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AHHHHH YOU'RE BACK YAY. I wish I could give you a virtual hug. Anyways, how would Hanamiya act when his girlfriend wants to meet his mom? Cause we all know he's a mommas boy.

eyyy love ya <3 and, yes, he is such a baby boy to his mother!

  • acts super casual at first
  • tries to stop you from wanting to meet his mum
  • panicking majorly inside
  • then, he realises he can’t stop you 
  • you’re a hurricane - the more he tries to prevent you from visiting her, the more you ask
  • he starts taking precautions
  • aka long talks with his mum about what to do and what not to
  • “please. just don’t mess up.”
  • it could have annoyed his mum? but, no, cause she knows he just doesn’t want something going wrong in his relationship with you
  • at the same time, he tells you a teeny bit bout his mum
  • like “she’s cool.”
  • doesn’t say too much
  • (hanamiya you’re inner momma’s boy is showing)
  • eventually lets you meet her
  • and you and her get along so well! it’s really cute
  • lowkey makes him happy too cause the two most important people in his life like each other
  • he’d never admit that though
  • it’s too cliche
  • and makes the bad boy persona fade away a tad