How you can convince your parent/guardian your betta is more than decor.

Most people think of betta fish as decor, and this is due to the fact that big companies like to advertise false myths about their wild habitats, and its ingrained in society to view betta as unintelligent, lazy, and their only personality trait is that they like to fight. People don’t put fish in the same caliber as dogs and cats, so they’re viewed as cheap and expendable. All of this, of course, is false, but it can be quite difficult to change peoples’ minds about what they deem as “common sense”, which is dangerous because it’s not based on fact. As a result, you may clash heads with family members in the household, and no amount of powerpoint presentations or interpretive dancing can persuade them…  

Alright, if they won’t listen to facts, then the next step is to have them bond with your betta! It’s undeniable how cute betta look when they wiggle for food, and the amount of time they spend one on one with your betta (e.g. feeding them) can do wonders on their perception of your fish! Betta fish who live in healthy environments will thrive, swimming all around the tank and being super curious about their surroundings! This is how my mother became enamoured with my betta; it started with me asking her to feed them in the morning, so every day she gets to watch the boys rush over to the front of the tank to wiggle at her. She enjoys this so much that she now feeds them in the evening as well! She even talks to them when she visits the tanks, which she does multiple times a day to check in on the boys. 

My mother use to be annoyed that I dedicated so much time to my betta boys, and it really irked her that I loved them, “ Because they’re just fish! It makes you seem crazy that you’re so emotionally attached to them! “ When I first brought home the 10 gallon tank, she was livid, and wanted me to return it immediately because she thought it was such a waste of money and effort on my part. All of this changed when she grew attached to my betta boys, and she seems genuinely happy to watch them in their tanks. She’s fully on board to having Triton move into the 10 gallon now, and even conveys her worries to me about my bettas’ health:

“ I think Triton’s constipated!! Look, there’s a bulge where his butt is!! “

“ Mom, that’s his swim bladder. He’s fine.” 

I’m happy to say that my mother has taken my bettas’ quality of life more seriously now, and that she cares for them a lot ( refers to herself as their grandma since I’m the mom lol ). A happy ending, yay!!!!