Kinoko Juice

I’m pretty excited today - PREORDER!

Was visiting with a friend over the weekend and fell in love with her Kikipop (the redhead) and pre-ordered this girl just now. I’ve been intrigued with them for a while, but had never seen one in person until last weekend and they’re so adorable!

I haven’t had a new doll in a couple of years, and I’m going to be making more money soon, so I figured I’d indulge myself a little. YAY!! 

To Build a Dollhouse 4: Bay window and interior work!

Lots of updates today!
My dad finally had the time to help me finish the base of the dollhouse! I am so happy to show you what I have worked on all day today! :)

Paint color testing in the background!

Hand cut wood detailing!

These floor planks were all popsicle sticks! I cut and glued each individual piece! The second row had to be redone three times before it worked correctly!

Better view of the bay window and curtain rod!

The next phase is to stain and seal the floor, then its time for paint! :D So excited!<3


For support BJD artists day, Sumomo (with bad light and a temporary wig) was an obvious choice. 

I’ve always loved Kinoko Juice dolls, but could never afford one. What did I do? DEAL WITH IT.

If Kikipop didn’t exist, I would’ve never gotten a Kiki. What would I’ve done then? DEAL. WITH. IT.

Because no doll will ever be worth spitting at an artist’s face.