Kinoko Juice

To Build a Dollhouse 4: Bay window and interior work!

Lots of updates today!
My dad finally had the time to help me finish the base of the dollhouse! I am so happy to show you what I have worked on all day today! :)

Paint color testing in the background!

Hand cut wood detailing!

These floor planks were all popsicle sticks! I cut and glued each individual piece! The second row had to be redone three times before it worked correctly!

Better view of the bay window and curtain rod!

The next phase is to stain and seal the floor, then its time for paint! :D So excited!<3


It was requested I take some photos showing the differences between my resin Kinoko Juice Kiki (Frozen Milk skin) and my Azone Hello Kikipop ABS/PVC Kiki who was released as a peachy normal skin. My resin Kiki has suede only in her neck, and so poses as she would “right out of the box.”

If you’d like to know more about this comparison, please visit my Flickr.


For support BJD artists day, Sumomo (with bad light and a temporary wig) was an obvious choice. 

I’ve always loved Kinoko Juice dolls, but could never afford one. What did I do? DEAL WITH IT.

If Kikipop didn’t exist, I would’ve never gotten a Kiki. What would I’ve done then? DEAL. WITH. IT.

Because no doll will ever be worth spitting at an artist’s face. 

So, this is what I was working on all weekend :), project #1 (project #2 is still in the mail!).  Kinoko Juice Kiki!

She had (and has) a lot of issues.  One of her eyes was cracked (I knew about it before buying).  It’s still pretty apparent in person, but I did my best to repair it, since there’s no way in holy hell to ever get a replacement. I filled it with UV curing resin (like the kind you use with gel nails) and that did most of the work, but you can still see where the iris was split.  I would have taken pictures of the process, but apparently one of the things thieves are trying to get their hands on the most are the details of the eyes, since copies don’t come with them =_=.

Her original faceup was rubbed and scuffed, so she got a new one.  The peg on her left hand which is supposed to hold it in place with the magnet has been rubbed down (or broken off and sanded) to almost nothing, so I added a bit of epoxy to build it up again.

Her headcap had wig stains from hell, there were also stains on her thighs.  I sanded them off, but when I did, it revealed that she had yellowed quite a bit, so I had to go at her with a magic eraser.

She only arrived with one of the two extra hands she’s supposed to have :/.

I had no idea what size clothing to get, but I guessed YOSD would be close enough.  It’s a bit big, but I kinda like the baggy shirt on her :3.  I’m not crazy about the wig, but at least it fits, so I know what size to get.  There’s like, zero information about these girls for obvious reasons.

I’ve only wanted one of these dolls since… well ever since I first saw one years ago.  She wasn’t cheap, but because of her issues I still got a hell of a deal.  I love her so much, I can’t even stand it!