwing your phone onto the couch beside you

- you paced the living room floor as your arms were folded over your chest, thinking of every possible way you could interrogate his dumb ass

- if he looks good today, you’re fucking screwed

- lmao the doorbell rang five minutes later

- you stomp over and open your front door

- mother of fuck he looks good AS HELL


- ok tell your hormones to CHILL


- his bright brown eyes are filled with guilt as they look deeply into yours

- his little pink lips are turned down in a frown

- :(

- you’re still mad though

- “I’m sorry, babe” was the first thing to roll of his lips as he stared at you guiltily

- your hand is on your hip and your tongue is clicking the roof of your mouth in a sliver of patience

- but wait you were about to exPLODE


- lmao the SASS

- peter just sighed as he threw his backpack down and looked at you

- “I was just-”

- “HMMMMM????”

- “I’m so, so, so sorry I bailed on you and ned to help Liz…” he trailed off, biting his lip and looked down toward the floor

- he seemed so genuine and sweet and aw

- lol seemed

- you still narrowed your face towards his and pursed your lips tightly together

- “why’d you do it?” you question a but more sternly

- s m h

- peter looked back up and rolled his eyes at you???

- uhm sudden change of demeanor??

- “I didn’t think you’d be so fucking uptight about it!” he hollered, arms flying out by his sides to exaggerate his point


- you couldn’t believe your ears wOW

- “I’m sorry, what?” you spat, inching closer to him, your nose inches from his

- your glares were both darker than usual 

- suddenly you could cut the tension with a kNIFE

- “You’re acting like I did some horrific thing, Y/N!” he countered, eyes latching onto yours and daring himself not to break your gaze

- headass was about to get it!

- you squinted at him and scooted even closer, your lips ghosting over the other/s the tension building by the second

- “because peter, I’m your girlfriend. I have a right to know why you stood me up to go hang out with the most gorgeous girl in our fucking school goddammit!”

- oh no

- you hit homeboy right where his heart is

- he felt another sudden wave of guilt engulf him as you looked wearily into his eyes, your eyes never slacking but he could see your lips start to quiver at your anger

- now he feLT AWFUL

- he WAS a headass

- you stepped away, regret and exhaustion washing over your figure

- you threw your hands up, as if you were surrendering and rolled your eyes at Peter’s sudden guilt-stricken look once again

- good, you made him upset

- “you know what, it’s fine. I’m gonna go work on the project with ned and I’ll see you later”

- “Y/N don’t-”

- “no, peter! you had your chance and you ruined it!”

- you began to walk away, turning around to head back to your room and work on the project with the ned

- you then felt the familiar feeling of peter’s touch envelope your wrist as your body was suddenly jolted back towards the opposite direction

- “I’m sorry, beautiful. I’m sorry” peter hands cradled your cheeks as his forehead pressed against yours 

- yOUR HEART WAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- you sighed feeling his breath hit against your lips lightly as the energy and anger began to slowly fade

- “peter, just forget-”

- peter leaned forward and pressed his needy lips against yours, cutting you off

- the urge flooded through you as his thumb rubbed your cheek softly as he began to kiss you again, your thoughts completely vanishing


- he still a headass tho

- you pulled away and brought your hand up to play with his curls, his pink lips spreading into a smile

- “are you still gonna kick my ass?”

- you chuckled, smirking, “depends. Do you knew much of a headass you can be sometimes?”

- “indeed I do” he smiled, and leaned in for another kiss to seal the night:)))

- awWWwWW

- first fights were never easy

- but as long as peter knew you were always right, it would all end okay;)

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kiss me some more before you leave tonight because who knows if they will be a tomorrow. kiss me a little more passionately tonight because who knows if there will be a tomorrow. kiss me a little more sloppily tonight because who knows if there will be a tomorrow. kiss me just a little tonight because i know there will be no tomorrow for us and i need to get used to the fact that you are no longer mine to kiss tomorrow night.

s k e p t i c a l//nikitagupta

reddie matching halloween costumes

  • the first year they go as salt and pepper. they’re 13 and they argue about who is the saltiest. it’s eddie.
  • the second year, they go as peanut butter and jelly. they’re 14 and richie has to battle his girlfriend at the time because she wants to match with him. not on my watch.
  • the third year they go as ketchup and mustard. they’re 15 and richie thought it would be really funny to squirt real ketchup at people whenever they interacted.
  • the fourth year they go as shaggy and scooby doo. they’re 16 and richie thinks it’s the funniest idea they’ve ever had and eddie likes it because richie was forced to be on all fours for the whole night.
  • the fifth year they’re an angel and a devil. they’re 17 and eddie is the angel, obviously. people constantly tell them they look like a couple and richie goes as red as his devil costume.
  • the sixth year richie finally convinces eddie to go as sandy so they could be sandy and danny. they’re 18 and have been dating for 3 months. eddie pretends he hates it when richie sings ‘you’re the one that i want’ to him in front of everyone.
  • the seventh year they go as ash ketchum and pikachu. they’re 19 and eddie hates how cute richie looks in his pikachu costume. they sneak off into the bathroom to make out and eddie constantly worries if it is some kind of furry situation.
  • the eighth year they go as mario and luigi. they’re 20 and eddie refuses to kiss richie all night. he says they’re brothers and he doesn’t want to ruin the illusion.
  • the ninth year they go as jessica rabbit and roger rabbit. they’re 21 and richie insisted on being jessica. he goes all out, shaves his legs, buys the perfect wig and bev does his makeup. eddie pretends he’s not turned on for the whole night.
  • the tenth year they go as blue and steve from blue’s clues. they’re 22 and when richie gets down on one knee and proposes, eddie can’t help but laugh through his tears as he says yes, because richie is dressed as a fictional blue dog and of course he chose now to do it.