Kingdom Hearts

  • <p> <b>Person:</b> Why do you like all these fictional characters? They aren't real.<p/><b>Me:</b> Um excuse you but have you seen my sons? * drops a pile of pictures on the floor* And my husbands?? And my babies??? And my boys????? Like look at them what is there not to like???<p/></p>

Nails this to Nomura’s door.

This seems to have been hinting that Kairi knew Merlin when she was a child. So let us PRAY this gets brought up in Kingdom Hearts III, since Kari’s going to be training with Merlin now.

And thank you to the great @kougyokuss, for posting these Kairi missable quotes so that I could screenshot this!

talents include
  • getting too attached to things i should not get attached to
  • treating fictional characters better than real people
  • acknowledging my bad habits and shitty way of living but never making an effort to change it
  • getting tired after 10 seconds of any form of exercise
  • 2 hours of excessive research on things that intrigue me
  • being tired all day except from 12am-2am   
  • doing something mildly athletic then eating buckets of food for “compensation”
  • realizing i am procrastinating but still doing it
  • blaming all my issues on something that isnt myself
  • so good at degrading humour u cant even tell if im joking anymore 

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I want to play Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD final Fantasy XX/2 days Re: jugemu jugemu rising ultra miracle super plus + featuring Dante from devil may cry series director's cut and Knickles red blue green yellow gold silver crystal chronicles of the 20 knights hearts and soul shippuden GT omega Final Mix unchained attelier of Zeanooto and friends.

coming soon in 2030