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Septiplier 13? Please.

13) Kiss me.

He shouldered through the door at perhaps three in the morning, drunk as a skunk, laughing at a joke that had probably long passed. Mark heard him stumbling through the front entryway, footsteps traveling across the living room and the eventual whump of him flopping on the sofa like a sack of flour.

Sighing internally, Mark pulled himself out of bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He fumbled down the dark hall and flicked on the living room light to find him stretched out in a mess of lanky limbs, his eyes closed and his mouth twisted in a bemused smile.

“S'bright,” Jack mumbled, throwing his arm over his eyes. “Turn it off, my head hurts.”

“One sec, I need to see,” Mark said calmly. He sat next to Jack and squinted at him, realizing too late he’d forgotten to put on his glasses. “What did you do tonight?”

Jack laughed, rising painstakingly slowly into a sitting position. “Bar-hopping!” he cried triumphantly. “Felix invited me…most fun I’ve had in a–”

His smile suddenly vanished, and Mark was scared he’d vomit, but he merely pitched forward and buried his face in Mark’s neck.

“My head really hurts,” he said, practically whiny, and Mark scratched his back indulgently.

“Then c'mon, lets go to bed,” he suggested.

Together, they hoisted Jack off of the sofa with Mark’s arm wrapped around his middle, leading him slowly toward the bedroom. Jack’s head lolled on his shoulder, and if might’ve been endearing if Mark wasn’t worried about him falling down.

He dropped Jack onto the bed and, when it became clear he couldn’t do it himself, helped him unbutton his jeans and took off his shirt. Jack began laughing for reasons that weren’t immediately clear.

“Is this the part where you take advantage of me ‘cause I can’t say no?” he asked impishly. Mark just smiled.

“It’s not ‘taking advantage’ if you’re asking me to do it,” he reminded him, laying him back and tucking the covers around him like a burrito. “Goodnight, Jack.”

“No, wait!” Jack cried, suddenly panicked. “Where are you goin’?”

“I’m sleeping right next to you, dumbass,” Mark said good-naturedly, rounding around the bed and getting under the covers himself. “Where do you think I’d be going?”

“Kiss me,” Jack responded, his words sounding blurred and desperate. “Please, I miss you.”

“Why? I’m right here,” Mark chuckled, but he kissed him anyway. He tasted like whiskey, but the way Jack smiled under his lips made his heart skip a beat.

“There. Mmm, thank you,” he mumbled, nesting deep into the pillows. “You should come out with us next time, it’d be fun.”

“Yeah, except you know I can’t drink,” Mark reminded him, but he was already snoring before he could finish. Oh well, he’d remember tomorrow.

Yawning, Mark laid back against his pillows, wrapping his arms around Jack’s midsection and yanking him across the bed to fit him against his body. Heart beating against his drunken boyfriend’s warm chest, Mark fell back asleep.

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