Void Stiles-Don’t let me regret

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“He will come after you.“ Scott told me at one pack meeting. I looked confused at him.

“Why me?”

“He has an obsession with you.” Derek said. “Didn’t you notice how everytime we met him, the only one he is looking at is you?”

“But why?” I asked.

“Who knows what’s in his twisted mind.” Scott said.

“Maybe we could bring Stiles back. He has to be somewhere. We just have to remind him who he really is.” I said.

“We have to get the Nogitsune first. If he isn’t tied or held captive I don’t think he will listen to us long enough to bring Stiles.” Derek said.

“We are forgeting one thing…. The spirit has Lydia. So I think that he wants us to find him. Maybe he thinks Y/N will be with us.” Scott said.

“So it’s like a trade? He frees Lydia and takes me instead?” I asked, eyes wide open in shock.

“We won’t let that happen. We will defeat this creature.” Kira said and gave me a reassuring smile.

“Thanks. But I won’t stay home. I want to be part of this mission.” I said.

That night I went home and thought. It was strange when Scott told me that the nogitsune wants me. I didn’t feel fear. Yes, I was shocked but not scared. I was intrigued. I always loved danger and what could be more dangerous than an old nogitsune? I wanted to have fun. I wanted to play his mindgames and see If I were to win. I always had a thing for the villains. The fact that one of them wants me it’s increasing my curiosity. I want to know his thoughts, his reasons.  I know it’s risky and I might end up dead but dangerous situations appeal to me all the time.

The following day, we went to an abandoned place, near the town’s limits. At the entrance we were ‘greeted’ by the Onis. We tried to fight but they were too strong. We had no weapons to defeat them. Just when I thought that one of them was ready to hit me with his sword I felt two arms pulling me away from the battlefield and dragging me inside the building. When he relesed me I saw that it was our enemy, the nogitsune. He had a wicked smile on his face and extend his hand towards me.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N! It’s amazing I finally have the change to be alone with you and not surrounded by your stupid friends.” He said.

“If you hurt them…” I threatened.

“You’ll what?” He asked amused. “You could barely protect yourself.”

“Why do you want me?” I asked.

“I find you interesting, sweetie. You dont seem scared.  The others are terrified but you…you are not.“ He came closer and smeled my neck, making me shiver.

“Nope…no fear. Just excitement.” He grinned.

“Where is Lydia?” I asked.

“I sent her back. I never wanted her. I wanted you. She was just a way to get you” He said and flipped my hair off my shoulder.

He take a few steps towards me. Behind me was a wall so I couldn’t step back. Not that I wanted to. I just waited him to make a move.

“You know…. I am a thousand years old but I have never met someone so special like you.” He said, lips inches from mine.

“Then you are lucky.” I laughed.

He huffed. “I think you have a lot of potentional.” He said placing his hands on my hips.

“For what?” I asked.

“Being my queen.” He said and closed the distance between our lips. He was cold. His hands, lips, skin. Everything was cold. It felt different from all the kisses I had had before. But in a good way. When he pulled away, he whispered in my ear.

“Don’t let me regret saving you.” Maybe I won’t or maybe I will. Maybe I will change him. I will make him good. I will turn him into a hero. Or maybe I will let myself be changed. Maybe I will turn to te dark side. But that’s up to the destiny

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