Kingdom Hearts 2

To the fans of KH

Hello everyone, this is the admin. I’m not going to show up much but I’m here to tell you a few things about this blog. It works, in a way, like an rp blog but relies mostly on its followers. It’s interactive and immersive, I want the followers to be apart of the story just as much as the characters are. 

A story will play out through posts here on the blog. Sometimes the posts will be typed up like typical fanfiction, sometimes they will be typed up like chatrooms and sometimes they will be typed up as documents. All of them link together so you have to pay attention. You will interact with the characters. (I’m trying to make it seem as if you guys are the ones communicating with them. If your confused on what I mean look up the game Lifeline , it will be similar to that.) You can send in messages to the characters to help them progress. This is all in realtime so sometimes you won’t see a character for a few days. 

Sora is our main character and he is going through a lot, so he’ll need as much help as possible. But be mindful of what you send, because it can and will affect the plot. You are aloud to reblog/like posts! It helps spread the story! But please only send advice through asks, it keeps everything more organized. I will not reply to anything that is attached to the posts.

P.s there will be things you know that some characters don’t, it’s your job to get them to believe you.

If you have any questions please send it in and I will try my best to clear it up.

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Whether you're a hero or a villain,
one shall always perish.

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