Here’s my piece for Ashley Davis’s Kirby’s Dream Zine!

Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble was my first Kirby game. Since it’s also pretty underrated, I thought it’d be a good choice of a picture to contribute! Man, I’ve just been seeing tons of amazing artwork being submitted and I really can’t wait to see the final, finished book!

Anyways, I had lots of fun with this picture. Used lots of new techniques so it’s cool to see them all work together in the end. Oh, and here is a video showing the process of how I made this!

“ Ode To Kirby {Played on the NES}”

Here is my submission for Ashley Daviss’s’s Kirby fanzine-finally!!! Submissions have been open for ages and I sketched for it aaaages ago but of course I didnt get round to finishing untill submission day! I hope i get picked!

I basically just drew from heart an memory what I really love about Kirby on the Famicom-if i had tried to think about one scen or thing or enemy i would have gone CRAaayzeeee as Kirby is one of my faves. Kirby on the NES is like,soaked into my Bonezzz as a kid and is one of my all time favourite games. 

Anyways,this was fun,I hope you like it kirbylovers and good luck to Ashley with putting this together! She is amazing,she makes everything seem so clean and simple and solid and funny and full of life btw and if you havent cheked her out,do it NOOOOW.