Kira Plastinina

Skirt 08
  • skirt from the collection of Kira Plastinina,
  • 1 color,
  • mine mesh (only Lod0 and Lod1),
  • HQ texture,
  • custom thumbnail.

The skirt goes not with all tops. With most of the top to the bottom, it will not go, because the texture line to the sea in a place where usually is the bottom or other elements associated with the mesh. I hope you will forgive me for it, because it is my only mesh of such a plan. This is the second skirt, made on the basis of the mesh.

If there are problems with this material, please write to me. I hope you will enjoy. 

Thank you for using!


Anna Plotnikova for Kira Plastinina LookBook ss 2012

Анечка Плотникова по-летнему хороша и прекрасна в летней коллекции известного дизайнера Киры Пластининой.

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