more gay grumps

the wheel of fortune episode, “dude if your asking me to have sex with you just ask”, the sonic dreams episode (btw Blue is ross and barry is up for debate currently…), “THE BANANAS HAS GONE BAD”, “IM BOX MAN!!”, “HEY SCI!! NICE TO MEET YOU!! GIVE ME A CALL AND WE CAN DISCUSS!!” “WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW”, “WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND COPS”, The dog island, the train to hell, push the button (the part from kirby rainbow curse), “WERE PLAYING POKEMON ART ACADEMY!!!! I DONT CARE ANYMORE!!”, janeane garofalo’s expedition, “NOOOOO MY NECKERCHIF!!!”, “QUALITY ASSURANCE!?!??!?!”, “what are you doin with these herbs?”, the mac and cheese thing, VIRGIN AMERICA KNOWS!! ALL THE PLACES YOU WANNA BE!! FLY AWAY WITH ME!! FLY AWAY WITH ME!!!


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, in all its claymation glory, is coming out in 3 days. Pre-order it now on the eShop and it will pre-download so you can play at 12:01am. 

Above you can see some of the development of the clay figures and sets, which the team scanned in and used as the basis for the games 3D models. I hope they kept the fingerprints in there. Then I can pause the game, steal a fingerprint, go to Tokyo, break in, and steal all the secrets. 

My submission to the game grumps art book!

I have been wanted to make a piece dedicated to these guys and as soon as I watched episode 1 of their kirby and the rainbow curse play through I knew I had to draw them!

I’m not sure I will make it into the book but I had a lot of fun making this piece!

This piece is watercolor, colored pencil and copic marker on watercolor paper

For every one that thinks that nintendo give up on the wii u



Nintendo consoles always have 4-7 years until a new one comes. the wii u is not a exception, the NX is coming march 2017 meaning by that time, wii u will be already 4 year old

and it wii u have enough big games to mark his lifetime

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Nintendo didn’t give up on the wii u they’re just going forward.

PS:if rebloged: add a game that you think i missed if theres one

oh wait i forgot bayonneta

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log2 by sashio on pixiv

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  • Danny:In 1991, I was in sixth grade.
  • Arin:Wow. I wasn't in grade.
  • Danny:Meanwhile, I could have been walking around the school yard of my grade school just being like "hey guys, you see that little kid? Yeah, he's not in nursery school yet. He's going to be my best friend one day. Jealous? Yeah, that's right. See ya later, losers. I'm gonna' go eat mashed peas with him."