The Stolen Throne in 15 minutes

I wrote this parody back in 2010 and it would be a shame if Livejournal dies with this mocking post, so have a re-post here on tumblr. I actually love Stolen Throne, but it’s not going to win a Nobel prize, that’s for damn sure.  

REBEL QUEEN: *is slain *

MARIC, a Level 1 Prince: OH NOES! I can barely hold a sword and now I’m all alone on the run from the usurper! HELP! HELP!

LOGHAIN, a Level 56 Warrior, several miles away: I have a really bad feeling about this shit.

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So Ferelden folk songs would probably be: 

  • The Orlesians killed my parents and my dog and now I’m sad.
  • Twenty five reasons King Maric is better than the Orlesians.
  • Oh I long for the days of Calenhad.
  • Flemeth stole all my elfroot. 


please remember that fiona, ex-slave, ex-grey warden, grand enchanter, leader of the mage rebellion, the legend who said ‘fuck the divine’, lover of king maric, friend of duncan, rival of wynne, mother of the king, and the only grey warden ever to be cured of the taint exists

go wild, you’re good

Loghain Mac Tir and Rebel Prince Maric Theirin

Haha yea i finally post this… been sitting on it because i was pretty unsatisfied with the composition, but since i’m officially crippling myself by getting a new game while working on another piece, i think it’d be some time before i get round to painting this so here you go! The Stolen Throne gave me so much feels, I…. i really wish to see more art of these two circulating, so if you reblog this, it’d be awesome if you add links to more art of King Maric and Loghain!!! I’ll be ever so grateful * u *

Deep Roads Overlay Map

So, back in one of the earlier books of Dances in Darkness, I mentioned I had taken awhile writing because I was trying to work out all the locations of the Thaigs and Deep Roads relative to the surface. We know that the dwarven empire once spanned almost all of Thedas. Most of it has been lost. Only Orzammar survives. 

During the Paragon of Her Kind quest in Dragon Age: Origins, we are given a “map” by whichever person you choose to support, which is ultimately a rough work-up of what their team has discovered so far. We know it’s maybe a little inaccurate. It’s absolutely not even remotely complete, and yet it has a lot of information there for us. The Warden uses it to reach the Anvil of the Void and yay, all is happy.

This is the longest portion of the bloody game, and tedious in parts. You visit a lot of locations, and have to fight your way through some fairly large areas. I have no idea if my timescale is correct for Dances in Darkness, but I use Dagna’s two weeks from Orzammar to the Circle Tower as a guide, so all my times in story come from that generalized figure (I count this as two weeks walking or slow riding). I guess it takes about as long to Redcliffe, and contrary to people saying you can sail to Kinloch Hold from Redcliffe in 2 days (one there, one back) in game, I’m not sure how that’s really possible unless you account for boats being amazing, and Templars not being angry at people sailing directly from Redcliffe to their Tower. I feel like there’s maybe something weird with that. 

Ultimately the endeavour to work out the Deep Roads then actually came from a need to get my timescale right. In Dances, they’re on a very limited time schedule to work in, and I needed to know just how limited and if the time constraints set were even possible. So I needed to know how that Deep Roads map relates to the actual Thedas map of Ferelden to compare Dagna’s two weeks measurement (let’s trust her on that; she’s obsessed with the place and would probably know specifics like measurements given she’s a smith’s daughter who loves learning).

Looking at the basic Deep Roads map, we get this:

Now, at first glance, you look at this thinking right, compass rose there in the lower corner, so the Anvil of the Void and Bownammar are west, probably into Orlais, and Cadash Thaig is down south, and Orzammar is there in the north-east corner. Except this is not actually correct. We have several pieces of evidence that point to the fact that this map is not currently correctly angled.

1. This is a mock-up by Bhelen/Harrowmont men trying to find Branka. It was made by dwarves who have never been to the surface and navigate using stone sense (which is probably linked to lyrium and not to an actual magnetic direction). Therefore, there is no reason why dwarves would use north/south/east/west anyway.

2. It deliberately says on the map in the top right corner “to Frostback Mountains”. Since the Frostbacks are an entire mountain range, let’s assume this means to the mountain range itself, and that arrow up there is pointing to the range. The range therefore runs somewhat along the entire top edge of the map.

3. We enter Orzammar from the surface from a door that is facing South. The door leads into the Commons directly across from the Provings. The door into the Deep Roads is actually then off to the right in the level, meaning that the map should be showing the Deep Roads exit/entrance to Orzammar. And it does. If we angle the map again, we find that the map is angled incorrectly.

4. In one of the books (I think Stolen Throne?) Maric and Loghain and Rowan are fighting in the Battle of West HIlls (located up near Highever and Waking Sea and the Storm Coast). This battle goes spectacularly badly. Maric, Loghain, and Rowan only escape the battle by fleeing into the Deep Roads, where they end up somewhere in or around Ortan Thaig. They then travel through the Deep Roads to Gwaren to emerge, by which time everyone thinks Maric is dead, and this is some spectacular resurrection or something. It’s because of this previous journey that the Grey Wardens later try to get King Maric to help them navigate the Deep Roads after Rowan’s death (The Calling, I believe). This is the whole Fiona/Maric and Duncan and the Architect story here. The Architect is doing something sketchy in a Thaig called Kul’Baras, and he later emerges very close to or under Kinloch Hold itself. This information actually gives us locations of not one but three different Thaigs on the map. Kul’Baras is somewhere under Lake Calenhad. Gwaren is under Gwaren. And Ortan Thaig is under West Hills. Only one of these is specifically listed on the map, but we also know where Orzammar is too, so then it just becomes a matter of lining it up.

The result is something like this:

As you can see, by lining up Orzammar, the arrow pointing to the Frostbacks, and Ortan Thaig, some very interesting things happen. Some of those symbols on the original Deep Roads map start to line up in some very interesting places. Gwaren down there was only a smidge off Gwaren itself. And that dog symbol comes up right by Denerim. Large pockets of spaces, which before I had assumed were simply twists and turns, actually appear to be Thaigs themselves. There’s only one big blob of Deep Roads map under Lake Calenhad, so I assume that is Kul’Baras where the Architect first worked. We have some very interesting symbols and roads skimming off in the northern portion of the map. That little tower symbol from the Deep Roads map falls right near Kirkwall in the Vimmark Mountain Range. I don’t know, but that symbol looks suspiciously like this to me:

This, for those who don’t know or don’t recognize it, is the base of Corypheus’s prison from the Deep Roads level. We know it’s connected to the Deep Roads, because Varric’s ancestor got stuck there and died. If ever they were going to mark something on a map it would be the tower underground that you really don’t want to go anywhere near unless you get stuck.

Also interesting is to note the location of the Anvil of the Void, far south in the Korcari Wilds. The chasm where we first meet the Archdemon in DA:O is there too, and happens to run from Ostagar all the way to Denerim. Which, coincidentally is exactly where we happen to see the Archdemon and the horde: Ostagar, the chasm, and Denerim.

Obviously some of this then becomes guesswork. We can tell by some of our map locations which Thaigs are which, or at least the general locations. We know Kal’Hirol lies under Amaranthine, and Cadash Thaig from our maps appears to be west of that under Soldier’s Peak or thereabouts. Take it further and we see parts of the Deep Roads extend even under oceans, which is fully understandable as Cadash Thaig is a flooded mess, and what would stop them digging under the ocean? They’re dwarves. They must have passages under that way to connect to everywhere else in Thedas.

A few educated guesses and some map locations comparisons from Inquisition give us the locations of a few more places, like Valammar (best guess), and Daerwen’s Mouth on the Storm Coast. Since we know the location of Crestwood from the game map, it’s not hard to work out which of the Deep Roads blobs is the old crossroad. And once we do, we get another point as well. Gundaar. The crossroads under Crestwood was created to commemorate a paragon (see codex information for this) and was located directly halfway between Aeducan Thaig and Gundaar. The best guess I have is that dog symbol near Denerim, and since Gundaar was a fairly large location it makes some sense it would have its own symbol or whatever.

A few other locations are done by a basic search on the Dragon Age wiki for what we know about Thaigs. Two thaigs lie somewhere south of Kal’Hirol: Varen and Kal Barosh. These are best guesses based on where the blobs are in the map and based on that general statement, and are probably the most sketchy of the locations.

That golem symbol…I don’t know what that is. But if I had to venture a guess, my best guess is the location of Amgarrak Thaig where they tried to recreate golem work. Also this is a very sketchy guess. I’ve got nothing further to suggest that’s it.

And the last interesting point of note: there is a path leading under the ocean parallel to the coast alongside Kirkwall. Is this the path towards the Primeval Thaig? Maybe? I don’t know…

Anyway, it took me a bloody long time to do this, and this is the best guess I have. The same map in raw form is actually all of Thedas, but without more Deep Roads maps I cannot expand it as the only other point I know is Kal Repartha located in the Hissing Wastes on the surface. I did take some time to work out the general locations of the Archdemons, and where they struck, but what that tells us is only that with the exception of Urthemiel, and a number of attacks located along the southern edge of Lake Celestine at Montsimmard, it appears that everything south of the Waking Sea has never before experienced Blights, or at least has never experienced the massive attack. In fact, the area that seems to suffer the most is in fact the Silent Plains where Dumat was finally slain.

So I’ll leave it at that for now. Hope you guys enjoy the maps and find the information intriguing. It may all be wrong, but I hope maybe some of it is at least right, cuz I like to think that there’s a bit of the poetic in the way the Blights played out.


strangestblossom  asked:

Hi, I was hoping you could help me on a school project I'm working on. I wanted to talk about complex characters in the Dragon Age series. I wanted your opinion on Loghain. Like yeah, he's trying to kill you for most of the game. But he's doing it out of his love for Ferelden and Maric. And its obvious he knows Alistair was Maric's son, he and Cailan look like brothers. Yet he pushes for Anora to be queen. She's his daughter but she doesn't have Theirin blood. He wants the best for Ferelden but

he allows the country to be taken over by darkspawn proclaiming them not a threat or a Blight. I just wanted to know your opinions on him, if he’s a villain or a good man doing bad things. I hope I wasn’t a bother to you and would really appreciate it if you could answer. Thank you!

So, firstly, here’s the background you need to understand to fully understand Loghain’s viewpoint re: Orlais and the blight (I am aware that some of it you already know. 

  1. Orlais has used the cover of a blight to take over nations before.
  2. Duncan, while he was born in Ferelden to either a Fereldan father and a Rivaini mother or a Tevene father and a Rivaini mother, was raised in Orlais, and almost certainly considered himself Orlesian.
  3. Duncan was one of the Wardens who were unintentionally involved in the near kidnapping of King Maric about twenty years before.
  4. Alistair’s mother, Fiona, was also involved in this. 
  5. As far as Loghain knows, Alistair could easily be in contact with his mother, an Orlesian elf.
  6. Flemeth, when she met with Loghain and Maric in TST, told Maric a blight would sweep Ferelden, but that Maric would not live to see it. Admitting that it is a blight means admitting that Maric is dead. (It turns out in the comics that Flemeth is a liar, but Loghain likely has a decent amount of guilt about something else she said during that conversation, so he may still hold this to be true.) 

So, to Loghain, Duncan is already an untrustworthy Orlesian, who’s attempting to use the cover of a blight, of which this can’t be because if it is that means Maric is dead, to usurp this nation and put Alistair, potentially spurred on by his Orlesian elf mother, Fiona, on the throne as a puppet king. 

The fact is, none of the Wardens seem particularly trustworthy either. Tabris killed a Fereldan noble who, as far as Loghain knows, was a decent man. Brosca, Amell, Aeducan, or Mahariel aren’t Ferelden citizens (Brosca and Aeducan are from Orzammar, Mahariel is Dalish, and Amell is from Kirkwall.) Cousland’s parents now have a cordial relationship with Orlais, having received a gift from a nobleman who mistook Bryce for the king. Surana, having the least fleshed out background is the one exception, but she’s an elven Circle mage, and Fiona is almost certainly head of the libertarian fraternity at this point, so making the link that they’re somehow tied to this conspiracy is frightfully easy. 

The signal fire came late, this is canon, from Alistair. Loghain had a choice at this point, risk his men and save the king, breaking a promise he made to Maric (Maric made him promise during the war that if it ever came down to saving him or their men, to save their men, and while Cailan is not Maric, the message behind his words still stands), or keep his promise, and keep his men safe to fight another day. He chose that option. 

Now, after the battle, he was sure the signal fire was late on purpose, a plot by the Wardens, as he had no way of knowing that the tower of Ishal was flooded by darkspawn. Of course he thought Ali and the Warden were responsible for the death of the king.

He took over as regent for Anora to allow her to grieve, as he’d done for Maric when Maric was in his deep depression at the death of Queen Rowan.

There is no indication that the king and queen of Fereldan are anything but coregents, so of course Loghain would fight to keep Anora on her throne. No Theirin blood or not, it’s still /her/ throne, and any attempt to put Alistair on it would be a usurpation, Maric’s son or not. It’d also mean Anora’s death, as, if Anora was kept alive, she could either rally troops behind her and try to retake her throne, or, less likely, she could end up being in the early stages of pregnancy, and give birth to a Theirin heir who could do the same thing later on, more easily because of their heritage. 

The only thing Loghain does that isn’t understandable, that’s inexcusable, and is a betrayal of Maric’s values and Ferelden, is selling elves into slavery. 

Hope this helps.

Yavana, the Beast of theTellari swamps | Dragon Age: The Silent Grove

ok this is actually my very first digital “painting”, it feels so different from traditional art and it took me awhile to decide to post it since I am not 100% satisfied but I quite like it as first result.