I was able to hook up old, very small tablet once I found it and figure out how to make it fucking work. Here are two calibration sketches while I try to get used to the drastic size shrink before I do anything serious.
The first one is just king rolling in the grass, the second is of Therron with a ‘dad body’ because a buddy of mine has been showing me that dad game and we joked about it. Still not 100% confident in my ability to use this thing. Messy messy messy.


So I just recently did my first legitimate photoshoot as a freelance photographer. And honestly, I couldn’t before into my craft at this point! I’ve been taking photos for almost 5-6 months now and having done my first shoot, let alone and engagement photoshoot, has tremendously boosted my confidence. King K Media is now in full affect and this is just the beginning. Being a young black male photographer is honestly a real challenge. The stereotype of us taking pictures of half naked girls is too strong and I’m here to break it. I would appreciate guys support and if you want to follow my journey follow my IG : KingKMedia 🙏🏽

So I’m watching this anime with my friend, and they start talking about a local legend about a dragon. Next thing you know people are ducking out of the rain and they find a creepy dragon statue.

I’m like, “That thing’s head is gonna come off.”

Sure enough, someone bumps it and it falls and the head breaks off. Creepy things start happening after that.

Next episode, and they’re saying more about this shunned dragon person who died in a cave.

And I’m like, “…Are you crying for a crossover or what.”


~ RIP Michael Jackson ~

Not only was he an amazing singer and dancer, but he was an amazing humanitarian. He used his fame to help heal the world, save lives, touch peoples’ hearts, and deliver powerful messages through his music, a characteristic artists lack today. And that is why he will always be one of my top most role models, no matter what false trash is against him!

✨ Love you Michael, Legends never die ✨