The Belgian Royal Family got together to help Queen Paola celebrate her 80th birthday on June 29, 2017.


Royal Mail!

Albert and Paola’s Christmas reply

I’m so glad this finally arrived! I’ve been waiting for a while. 

It was hard to get a picture of the writing because it’s fairly light. Their signatures are also light, almost like the printer was running out of ink. But it basically says “Best wishes for a new year 2017.” It is written in Dutch, French, and German, plus Italian. 

The picture is printed on the opposite side. It isn’t on real photo paper, just normal paper, so the quality isn’t as high. It is still very lovely and I just adore them with little Anna Astrid. 

The inside of the envelope is purple, similar style to Paola’s birthday reply. The photo kind of mutes it. It’s very bright, almost fuschia color. 

I thought this reply was taking a longer time than usual, but I kind of brushed it off. I’m impatient and things just happen. But on the front it is postmarked January 13, 2017. I find this extremely odd. I have two theories. First, this was sent economy (regular mail). I highly doubt that, though. Especially since it is postmarked the same as Philippe and Mathilde, which came priority. Second, they wrote my address a little weird and put my apartment number on the same line as my building address. I’m thinking this threw off the mailman and he delivered it to the front office and it took them a while to get through the mail and see this wasn’t theirs. But even then it’s been over a month. I think they would have seen it. But the people at the office kind of suck (as does our mailman) so I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Regardless, it’s finally here. I’m hanging this one up I think. I only have a couple Christmas responses left. It’s always weird to get them past January. But I’ll take them! 

Card Sent On: December 14, 2016

Reply Received on: February 22, 2017

Queen Fabiola of Belgium being given a kiss on the cheek by her grand-niece, Princess Maria Laura, Archduchess of Austria-Este, at the funeral of her husband, King Baudouin, on 1 August 1993.


21 July 2013: King Albert II of Belgium abdicated on Belgium’s National Day and his eldest son, Prince Philippe, the Duke of Brabant, assumed the throne as King Philippe of Belgium. Once Philippe had taken the oath of office as King of the Belgians, his eldest daughter, Princess Élisabeth, became heiress apparent and therefore Duchess of Brabant.