Kind Heaven

concept: magic wands intended for kids that allow them to practice the verbal and somatic components for combat spells without worrying about hurting themselves or anyone else. 

concept: taako and angus using these shitty wands for a giant long term laser tag battle that spans the entire moon base

  • “Intimidating” Tall people: kind, closer to heaven, bump their heads on door frames, will reach things for you, give good hugs, full of love.
  • “Cute” short people: evil, closer to hell and can hear the whispers of Satan, can fit in small spaces, will climb anything to attain their goals, full of rage.
She’s heaven, and it’s not like I didn’t expect her to be heaven, but the particular kind of heaven that she is, I just didn’t see that coming,” Hathaway told Corden, according to Entertainment Tonight. “We’d all be talking, all eight of us, and somebody would have this opinion, and somebody would chime in with this thought, and this, that, and the other and we thought we’d nail the subject, and Rihanna would be sitting back and then she’d go, ‘yeah but the thing is’ and she’d lean forward and just slay us all with the wit and kindness and lovingness and I just love her so much. I really do. Her life is one extended mic drop.
—  Anne Hathaway shares what is was like working with Rihanna on their upcoming movie, Ocean’s Eight

I was in Oriole lover heaven today :D They dropped down on Michigan like crazy today! At times, I spotted six Baltimore Orioles in the yard at the same time. There was a female as well. I love the leopard head of the young one. And I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I also saw a Rosebreasted Grosbeak, but he would not go to the booth yet. Hummers have been sighted close to me, but I have not seen one either. This is my favourite time of the year <3

so like au where the balance friends are playing the commitment campaign i love it bc like. nobody expected taako to make a character like irene who is like the chillest, nicest, not taako-est character you could ever think of and everyone is so confused. taako hasn’t told anyone what irene’s powers are gonna be except merle. and then kardala appears and everyone’s reactions are 100% legitimately WTF IS HAPPENING?

I always found it funny that in the Hot Pot special where everyone’s telling a story abt their past, Shinra tries to join in with a story of his own but Celty’s ignoring him & then Kadota be like, “I don’t know what happened, but..”

Celty & Shinra are currently in a mutual loving relationship. But Kadota is telling Shinra, “oh unrequited love-life. Yeah that happens, especially if we’re talking about you.“

Shinra’s only ever pursued Celty, so why did Kadota attributed this to him? …could he by chance know about Shinra & Izaya’s fallout relationship?

I mean he does proceed to stop Shinra from calling Izaya over right after..

It’s like Kadota’s basically saying, “DUDE NO. You’re trying to invite your ex to come see you flirt with your new gf!? He’s going to flip it & WE’RE ALL going to suffer! I’m not having this ON MY WATCH!!”

good job Kadota. we’ve averted disaster! :D

All he knows is heaven
and all she’s ever known is hell.
He’s got a smile like holy
a voice like prayers
and a kiss like salvation.
She’s got a smile like sin
a voice like curses
and a kiss like damnation.
But when they look at each other
they think the same word:
—  blessed.