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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't know why today's been so awesome, but WOW!

I don’t know what’s going on today. Maybe it’s the yellow–I mean, it is a happy color!

We applied for Conner’s passport months ago, but my ex has been…difficult…about getting the forms done that he needs to submit. I actually just got the last thing I needed from him on Friday…after the post office closed and before our trip. I called the passport office on Monday and went to the island post office and overnighted the form. The woman I spoke with said it might help to include a personal note, so I did.

Today, I got a call from the woman working on Conner’s application. She was above and beyond awesome and despite us not paying for a rush application, she overnighted me his completed passport today AND called me back tonight to let me know she’d gotten a tracking number and what it was.

I’m sending her a card and a thank you gift card, but if anyone in Charleston knows a Megan who works at the passport office, give that woman a hug for me!!!!! She was SO kind. ❤️

I don't care if you didn't mean it, meant it as a joke, or actually meant it...

Don’t call someone a name that’s totally disrespectful. It’s not nice and it only makes you look bad.

I never call anyone names and I don’t appreciate people calling me names either, but today (literally just minutes ago) someone called me something that wasn’t nice. I swear today is not my day.

My point is, if you don’t have nothing nice to say, then don’t say nothing at all. Be kind to one another.

Okay. I’m done ranting. Back to your normal lives.

Taiwan’s Cabinet officials observed a minute of silence Thursday for the victims of a deadly tour bus fire earlier this week that killed all 24 Chinese and two Taiwanese aboard the vehicle. 中國遼寧觀光團國道重大事故造成26位寶貴生命的流失,令人無比的感傷與悲慟。台灣行政院長林全率全體閣員對火燒車事故不幸罹難的國人及中國旅客默哀一分鐘。  

Photo Credit : Executive Yuan of Taiwan

Heart Happy Things:

The beautiful @leebeeloves tagged me for a SD&S this morning, and I obliged but I’m just getting a chance to post it!  (Tagging: @pennytoupee, @snapthistiger, @mybikerunstri, and @amater-photographeur–some lovely gentlemen, today!)

  • I wore this dress today for the first time (it’s another one of my thrift store finds).  My mother-in-law told me that I should NEVER wear yellow because it “looks horrible” on me, but I think yellow is such a happy color, and this dress was only $8, so whatever, I got it!  However, whenever I feel unsure about an outfit choice, it brings to mind one of my favorite students from when I was teaching.  He wanted to be a fashion designer, and he was always super quick to let me know all of his thoughts on my outfit (and hair, and makeup, and accessories…) every morning, first thing.  He was…shall we say…very direct and always very…again, we’ll say…honest and this often got him in trouble in other classes, but I just adored him.  And, a little honesty is important!  I wish I could get his opinion on this dress!  When he graduated, I told him, “Now, _____, I have no doubt that you have everything you need to be a success.  You’re brilliant, you’re talented, you’re hard-working…but you’ve got to try to be a bit less of an asshole in your delivery.”  He emailed me when he got accepted to college, “Ms. S, I got into _________.  I’m going to take your advice and be less of an asshole. ;)”  God, I loved that kid–I smile every time I think of him! 
  • This morning, I went to Cafe Java and witnessed an outpouring of love from everyone in the restaurant for a group of police officers when they walked in.  And, the owner told me that the woman who’s meal I’d “payed it forward” for yesterday was actually brought to tears because apparently she’d been having a really rough week and the gesture really brightened her day.  I’m glad I got plenty of napkins with my order because I was crying by the time I left.
  • This afternoon, I did my reading and book giveaway at the housing authority sites and I was asking all the kids if they’d read their books from last time.  Most of them were clamoring to tell me all about them and shouting “YES!” But, one little girl just shook her head and said no.  I asked her why not and she said she couldn’t read it by herself and no one would help her.  An older girl at her table immediately piped up, “I LOVE to read; I’ll help you read your book!!”  So, I got the littler girl to pinky promise me that she and her new friend would read the book together.  Before lunch was even over I saw them hunched over the book together.  It melted my heart.

There’s been a lot of happy tears today.  Yes, there are a lot of problems in the world, but I know that I see so much good every single day, and I’m so grateful for it.

You’re only a kind person if you’re kind to everyone; even unkind people. If you dole out kindness based upon how you feel at any given moment, or how you feel about the person you’re interacting with at the moment, then you’re not a kind person.

Tips for Showing Kindness

1. Try to always be positive, affirming and encouraging.

2. Be willing to help others.

3. Notice the little things that make a difference to others – and do them.

4. Don’t hold grudges – forgive and move on. Accept we all make mistakes at times.

5. Be patient and understanding.

6. Be generous, large hearted and happy to share.

7. Be willing to put yourself out for others. Share your time and your abilities with them.

8. Be genuinely interested in other peoples’ lives.

9. Be polite, respectful and pleasant.

10. Treat other people in the same way as you’d like them to treat you.