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Imagine Steve learning about "bisexual" and feeling so incredible because holy crap there's a word for it

Back when Steve was a teen, there were two ways to be: straight, or quiet about it.  Despite the fact that he lived in one of Brooklyn’s more accepting neighborhoods, that bar wasn’t very high.  Besides, he liked girls.  It didn’t matter how many longing looks he spent on Bucky, there was always a pretty girl around to distract him long enough to forget about it.  One of these feelings just had to be a fluke.

When he met Peggy, there was no time for questioning.  Just being with her was enough to take away his doubts, or so he told himself.  Peggy was wonderful, an absolute dream, but sometimes he still couldn’t help himself wondering.  It was too much when he thought about what it would be like to have a man hold him and gently kiss him the night before a battle, when he wasn’t sure if he’d live through the next day.

The 21st century was different.  Here, people were more openly gay than he’d ever seen in his life.  Not to mention the Internet; now that was something else. When he’d recovered from his stint in the ice, one of the first thing he’d asked for was a computer (after all, there were only so many obvious questions you could ask your friends before they got annoyed).  On it, he learned as much as he could about how the world had changed in seventy years, spending the hours he should’ve been sleeping just absorbing information.

A few months in, one night, Steve was feeling particularly fearless.  It’d been one of those weeks where he couldn’t push the questions out of his mind. Unlike before, though, he had Google, and it took a whole lot of guts (and a quick search) to type the vague phrase “what’s my sexuality” into the search engine.  Up came a list of definitions, way beyond straight or gay, and more than Steve could’ve ever imagined.  As he scrolled, his eyes settled on one definition in particular.

Bisexual - the attraction to two or more genders

Steve froze.  There was a word for it?  The feeling that had been confusing him all his life?  Emotions bubbled inside his chest in a way he hadn’t expected.  All this time of feeling broken and confused and just plain wrong, and it was all okay.  Everything had been normal: it was possible to like both men and women, and apparently, other genders too?  Now that was a concept he’d never encountered before.

Looks like he had a lot more googling to do.

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Is it just me, or did the topless pictures of Harry with the long hair and the collar remind you of LIARB Harry doing his Esquire photo shoot??

lol oh that had not occurred to me, but now that I think about it I agree it has a similar feel!! 

okay now it is entertaining me thinking about liarb!harry doing a shoot like the rest of it, after they are together.  Like, Louis would be previewing Harry choices for the part he curated and have like a mini-internal-love-meltdown when he sees Harry put The Swan on his mixtape. 

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If it's still open, could you do a #19 for stancest, please? Thank you, you cutie. Have a lovely day/night!

“Sad kiss”

thank you anon!

One more

Drabble: #79.
Superstar/Diva: AJ STYLES
Prompt: “You’re safe now. I’ve got you.
A/N: Slight smut ahead!

When a piercing scream echoed throughout your silent house, you and your husband jumped up to see what caused the commotion. Running down the hall in separate directions, you to your son, and him to your daughter, you were met with a sleeping 3 year old. After kissing him goodnight again, you headed to your daughters room.

Before walking in you heard AJ talking to her, and could see him holding her through the open door.

“You’re safe now. I’ve got you". He repeated to her, her sobs slowly dying down.

“Daddy, I was scared.” She told him, her grip on his arm looking as she laid back down in her bed.

You walked in, and kissed her good night saying “since daddy has you, I’m going to go back to bed.” She nodded, and so did AJ.

You headed back to bed, and laid awake waiting for AJ.


30 something minutes later, AJ walked in, his night robe untied and he ran a hand through his hair, shutting your bedroom door.

He crawled into bed with you and you leaned up to give him a kiss.

“What was that for?” He asked.

“Seeing you with Juliet earlier reminded me of how much of a wonderful father you to her and Jaden. And, it made me think of something else.” You stated, and then stopped.

“What?” He laughed.

“I want another baby, AJ. Just one more.” You said to him, now sitting up in your king size bed.

He followed your actions, “you want another baby?” He questioned.

“Yes.” You replied, looking into his eyes.

Although it was dark in your room, you could feel AJs blue eyes staring back at you.

“Well, if that’s what will make you happy, who am I to not make you happy.” He laughed before leaning in to kiss you.

His kisses moved down your body. First down your neck then to your breast, before he removed your tank top that you were sleeping in, before he went further down your body.

He was now above the waistband of your shorts, and as he slid them down, your panties followed.

He placed himself comfortably between your legs, arms wrapping around the underneath and hands resting on your upper body. He sucked and licked, while his eyes never left yours.

All too soon, he pulled away, leaving you needy and breathless.

He removed his shirts and boxers, along with his shirt and robe, and then crawled over your body.

He bent down and kissed you as he pushed himself in. His hips finding a steady speed right away.

Quiet moans were shared between the two of you, as you constantly hushed each other to not wake the children.

“A-AJ, I’m so close. Harder. Faster.” You moaned, and he obeyed.

“Oh, oh, A-AJ!” You screamed, finally hitting your climax, and cuming hard.

“Cum for my, AJ.” You whispered in his ear.

He was soon cuming inside of you, and you two laid there, in each other’s arm.

“You know that this one time doesn’t guarantee anything. We may have to do it more.” AJ told you with a laugh.

“I’m okay with that.” You smiled, giving him another kiss.

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Do you believe that the kiss in 2x11 was linstead's first kiss?

I do, yup.

Their is something so beautiful in the fact they waited until it was right (they no longer worked together). It was too important for them to ruin it with a kiss or a night together, because they knew that they couldn’t have more.