This concludes the last of my sketches for all the current Rikus out right now~ (๑꒪▿꒪)* The hooded Riku comes from a Key Art (#56) Tetsuya Nomura did for the Japanese browser game Kingdom Hearts χ. It’s also speculated to be Riku’s KH3 design.

Anyways, Riku is such a lovely boy (๑♡⌓♡๑)


‘The heart may be weak. And sometimes it may even give in. But I’ve learned… that deep down there’s a light that never goes out’

Kingdom Hearts (2002)
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004)
Kingdom Hearts II (2005)
Kingdom Hearts: Coded (2008)
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (2009)
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (2010)
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (2012)


Final Cast of Kingdom Hearts live reaction

Sora - Zac Efron

Riku - Dane Dehaan

Kairi - Emma Stone

Xion - Marion Cotillard

Roxas/Ventus -  Alex Pettyfer

Axel - Ryan Gosling

Aqua - Blake Lively

Terra - Henry Cavill

Naminé - Dakota Fanning

Xehanort -  Ed Harris

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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

- Ok, most of this is probably going to be nothing but coding humour.

- Oh shit, I think this game is glitched, I mean the opening itself looks corrupted as fuck.

- Damn, Disney tech is amazing, I mean Mickey basically created the first 3D printer.

- Oh no, it’s been attacked by WannaCry.


String str1=“Sora”;

String str2=“Lazy Bum”;

If(str1 == str2)

System.out.println(“Welcome to the world of the Journal. Now fix our shit”);

- And now Sora has to deal with his greatest foe yet, Anonymous.

- Now loading Domain….Domain Name ”Traverse Town”

- So this entire game is Mickey and them just bringing up the journal’s source code and undoing all the //statements that have been made to make everything fit into place again.

- But how do we know Sora is a hero, I mean has the String “Hero” been defined yet and does it apply to Sora. You can’t just create random strings and not have them be given meaning. You’re just asking to have this whole thing throw back like 500 errors.

- I wouldn’t trust this Anonymous guy, if he keeps providing different bits of code that we don’t understand, it could lead to a lot of trouble.

- See this is what I hate about coding in general, it’s never just to the point, it’s always incredibly vague and requires that you already know the answers and there’s only one way of doing things. Rather than just talk about “undoing hurt”, how about it just spell it out and be clear. How about instead of trying to be C++, maybe you should be more like HTML.

- Sora, you shouldn’t be so optimistic about undefined statements, they only lead to trouble and showcase how ignorant you are.

- So the bugs are causing the CPU’s memory to overload requiring the deletion of some things for space? Sounds like the real problem here is bloatware.

- The Queen of Hearts must be admin of this domain. Or maybe she’s just a really bitchy mod with a love for the banhammer.

- Oh Christ, the AI has grown sentient and entered the real world, this is about to go all Terminator isn’t it.

- So Hades is an obstacle inside what is basically a labyrinth. Does that make him a Firewall?

- I guess String “Sora” and String “Cloud” are just part of different classes.

- If Aladdin is frozen, maybe bringing up the Task Manager can help, you may have to delete him and then bring him back but it should fix the issue.

- I wouldn’t trust him Sora, I feel Genie is like Clippy, all he’ll do is provide you with useless information and won’t stop bugging you.

- Maybe Sora does what he does because he’s programmed to do so, it’s in his coding and generally programs can’t do a whole lot outside of doing what they’ve been tasked with doing.

- Sora has been upgraded to admin and now he can edit this world rather than only have read-only access.

- You’ve become more than the system, you’ve become The User.

- Damn, I guess in this world, Roxas’ balls dropped something massive, it’s kind of hard to go from Ven’s voice to what feels like Dark Roxas.

- You say there’s no script to follow, except maybe Javascript.

- This whole segment is immensely creepy, it’s like you have all these characters who believe they’re doing something and are playing out their part even thought the reality is obviously different. It’s like a debug section in a game, it’s filled with characters who are out of place but remain the same as they did in-game. There’s something really artificial about it and not in any kind of good way. The shit Roxas is saying doesn’t exactly help matters.

- Ok, we need more of Snarky Roxas, seriously his “Congratulations, you understand hurt” line was something Axel would have said.

- I feel they could have done more with Roxas’ role in this, he’s a data version of himself who’s sole existance is to make sure that Sora is able to handle emotional pain. He’s aware he’s fake and he’s probably aware that he’s based on a Nobody so there’s like two levels of existentialism going on there and yet, outside that one fight, he doesn’t really fight back, he just accepts what he is and then disappears. With all the talk of what makes someone human as well as the idea of not caring about that which doesn’t exist, you think he’d have more to say on the matter. Then again, he was programmed to act this way which is even more disturbing, being programmed to have an existential crisis while talking about humanity and reality only to just accept it in the end because he’s what he was told to do. As someone who fully believes in free will, this is disturbing as fuck.

- Although I do disagree with Sora’s “Pain builds character” philosophy.

- Young Xehanort? You mean the Terra-Xehanort one? He didn’t appear in this

- So that’s Young Xehanort. Interesting.

Kingdom Hearts: THE WHOLE THING

Because everyone is feeling nostalgic and my friend just got into the series and needs a list of where everything is, here’s a nice, orderly list of videos, properly displaying ALL of the Kingdom Hearts series! They should be watched in the order of release date, as I have listed already!

I did the math, and the WHOLE thing adds up to a whopping 47 hours, 3 minutes, and 24 seconds. It’s gonna take a while, but you can do it!

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