Inner Circle--New Year's Eve
  • Mor: Who do I kiss on New Years'?
  • Cassian: You can't kiss Rhys, he's your cousin.
  • Feyre: Hey!
  • Amren: Rhys and Feyre, Cassian and Nesta, Elain and Az.
  • Mor: Me and you?
  • Amren: Nope, not kissing anyone but Varian this year.
  • Mor: Perfect, perfect, everyone's getting kissed except me.
  • [Clock strikes 12: 00]
  • Mor: Alright, somebody kiss me! Somebody kiss me, it's midnight! Some--
  • Elain: Alright, alright, there *kisses Mor*
  • Rhys:
  • Cassian:
  • Azriel:
  • Mor:
  • Nesta:
  • Feyre:
  • Elain: What?

Note: If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll remember that three years ago, before Sheldon kissed Amy, I wrote a Sheldon Initiated Kiss every week for a few months until they actually kissed. The anniversary of the train kiss is today, so this both celebrates that kiss and pokes a little fun at me for all of those SIKs.

Amy pressed a quick peck to Sheldon’s lips before she rolled over and closed her eyes to go sleep.  Then she started chuckling lightly to herself, and Sheldon rolled over to see what she was laughing at.  His hand rested on her waist as he propped himself up on his elbow.

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Do you have a mobile masterlist?

Like this?


by Lia from @rebclprincess

Requested by Anon & @ravenshadowrose

#51; “Did you just kiss me?”

#56; ‘It’s midnight.”

A/N; Okay I really really like this one. In case ya’ll havent noticed I have an obsession with stars lmao.

Warnings; None (:

The sky outside of my window was perfect. It was a velvety midnight blue, dotted with glittering stars, the towers and skyscrapers of Coruscant reflecting the moonlight, making the night seem brighter than possible. I yawn and turn away from my window, crawling into my large bed, the silky sheets sliding on top of my body. Letting down my messy bun, I comb my hair with my fingers before finally laying down. I sigh and shut my eyes, letting sleep overtake me.

I wake up to the sound of my door creaking open. The light from the hallway floods in, shining on my sheets. The figure’s shadow floats over me, shining on the opposite side of the bed. My heart skips a beat, but I remain still. My hand creeps toward my lightsaber on the nightstand. I read the force, attempting to figure out who it is, but I can’t. Someone’s blocking the connection. At this point it could only be one person.
I groan, shielding my eyes from the light, “Obi-Wan.”
Turning over, I face him, propping myself up on an elbow.
He sighs, “How did you know it was me?”
“You were blocking the force. You are the only person who does that. Also, you’re the only person who visits me at, oh,” I turn, checking my alarm clock, “Midnight. It’s midnight.”
He sighs and pushes an escaping strand of hair back, “Fair enough.”
I stand up, stretching out my sore muscles, “Balcony?”
He nods and follows me out the glass door. We sit on the bench, his arm resting on the back, cradling my shoulder. I lean on him, tucking my feet up. We sit in silence for a few minutes, admiring the stars. Obi-Wan traces shapes on my shoulder, his heartbeat steady against my back.
I finally speak, “Couldn’t sleep?”
He shakes his head. I sit up and look at him.
“You know what I just realized?”
“You’re always stronger after you come to me. You always train harder, work harder. Kick more ass on more missions. Every. Single. Time.”
His voice is quiet, “You make me stronger.”
His eyes flit to my lips, just for an instant, then on my eyes. I glance at his lips, then at him. He looks at me, almost asking permission. I nod my head slowly, almost in a trance. He leans in, his hands circling my cheeks. His lips press against mine, as my hands go to his hair, winding his strands in between my fingers. He lingers for a few seconds before pulling away. I open my eyes to find him staring adoringly at me. His eyes are softened, his mouth turned up slightly in a smile.
“You just kissed me!” I exclaim.
“I believe that’s what it’s called, yes.” He answers smartly.
“You, Obi-Wan ‘no feelings’ Kenobi, just kissed me!”
He grins, pressing his lips to my nose.
“You looked beautiful in the starlight.”

Midnight kiss

Requested by Anonymous:  You are and idol too and you and namjoon have a new year’s kiss on a bangtan bomb or something please (: plus all of bts

Okay, when you were making plans for this New Year’s Eve it never crossed your mind that you would end up celebrating it surrounded by seven noisy guys. It’s not like you weren’t enjoying it though. Being close to Namjoon and seeing him and the others so happy was enough for you. 

Hoseok was running in circles and trying to capture every single moment of the evening, dropping the camera thousand times in the process. Yoongi was judging him hard from his place on the couch, looking like he could fall asleep any moment. He was the first one to start singing when some odd song started though.

‘’He suddenly seems completely awake.’’ you laughed watching his ‘’passionate’’ expressions while singing.

‘’He really puts his soul into it.’’ Beside you Namjoon was also laughing while you two were enjoying Yoongi’s special show.

Meanwhile, Jimin and Taehyung were struggling to stop laughing long enough to stop Yoongi  who was getting more and more excited and whose singing was getting more and more ‘’whale like’’.

‘’Go eat something.’’ Namjoon pushed you gently towards the table. ‘’You can’t just drink!’’

‘’I will. But later.‘’ you moved closer to him again. ‘’It’s almost midnight! You want me to be eating at midnight? Who would you kiss then? Jin?’’ you playfully smacked his shoulder

He chuckled. ‘’Jin would also probably be eating. ‘’

‘’What? So you were seriously considering it?’’

He suddenly leaned in, looking like he was going for a kiss, but you stepped back leaving him kissing the air where you were standing second ago. 

‘’Hey!’’ he looked surprised. ‘’What was that for?’’

‘’It will be midnight in 5 minutes.’’ you said with a shrug.’’This is called being patient’’

‘’This is called torture.’’ he said furrowing his eyebrows and stepping closer to you again. ‘’Should we take a photo?’’

You laughed knowing exactly what he was trying to do. After two years of dating it was pretty easy to guess his intentions. ‘’No way. You’ll just try to kiss me again!’’

‘’It didn’t even cross my mind.’’ Grin on his face was giving him away though. ‘’Oh come on, it’s not like we don’t kiss every day. A kiss at midnight, a kiss minute before midnight…doesn’t matter as long as I’m kissing you!’’ He said while reaching to take your hand.

You rolled your eyes and stuck your tongue out. ‘’Seriously, where did the romance disappear?’’ After saying that you turned around to run away. ‘’Now you’re not even going to get the midnight one!’’

‘’You little!’’ you heard him running after you. I mean, it wasn’t a hard guess since he immediately crushed something. 

The room wasn’t that big for you to be seriously chasing each other so you were kind of running in circles. You had to admit it was kind of amazing how he still didn’t manage to catch you. Though, tripping over his own legs and falling over things probably had to do something with that.

You suddenly noticed, while jumping over a chair that someone left in the middle of the room, that Jimin was shouting something. 


You stopped for a second and that second was enough for Namjoon to catch up to you.

‘’Nine!’’ Now all the boys were shouting.

He took your hand and quickly pulled you closer to his body.


His face was now so close to yours that you just had to blush, not knowing where to look. 


‘’You seriously thought you could get away?’’ he asked with a smirk.


‘’Well, I was doing pretty good before Jimin’s shout startled me…’’


‘’That doesn’t matter does it?’’

‘’Four!’’ You weren’t even sure if you still hear the shouts or you’re just imagining them. That’s how loud your heartbeat was.

‘’Now…where were we?’’


‘’You said something about not getting a New Year’s kiss, huh?’’


‘’We’ll see about that.’’

‘’One! Happy New Year!’’

That very moment his lips landed on yours. You expected a rough kiss after running away…but his lips were gentle. Moving against yours slowly like they don’t want this moment to end.

When he finally pulled away he had a proud smile on his face. ‘’I won!’’

‘’Huh? It was midnight! You kissed me at midnight! It was me who…’’

He silenced you with another kiss and then he leaned in to whisper in your ear. ‘’We’ll finish this when they leave us alone. ‘’ You just knew he had that big grin on his face even though you couldn’t see it.

Only the you realized other boys were standing in a line on the other side of the room watching you two like they are watching their favorite drama. ‘’Seriously…’’

Your reached to grab your phone from the nightstand. Namjoon was still sleeping so you decide not to get up, not wanting to wake him up. Unlocking your phone you noticed messages. Hundreds of them…Your and Namjoon’s relationship was public so it was normal for you get messages on your social accounts, but…hundreds of them.

-(Y/N), that was so cute!-

-That is the cutest thing I ever saw!-

-You’re so lucky, girl…- 

-Are you going to appear on any other Bangtan Bombs?- 

-What kind of kisser is Namjoon?-

Bangtan Bomb? No way…Of course, there was a camera and the one with the camera was…


Ok, this sucks…I know. I’m not really good at writing scenarios. Why am I still getting requests for them???

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fics where liam is lame and lonely and z is popular and loved by everyone

notice me

take my hand

Your Perfect Scent

If it wasn’t for them, I’d never have you.

Hurry Up and Save Me

Kissing your lips at midnight

I Heard You On The Radio

Glad It Was You (Ziam Oneshot)

Nobody Knows You Baby (The Way I Do)

“til it turns from colors to black and white

But the sun comes up instead

Go drink some water babe

Baby, look what you’ve done to me

Lost for words


Jack Johnson - Punishment (smut)

Request: Can you do a Jack Johnson imagine? It’s Christmas and Y/N and J are spending it together and they have dinner at Johnson’s family’s house and Johnson is teasing her underneath the table and when they finally get home, they make love. And can she be the dominant one?


Isn’t Christmas the best time of the year? The smell, the view, the feeling, everything. But what I like the most about it that I can spend time with the most important people in my life. My family, my love and his family. Jack and I had been together for more than three years and I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone other than him. This year, since my parents travelled to France for the holidays we were spending it with Jack’s family and we would celebrate with my parents later when they got back. Jennifer invited us for a nice dinner and I could tell Jack was very happy that we were having a peaceful family dinner. Lately our days were so crazy with our busy schedules and everything. It was time we had some days off.

“Here is my favorite couple!” Jennifer greeted us with a huge hug as we entered the house.

“Hey there,” I chuckled hugging her back. Fortunately I had a great relationship with Jack’s family, I loved to be around them, his parents were so sweet and they always supported us.

His dad, John and his brother Jeff also came out of the living room to greet us and a few minutes later we were all sitting at the table.

“Y/N, Jack told me your parents are on a vacation. Where did they go?” John asked when we started eating.

“They are in France. They are having their second honeymoon,” I said giggling.

“Oh, France, what a beautiful country!” Jennifer sighed smiling down at her plate.

I glanced over to Jack because I knew that his dad was planning to take her to Paris for New Year’s Eve, but it was still a surprise, so I just smiled at Jack and when he returned it we both turned back to the table.

Jeff started to tell us about his new job, when I felt a warm hand on my thigh. I thought Jack was doing his usual “I’m your boyfriend, I got to hold your thighs whenever I want to” thing, but then he started to caress and move a bit higher. I took a deep breath when his fingers moved to an area he wasn’t supposed to touch right at that moment.

I gave him a serious stare, but he wasn’t even looking at me. I was hoping he would quit this little game, but I was wrong. He pressed two of his fingers against my clit through the fabric of my jeans and I almost moaned loudly. I barely could contain myself when he decided to do some magical movements. I wrapped my hand around his wrist and tried to push it away, but I had no chance.

Jennifer started to talk about a story that I couldn’t even remember how started, and I tried to keep my face straight, but Jack kept teasing me and I knew he would get punished for it.

I managed to keep my moans inside, when the dinner was over and we all moved to the living room meaning that Jack hat to let go of me.

“You are going to be punished for this, baby,” I whispered before we sat down to the couch.

“I can’t wait,” he chuckled kissing me quickly.

It was almost midnight when we headed home and I couldn’t wait to be alone with Jack. As soon as the door closed behind us I pinned him against it. He smirked at me putting his arms around me.

“What is it baby? Do you feel seduced?” he asked brushing his lips against mine for a bare minute.

“You can’t do this again. I almost had an orgasm at that damn table where your family was having dinner,” I warned him raising my eyebrows at him.

“And what are you going to do with me?”

“You’ll get your punishment, don’t be afraid,” I smirked and pulled him up to our bedroom.

With Jack I could be perfectly myself in the real life and when we were just alone in our world. He let me take the lead every time, he knew I needed to be in charge to feel comfortable and he willingly gave me this whenever I felt like I needed it.

By the time we got into the room his shirt was gone and my blouse was also lying on the floor. Following some passionate kisses I pushed him onto the bed getting on top of him. I pinned his arms above his head and started to kiss his neck, his shoulders and his chest. Then I looked up to his eyes.

“Don’t move your hands. If you move, you’ll sleep on the couch,” I told him arching an eyebrow. He pressed his lips to a thin line and nodded. I let go of his hands and started to kiss down on his chest towards his lower stomach while I watched if he moves his hands or not. When I pressed a kiss to his bellybutton I saw his hands start to raise and I immediately stopped.

“What did I say?” I warned him and he put them back. I got rid of his pants and boxers and then took off all my clothes too before sitting on his waist. My hands were all over him making it harder for him to stay still. I knew he wanted to touch me and put his arms around me, but it was a punishment for God’s sake. I could feel his excitement, he didn’t like it when I was teasing him and I may have been enjoying his misery more than I should have.

“Baby, please,” he whined shifting beneath me.

“Please what?” I asked raising my eyebrows and looking down at him.

“Please don’t tease me!”

“Will you tease me next time?”

“No,” he whispered trying to capture our lips, but I leaned back.

“What? I didn’t hear you, baby.”

“No!” he yelled and I thought he had enough. I pressed my lips to his and put his arms around my body. Lifting myself up a bit I eased down, he pushed his hips forward and he was finally inside me. I started to move back and forth, up and down while our lips never parted. I let my moans escape, Jack didn’t even try to flip us over, he knew I had to be the leader until the very last moment.

Reaching our highs I collapsed on top of him as he was caressing my face. I listened to his heavy breathing until it was steady again and then I lay down next to him. He looked down at me smiling.

“I hate to admit it, but I love when you punish me,” he said grinning at me. I chuckled and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“I have to teach you how to behave, baby.”

Negan x Selene: Kiss Me at Midnight

Originally posted by justnegan

This is for Ash’s 2k Writing Challenge on the theme of Star Gazing. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and if you want to be tagged in future Negan stories or if you’d like to see more of Selene beyond this one-shot, let me know!

Word Count: 1,659
Genres: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Kiss, New Year’s Fluff, Marriage Proposal
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Selene (Original Female Character)
Rating: Mature
AO3 Link:
Warnings: Language. Zombies. Voyeurism. Mentions of Death. Mentions of Rape. Mentions of Molestation.

Synopsis: Negan has his eye on a woman named Selene but she can’t bring herself to say yes to his marriage proposal. As they count down to New Year’s Eve together, looking forward to that midnight kiss, she sees a romantic side of him that makes her reconsider.

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It was midnight, and the stars and moon shone through my window. We were just two girls sitting on a mattress, because I don’t own a bed, playing a mix of Never Have I Ever and 21 Questions.
It was midnight and I couldn’t help but thinking ‘God is there a more beautiful sound in the world than my name on her lips?’ We were both a little drunk off of each other’s voices at this point.
It was midnight and she grabbed both my hands, looked me straight in the eye and asked me if I’d ever been in love. Yes, yes, yes, so much so that it aches with my every breath.
It was midnight when I thought, ‘fuck it,’ and I kissed her. And the moon finally sighed, and the stars aligned, and she kissed me back.
—  it was midnight and i was hopelessly in love | i.s.
Nothing Else Matters

Bucky x reader

Prompt: You meet Bucky on New Years Eve, fun ensues. 

Warnings: There’s a cuss word so sorry if you don’t like that. Also kisses xx

Originally posted by mybuchanan

It was your first New Years Eve alone. You were attending a local university in New York that was hundreds of miles from your family. You tried to go down to them, but in the back of your mind you wanted to be alone. 

You used this day as a means to explore. As far as you were concerned, the city was yours and you were going to enjoy it. 

A club, that was your destination. It wasn’t that big of a club but it was still crowded. You waited in line for about 10 minutes, chatting with the others while you waited to show your I.D. 

Once you got in you ordered a shot of fireball and decided to dance on the dancefloor alone. At first it seemed a bit awkward but with every swing of your hips and every joke you said, you became more confident. 

It wasn’t until an hour later that you spotted him. He sat at a booth with a couple other people but watched you carefully. He sipped his drink, both hands clad in gloves. 

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virtual-hadrian  asked:

Could you do a Jegulus/Scorbus for something like soulmates having the first sentance spoken to them by their soulmate naturally tattooed on? I want you to know I love your forever fic on AO3 for Scorbus.

Thank you! And of course I can. I went with Jegulus because I have a bunch of Scorbus prompts. Hope you don’t mind!


James Potter made his way through the New Year’s Eve party trying to ignore that he was alone. He scratched idly at the words on his wrist, He hated New Years because of the words on his wrist. For twenty-five years he’d been waiting to hear them on this night and every year he was disappointed. But he always tried to make the best of a bad situation and so he was going to have a good time.

His friend Remus was throwing the party with his soulmate, Sirius. He’d known Remus from school but Sirius had gone to some posh boarding school. They’d met at a bookstore and they loved telling the story about their words, Sirius especially. James liked Sirius and he was happy for Remus, but he couldn’t pretend that he wasn’t a bit lonely.

Back when James was at school he had hoped and prayed that Lily Evans was his soulmate. He’d heard that sometimes the words weren’t always the first your soulmate spoke to you, but the words they spoke when you were ready to hear them. You could know someone for years and suddenly they said something that made your skin alight with that burning sensation James had heard so much about. 

Unfortunately, Lily had already heard her words from Marlene McKinnon and James didn’t have two sets of words on his skin. He only had one soulmate and it was not Lily Evans.

Now James was beginning to despair that he would ever meet his soulmate. There were a lot of fluff pieces on the news and internet about soulmates meeting later in life, two old people finally finding each other after years of waiting. While it was sweet to see, James really didn’t wish that for himself. 

Instead he decided to be the master of his own destiny. He could ask someone to dance. He didn’t need their words on his arm. Maybe he’d meet someone worthwhile.

James spent his evening drinking and dancing with people he didn’t know. He was having a good time and distracting himself from all the soulmate shite. But as midnight drew nearer, people began to pair off for their midnight kiss. 

James sighed and went outside to the backyard, sitting on the steps and staring up at the sky. He felt like shaking his fists and cursing the heavens for his rotten luck. But that seemed a bit too dramatic and so he just sat there with his face in his hands, ignoring the chilly night air. 

He heard footsteps on the deck and turned to see a guy making his way over. He sat down next to James and gave him a small smile. “Hey, can I kiss you at midnight?” the stranger asked.

James gasped as he felt a searing sensation on his wrist. “Oh fucking hell,” he cursed, pushing his sleeve up. Sure enough his words had gone from red to black.

The man sitting opposite him did the same and then they both looked up to stare at each other. “You?” the stranger asked, blinking at James. He was extremely attractive with dark hair and grey eyes. He actually reminded James of Sirius except with shorter hair and a different nose.

“I suppose so,” James said, chewing on his bottom lip. “I’m James Potter.”

“Regulus Black.”

“Are you related to Sirius?” 

“His brother,” Regulus informed him. “Although he might deny it. He can be a bastard sometimes.”

James snorted. “So why am I just meeting you now?” he asked, having known Sirius for two years. He couldn’t help feeling a bit bitter about it.

“I’m pretty sure the answer is destiny,” Regulus said with a smirk. 

James met his smile and then glanced away. “You’re not disappointed, are you?” he joked, scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“I don’t know,” Regulus said, cocking his head to the side and examining James. “I mean you’re fit and all, but you could be a complete prick.”

“Oh no, I definitely am,” James quipped, making Regulus laugh in response. It was a nice laugh. He decided he wanted to make Regulus laugh as much as possible if he could. 

“It’s weird,” Regulus admitted softly. “Everyone puts so much stock into hearing their words, you know? But no one ever really talks about what happens afterwards.”

“I think it’s usually assumed there’s a happily ever after in there somewhere,” James responded, checking the words on his wrist again just to make sure they were really black.

“I suppose there is.”

“Mind if I ask you something?” 

“I think you’re probably entitled to,” Regulus said, scooting closer to James. 

“Why did you want to kiss me at midnight?” James asked, having wondered about these words for years and why a stranger would ask him this as their first introduction. 

Regulus chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair. “My ex is here,” he explained. “And he keeps trying to get back with me even though we’re not soulmates and I’m not interested in him anymore. I thought maybe kissing someone else would finally put him off.”

“You want me to deck him for you?” James offered, taking Regulus’ hand in his own. 

Regulus shook his head. “I’m fine now,” he whispered. 

That small point of contact sent sparks of pleasure shooting up James’ arm towards his heart, warming him from the inside out and making his heartbeat race. He wondered if Regulus was feeling it too. He had to be. That was the whole point of soulmates.

“I can’t believe I found you,” James said, pulling Regulus into a hug. The amount of contact between them made his body sing. He never wanted to let go.

“Technically I found you,” Regulus teased, burying his face in James’ neck. “You looked so sad sitting out here on your own.”

“I was sad,” James admitted, closing his eyes and letting the heat and pleasure drum through his body. It was like a powerful drug was coursing through his veins. He could understand why people raved so much about finding their soulmates. “I’m not anymore though.”

“You just needed me, huh?” Regulus asked, nuzzling his face against James’ throat.

“I did.”

Inside they could hear the beginning of the countdown. Regulus tilted his face up and smiled at James knowingly. James grinned back and ducked his head down. As the countdown inside got to one, their lips pressed against each other  in an urgent kiss they’d been waiting their whole lives for. At Midnight, James Potter kissed his soulmate, Regulus Black, a man he already adored.

It was going to be a good year. 


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Request: Klausy with 7,9, and 13? Pretty pleaseeeeee :))))))

7-I almost lost you. 9-Don’t you ever do that again. 13-Kiss me.


It’s almost midnight and you’re already in the place where you asked Davina to meet you. You’ve been planning this meeting for days, since you decides to finally face her after she found out you and Klaus are in a relationship. You and Davina were friends and,  even if you were in love with Klaus, you never did anything against her or him, and that’s something she never understood until she knew about you two. Klaus, on the other hand, did understand, he knew you loved your friend and never did anything to prove him you would betray him. He trusted you, he still does.

Davina: “What do you want?” You didn’t see or feel her coming, which is a bit odd since you are able to feel someone, being a Heretic.

Y/N: “Are you seriously still mad at me, Davina?”

Davina: “Yes, I am. You were my best friend, Y/N.”

Y/N: “Did I ever harm you? Did I betray you?” You feel a bit bad because she’s saying you’re not longer friends.

Davina: “I feel betrayed. What didn’t you tell me?”

Y/N: “I knew this would happen, Davina. Your hate towards him has you blind.”

Davina: “It looks I’m not the only blind here.”

Y/N: “Davina, stop. Stop this, stop searching for ways to destroy him, to kill him, you know anything would work. You will get yourself kill. I’m telling you this as your friend.” You try to make her consider but you know, deep down, it’s impossible.

Davina: “Are you? Or are you telling me this as his girlfriend?” You don’t know what else to say, you know her and you know she won’t ever listen to you. “You know what? Since you’re here I should take an advantage from it.” She says with an evil smile on her face.

You don’t understand what is she talking about until you hear her murmuring something you know it’s a spell. You try to do the same but she somehow paralysed you.

Y/N: “Davina, what are you doing?” You feel a terrible pain on your stomach which makes you kneel immediately. You start coughing and you see blood falling on the street from your mouth. You can’t speak anymore, you can’t defend yourself.

Davina: “I’m going to manipulate him since I have the second girl he loves the most.” You can’t believe Davina is acting like this, that she’s hurting you after all you two have been through.

You feel the pain disappearing a little and you are capable to move now, you start to do a spell but before it even affects her, she paralyzes you again.

Davina: “Don’t even bother, I know how to deal with you.” She says before she makes a move with her hand making your neck to break, momentarily killing you.


You wake up expecting to be in a cell or chained, feeling weak you wouldn’t be able to move but you don’t. You open your eyes to find out you’re in Klaus’ room, in his bed. You sit quickly too confused to feel relive. Is this some kind of illusion?

Klaus: “I was starting to preoccupy, love. How are you feeling?” He enters into the room and sits next to you.

Y/N: “I’m fine, I recover fast.” You say say grabbing his hand.

Klaus: “I’m aware of that.” He intertwine your hand with his. “I have been thinking on one possible reason of why would you go and confront Davina but I can’t find one, would you please explain it to me?” He asks with a frown on his face.

Y/N: “I did it for us, Klaus. For you, for this family, for her. I’m tired of fighting.”

Klaus: “But it wasn’t necessary, my dear. I… I almost lost you.”

Y/N: “I’m sorry, I just thought that… if I talked to her she would reconsider about her necessity to destroy you.” You remember what happened last night and it makes you angry. Davina, who you considered your best friend, was disposed to kill you.

Klaus: “Don’t you ever do that again, promise me you will not get yourself killed because of me.”

Y/N: “I can’t do that, Klaus. I know you would have done the same or worst.”

Klaus: “You are such a stubborn girl.” He says smiling and it makes you smile too.

Y/N: “I think that’s what you like the most.”

Klaus: “Indeed.” He laughs. “Do you need something, love? Are you hungry?”

Y/N: “I just need one thing.”

Klaus: “Anything, just tell me.”

Y/N: “Kiss me.” He smiles and does what you asked for. Sometimes it hits you how much you love Klaus and the things you’re willing to do for him.