NEW VIDEO: “Queer Brunching: An LGBTQ+ Roundtable Chat- the Internet has been a spectacular place for queer people to find people just like them. To discuss some queer topics, I invited some of my favorite LGBTQ+ Internet stars over for brunch & giggly gossip. Safe spaces to have open dialogues make ALL of us better, and listening is just as important as sharing our perspectives.


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NEW VIDEO: “10 Year Surprise Reaction” - today marks one entire decade at the same job - i thought i was going to celebrate by reacting to my first video, but little did i know, my team put together this little surprise for me instead. my heart bursts! reblog to help me celebrate <3

Harry Potter/Brooklyn Nine Nine AU where Kingsley is head of NYPD(or like, Scotland Yard) & Hermione idolises him in an Amy-like fashion feat Pansy/Rosa, Ron/Jake, and Harry/Terry (& maybe Neville/Boyle except instead of food he loves plants)
Hitchcock and Scully are Crabbe and Goyle

Draco is Gina

  • Tonks:  [complaining] Moody, will you tell him that I don't need to go to the hospital?
  • Moody: Regulations are regulations. You're all right?
  • Tonks: Yeah, I'm fine, 'dad.'
  • Moody: Tonks?
  • Tonks: Yeah?
  • Moody: Don't ever call me 'dad' again.[walks away]
  • Tonks:  [to Kingsley] What do you think he'd feel about 'mom?'
  • Kingsley: Let me know when you're going to do that so I can run

poc potter week day 2: ootp / death eaters / professors - 1/5 kingsley shacklebolt

harry potter poc canon characters: kingsley shacklebolt / ≤ auror, personal guard to the british prime minister, order of the phoenix member, minister for magic

‘I’d say that it’s one short step from ‘Wizards first’ to ‘Purebloods first,’ then to 'Death Eaters,’“ replied Kingsley. “We’re all human, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.’