Kiss Me At Midnight- Drabble

Hi! So, okay…

This was written in hastiness, but idk. I couldn’t get this song out of my head and whatnot.


Kiss Me At Midnight- NSYNC

I’ve been waiting for the special night

To be with you

The colors of Christmas are still shining bright

And I know what we’re gonna do

“You look so beautiful tonight,” he tells you as you slow dance together. You took special care earlier to make sure you looked your best for him.

When Josh Hutcherson is your date, you wouldn’t think to do otherwise. You knew he’d kill in a suit tonight, and you had to make sure you stood up to his caliber. You know he doesn’t really care, but you want to be an impressive piece of arm candy. Your dress is red, strapless and sequined, showing off your glowing shoulders and neck. You consciously remember to wear flats so that he stays taller than you…barely.

You are dancing cheek to cheek, Josh’s breath hot against your ear as he says, “I can’t wait until midnight. I can’t wait to kiss you into the new year.” The sweet huskiness in his voice sends shivers down your spine. You can’t help but feel a little nervous though. He is going to kiss you publicly for the first time, with all eyes watching you. Camera flashes and whispers are sure to follow.

“Me too,” you managed to reply. “Thank you for bringing me.”

“Who else would I bring?” he asks, with a little laugh.

“I don’t know.” You shrug, blushing a little.

He flashes a smile, and you nearly swoon. Maybe it’s the champagne going to your head. “I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else.”

Nope. It’s him making you feel light headed and giddy. All you can do is smile and nod in return, to save yourself from saying something foolish.

Anticipating, music is playing

The magic is in the air

All through the season

You’ve been the reason

I have so much love to share

It’s thirty minutes until midnight, and you have been introduced to anyone and everyone that has come to talk to Josh. He looks at you apologetically, knowing how overwhelming this must all be for you. You carry yourself as well as you can, so as not to embarrass him. People laugh at the witty things you say, and it seems to be sincere. Josh eventually takes you by the hand, excusing you from the crowd. You make your way to the dance floor again. Josh wraps his arms around you, placing one hand on your waist, the other your back.

“So, how am I doing? Do I fit in?”

“You are doing fine. You can stop shaking now. You don’t need to impress anyone here.” Josh is reassuring and confident when he tells you this.

Feel the beat of my heart

As the countdown starts

Just look into my eyes

One minute left.

Everyone is getting ready. Couples who aren’t dancing find each other. Others get champagne flutes ready for toasting.

You freeze as the countdown begins.


You both lock eyes.


You place your hands on Josh’s shoulders as he places his on your jaw.


Josh smiles slightly, while your mouth remains parted.


You feel all the blood rush to your cheeks.


Josh licks his lips.


Your heart skips a beat.


For one fleeting second, you are aware that the world is about to see you and Josh kiss.

His lips meet yours, and you feel the same electric spark that shocked your very core the first time he kissed you.

The world be damned.

“Auld Lang Syne” blares from the speakers, and glasses clink with cheer. You feel confetti and glitter rain on you, but your lips continue to meet with soft intensity. How is that even possible?

When you finally part and your eyes meet once more, you wonder what you were so scared of in the the first place. You came here for him, not for anyone else.

“Happy New Year,” he tells you.

“Happy New Year, Josh.”

Kiss me at midnight

Dance until the morning light

Party into the New Year

All of my friends are here

And when the timing’s right

Kiss me at midnight

Happy New Year Hutchers! May 2014 bring us nothing but sexy. Lots and lots of sexy. 

Dear MyTumblr,

I just thought I’d tell you about my perfect NYE.

I wasn’t drunk, I didn’t go to London, I didn’t go clubbing, I didn’t spend lots of money, and I wasn’t surrounded by twenty thousand people. Instead, I spent the evening with my beautiful girlfriend, listening to the radio and drinking a little, until we drove over to Gemma and Kerry’s place to drink chocolate Ovaltine and ring in the New Year, quietly and beautifully.

I kissed her (her = Kate, the girl of my dreams, the one I hope i get to spend this year and many more with)/she kissed me/we kissed at midnight and we gazed at each other and smiled. My heart beat faster and I felt excited, anticipating what our future holds together.

After the countdown and kisses and Jools Holland singing ‘Old Lang Syne’, we went out onto Kerry and Gemma’s balcony roof top thingy and stood, two couples in love, watching fireworks explode all around us, a panorama of bright lights and dancing flames, a display provided just for us four. 

On reflection, I think K & I were both worried that our New Year’s Eve celebration wasn’t enough because it wasn’t wild, we didn’t party crazily, and we’d have no drunken memories to splurge over Facebook. Some people might think we’re boring, but frankly, where would I rather be than warm and safe in the company of the woman I love and some of my best friends in the world. 

Bring it on, 2013. I am so ready for you.


I don’t care what anyone says, I still blast this song on New Year’s Eve every year for the past 17 years and will continue to do so forever