160930 유키스(U-KISS) 만만하니 @청원생명축제개막식 (오창미래지테마공원) 직캠 FANCAM

CR: B. Stone 브라운스톤 

UKISS’s Kiseop @KisSeop91:

몇개월 전부터 초대해준 우리형!
오늘일본에서 한국오자마자 달려갔는데
자기컨디션 걱정 안하고 오히려 내 걱정해준 우리형!
오늘 무대 끝내줬구!!역시 형의 별빛님들도 짱이였어^^보기 좋더라 정말!!수고했어 레오형!

Our hyung who’s been inviting me since however many months before!
I hurried over today as soon as I landed in Korea from Japan
Our hyung who didn’t worry about his own condition and rather worried about me!
Today’s stage was awesome!! Hyung’s Starlights were really cool as well^^ It was really nice to see really!! Great job Leo hyung!

trans cr: fyeah-vixx