Make Time (Part 2)

Brett Talbot x Reader

Summary: Beacon Hills wins the game, Isaac scores the winning goal and without even thinking he pulls (y/n) in for a kiss but she didn’t want it because he is only a friend to her. Brett sees it and gets super mad and stuff goes down between Brett and Isaac.

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Warnings: Profanities and this is short.

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Y/N’s P.O.V

We are now in the fourth quarter, and we’re winning, while I’m also trying not to focus and cheer on Brett. Old habits die hard, I guess that’s true. When Brett and I used to date, I cheered for him even if he’s in a different team.

I tried not to show much emotion since I’m pretty sure they can smell my chemo signals.

5 minutes left. And I’m cheering for anyone who scores in our school’s team. But then I saw someone tackle into Isaac, gasps from the parents and friends, and a scream from the coach. 

I run to the field and found out that Brett was the one who tackled Isaac. I was about to give Brett a piece of my mind, but then, ‘Why would he care, it’s a game and we broke up, he won’t care whatever I say to him.’ I thought.

I didn’t notice that I was zoning out until Lydia, Malia, and Kira came to me.

“Are you okay?” They asked.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about it. Where’s Isaac?”

“He’s fine, he can still play. He is a werewolf you know?” They raised their eyebrows at you.

“Yeah, werewolf.”

“Are you really okay? We can leave, I’m sure the boys won’t mind.”

“No! I’m fine. I’m fine, let’s go back to our seats.” They looked hesitant. ‘This is the only chance I can see Brett again, without having a reason. So I’m using this chance.’ I thought.

The game continued, Isaac is still playing, but coach is making sure to watch him. It was so sudden, the players are playing harder, I looked at the time, shi*t, it’s ending.

Isaac has the ball, and he’s running toward the goal, pressure is high, everybody’s counting on him.

GOAL! Isaac shot it towards the goal! We won! I rushed to the field with the girls and when I got near Isaac, he picked me up and kissed me! Kissed me! I am frozen. The pack looked shocked as well.

“What the f*ck! You can’t do that!” Brett pushed Isaac away from me.

“Why not? She’s not yours anymore. Remember, you broke up with her!” Isaac was smirking, before Brett went and punched him, repeatedly.

I was looking at them, I don’t know what to do. Lydia rushed to me, and tried pulling me away. But I run towards Brett and Isaac. 

“Stop this! Brett, stop it! Please! Stop!” Brett pulled away and he was dragged to the lockers. I went closer to Isaac, he didn’t look bad since he can heal.

“I’m sorry about him.”

“You don’t have to be, isn’t your fault.” He just grinned.

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“I’m sorry, Isaac, but, you know I can’t accept your feelings. I only see you as a friend.” I looked at him.

“I know. But, I can try.”

I shook my head in disagreement. “No, Isaac. I’m serious. I won’t accept your feelings, you can try, but I still won’t.”

I heard Scott rushing to the locker room. With one last look at Isaac, I ran after Scott.

When I reached the locker room, I saw Scott with Liam and Stiles. But I also saw Brett with Violet laying on the ground. “What happened?” I asked them but Liam and Stiles stayed silent.

“Assassin.” Scott answered for me.

“We gotta bring him to Deaton. Stiles, you may want to call your dad.”

I went with Stiles to go to Deaton. Scott and Liam stayed to answer some questions.

We reached the animal clinic and they set Brett down, while Deaton went to check on him. Derek was there to help.

Stiles and Derek held Brett down so Deaton could make an incision. When Deaton started to cut, Brett thrashed, while Derek and Stiles tried to hold him down.

“Hold him properly. If I make a mistake in my incision, it can kill him.” Deaton tried again but Brett woke up and started going wild. (I’m sorry, but this is the memory I can recall.)

“Brett! Stop! It’s okay! Don’t worry! They’re here to help!” But he ignored me. He was about to leave but Peter knocked him out. I got closer to Brett and started  caressing his hair while Deaton made his incision. Yellow smoke came out of Brett’s chest, “What is that?” Stiles and I asked.

“It’s a rare type of wolfsbane.”

I looked up to Derek but he wasn’t healing, it took a while before it did. That’s weird, he was supposed to heal faster, it was just a scratch.

“Let him rest, don’t worry about it.”

I looked at Brett and he looked the same, he became more handsome. I sighed, and let him rest in my lap.



‘So The Little Mermaid is definitely on the list?’ Lydia asked, rifling through the DVDs that you had arranged on the table.

‘Well of course, Ariel,’ you said, draping an arm over her shoulders and watching as Malia frowned slightly at the films you’d chosen.

‘I remember watching some of these when I was little,’ the werecoyote told you, her brow furrowed slightly. ‘I still don’t get why Snow White just cleaned their house for them.’

‘Because they were letting her stay,’ Kira said as she put down another few drinks on the table. She straightened and turned her attention towards you. ‘You’re sure no one’s in?’

You nodded, grinning at her. ‘No one’s home. We can sing the songs to our heart’s content and no one’ll stop us.’

‘I might,’ murmured Malia, but there was a small smirk on her face.

‘No you won’t,’ sang Lydia, shooting a wink your way. You’d been waiting for this, and you were glad that there was finally a day for you all to do it.

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Okay but like imagine this: It's the very final episode of Teen Wolf ever, and the last of the credits have rolled, and then suddenly there's one final scene. It's coach out on the field, his whistle in his lips as he's bossing his lacrosse players around. Suddenly that name rolls off his tongue one last time in disgust... "Greenberg!" And the camera switches to everyone on the field and this Zac Efron looking guy turns around, gives the coach a wink, and suddenly gets knocked out by a flying lacrosse ball... The end

FANCAST: Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan

Arden Cho/Olivia Sui  - Mulan

Ross Butler - Li Shang

EDIT: Arden Cho is Korean and Ross is Indonesian, as pointed out by a lovely anon so if we were looking at Chinese actors/actresses I would say Olivia Sui from Smosh as Mulan, and I can’t think of an actor for Li (or whatever the guy they’re replacing Li Shang with is called -.-, let me know if you have any ideas!)

EDIT OF THE EDIT: nvm Ross is Chinese Indonesian eheuheuehuehue


Aiden Steiner x Reader

Requested by @dilemmadoll, I hope you like this. I’m sorry if it’s short, and if it isn’t how you wanted it.

Changed some parts so that it could go with this request.

Summary:  The reader is dating Aiden and hangs out with the twins but she is best friends with Scott and Stiles. So they get protective of her.

Warnings: Profanities

*credits to @loszagalesdelvater and @teenwxlves for the gifs*

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“Isaac? Attacked? By alphas?” Stiles is talking to Scott, not believing what he heard. I mean who would believe an alpha attacked Isaac, with no reason, well that’s what they think.

“Yeah, twins actually. And they merged to create a bigger werewolf. That’s the what we got out of Isaac.”

“Twins? Alphas?” Y/N popped out of nowhere.

“AGH! Geez, Y/N, don’t do that again!” Stiles told you.

“You always get scared, not my fault. Anyway, what were you guys talking about?”

“Isaac was attacked by alphas, twins actually. And they merge to create a bigger and stronger werewolf.” Scott answered.

You tensed up. Knowing who they could be. Scott noticed you tense up.

“Do you know anything, Y/N?”

“What? No! No, I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything, at all!” 

“Y/N, you know I can hear your heartbeat when you lie, right?”

“Of course, idiot! I’m like you, you know?”

“Y/N, if you know anything tell us.”

“ *sigh* I can’t.”

“Why not?”

And then the school doors opened, twins in leather jackets came in. People staring at them. ‘Shit’ you thought. Scott and Stiles looked at them, and frowned.

(Isaac came over, and that’s when all shit went down, just kidding. don’t mind this, it’s not included.)

Isaac came and tensed up. Scott noticed and asked, “It’s them right?” Isaac just nodded still looking at the twins.

*Meanwhile with Lydia and Allison*

“Which one?”

“The straight one obviously.”

*Back to you*

“Y/N, You okay? Your heartbeats rising.” They turned to look at you.

“Yeah, I’m fi-”

“Y/N! You’re here!” Aiden called out to you. ‘Shit, Aiden you fucking idiot! Can’t you read the mood?’

You slowly turned your head, and just smiled at Aiden. Scott, Stiles, and Isaac are looking at you, confused. Even Allison and Lydia are looking at you.

Aiden went near you, and grinned at you. “Aiden! Ethan! How are you?” You tried not to pull them away.

“You know them?” Isaac, Scott, and Stiles asked you.

“Of course she knows me, I am her boyfriend.” Aiden answered, smirking. 

*This is the moment Y/N realized she is fucked. Don’t mind this.*


“Is that why you never answered me?”

“Ahhhhh, *nod* I guess.”

Aiden put his arm around your shoulders, while Ethan went by your side.

“Is there a problem?” Aiden was like threatening them.

“You attacked me last night.” Isaac  is glaring at Aiden.

“Ahh, that’s why you seemed familiar. Sorry, not sorry.” That’s all Aiden said, before pulling you away from the pack.

                          *Time skip*

Aiden and Ethan were waiting at the parking lot, you were talking with Lydia and Allison, they looked nervous and kept looking around, talking nonsense. It was like they were distracting/stalling you.

*Back to Ethan and Aiden*

Scot and Stiles reached the parking lot. Seeing Aiden and Ethan, they smirked in their heads, their plans are working perfectly. They reached the twins, and Stiles glared at them.

“What?” Aiden asked.

“You better not hurt Y/N. or we’ll be the ones hurting you.” Stiles threatened.

The twins raised their eyebrows, “You? A human? What makes you think we’ll hurt her?” Aiden challenged.

“ *sigh* Just don’t hurt her, she’s like our little sister. If you don’t hurt her, we don’t hurt you.” Scott said. 

“Do you know Y/N?”

“Of course!” Stiles shouted.

“Are you sure? I mean, she didn’t tell you about us, how are you so sure you know her?” Aiden is winning, but Stiles won’t let that happen.

“How are you so sure you know her to?” Stiles won’t back down, Scott just sighed, he was regretting this plan.

“Well, she did grow up with us. She also knew about Deucalion’s plan. But she didn’t wan to be a part of it.” Aiden wanted to continue but the look on Stiles face  said that he already won.


“Just don’t hurt her. We won’t bother you again.” Scott answered and pulled Stiles away from the twins, they sent a signal to Lydia and Allison.

*Back to You*

“Well we’re going home now. Bye Y/N!” Lydia and Allison rushed outside.

‘Weird’ You thought. But you didn’t think much of it, and went to the the parking lot, to go home with Ethan and Aiden.

That’s it! Sorry it took so long! I can’t think of how to start this story! I hope you like it.

Me encouraging my friends to make terrible decisions


Brett Talbot

Jealousy - Brett gets jealous.

Make Time Series (on-going)

Part 1 - You guys get into an argument about how close you and Isaac are.

Part 2Beacon Hills wins the game, Isaac scores the winning goal and without even thinking he pulls (y/n) in for a kiss but she didn’t want it because he is only a friend to her. Brett sees it and gets super mad and stuff goes down between Brett and Isaac.

Derek Hale

Girl? - Derek has a girlfriend but nobody knew except Peter.

Isaac Lahey

Alpha Deal - Isaac is an alpha, and he wants to have the reader as his own. But reader is in the McCall pack.

Peter Hale

Relationships? - No one knows Peter has a fiancee except for Derek.

Stiles Stilinski

Warnings - The reader is Derek Hale’s younger sister but Stiles has a romantic interest in her and both Derek and Peter both warn him to back off.

Aiden Steiner

Protective - The reader is dating Aiden and hangs out with the twins but she is best friends with Scott and Stiles. So they get protective of her.

  • Season 1: Who’s the alpha?
  • Season 2: Who’s the kanima?
  • Season 3a: Who’s the darach?
  • Season 3b: Who’s the nogitsune?
  • Season 4: Who’s the benefactor?
  • Season 5: Who’s the beast?
  • Season 6: Who’s Stiles?

when teen wolf ends they need to release every deleted scene and sell them in an extended version pack because i need to see all 12 angles of the 6x10 kiss and everything else they’ve ever deleted