Kind Heaven

Something my sister told me has completely changed my mindset and helped me stop worry in its tracks.

She said that when you constantly worry about something, you’re giving the devil more power. You’re calling bad stuff into your life and attracting it. The devil knows your weaknesses. He knows how to hit you where it hurts.

We don’t want to give him power, do we? Worry isn’t productive. It won’t get you anywhere. Don’t be naïve or uneducated, but don’t over complicate and worry about things that don’t deserve your energy.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s a lot to handle. I know that it hurts really bad right now. And I know it might not instantly get better.


God has already won. God has the victory. He took care of you before you started worrying about whatever you’re worried about, He’s seen you through this worry and still protected you! What makes you think He’ll fail you now or stop protecting you now?

Focus on God. Stay close to Him. Know He’s gotchu. He will carry you. Just keep praying. Keep reading His Word. Keep fighting and never give in. Do not allow evil thoughts to dwell in your sanctuary.

You got all of Heaven fighting for you. And they won’t stop now. We win. Jesus has the victory in the end. Keep your eyes on Him and you can’t lose.

God has already defeated the devil, so why would you let a stupid, puny little coward and his little henchmen upset you when you have all of Heaven on your side? You got this, and God’s got you!

let it grow

steve rogers x stark!reader

BOOK TWO: Let it Grow

part one.


a/n: omg y’all…it’s back. sorry ive been really busy with disney and school and i’m glad i wrote this awhile back in august before i left, i just had to tweak some things. :) excuse my french if much of it is incorrect (let me know and i’ll fix it!) 

april 9th, 2016

Well, hello…Diary. I will call you…Natasha. As much as I wanted to punch the living shit out of her, I do miss her. I guess. It has been a while since I landed in France. I don’t remember how I got here but somehow I did. The last thing I remember is flying on Sam’s back and me falling into what I thought would be my death and then…yellow. Lots of yellow. Oh, and rocks. And Thor maybe? Maybe that was my kind of heaven (sorry dad). It’s all a bit blurry after the part of me falling down to my inevitable death. Don’t ask me how I escaped death, but I hope it doesn’t go all Final Destination on me. I didn’t know where I was until I soon found civilization and the obvious French on every sign at 3 AM in the morning (thanks dad for making me pick up French in high school and minoring in it in college, I guess).

I guess, hi to you too, Dad? You won’t ever see this, but I’m fine. As I walked through the streets of some random French town, my stomach begging for food and my dry throat thirsting for a drink, I stumbled upon a guy named Fabien. He actually lived in a small town in France and I, for some reason, decided to accompany him back home. Don’t worry, if Fabien even laid a hand on me he would feel the wrath of almost a billion volts of electricity. His full name is Fabien Roux. He knew who I was, saw me on the TV in America once. He said where he lives, no one would know who I was (which i was kind of thankful for but offended by, guess it’s the Stark genes). Thankfully, nothing happened. He showed me around Paris for a date once and many parts of France and…now I live with him. I go under a different name here and I decided to partake in my own hiding. Hiding while dating a really sweet, funny, and attractive guy and I am constantly wondering what you are up to while I write this. But, I see you in the news, I do. Definitely not on the television here, but when I venture outside of this small town. I know you’re fine and I know you’ve been looking for me. I see it all and I’m sorry. But, I’m fine.

Oh, before I forget…I go by Cira Jaune. If you didn’t know, Cira kinda means something like sun or ladylike I think and jaune means yellow. Which, if you also forgot, that’s the colors my eyes turn thanks to that lovely rock I found drunk at college and Sun for your nickname of “my sunshine” for me. But i hope you didn’t forget that. love you dad.

Cira Jaune


You sighed, closing your newly bought diary. You didn’t even know if you would write again in this diary but you needed to let out your emotions. It’d been a good two years since the Avengers tore themselves apart and you somehow ended up in France. Since you found Fabien, or he found you, you decided to stay and hide in his small hometown. It was nighttime and Fabien was in the shower. He definitely won the Coziest Bed in the World, and it was even cozier when he cuddled next to you.

Rain pattered against the window and you didn’t know if it was because it was actually in the forecast or if it was because you were missing your dad. Even after two years, he didn’t give up in finding you unlike how he did with the others. You were too deep into your thoughts to register how Fabien was crawling into bed with you and wrapping his arms around your waist.

“A quoi penses-tu (what are you thinking about?),” Fabien whispered, kissing you softly on the cheek.

You put your smaller hand into his that lay on your stomach, playing with his fingers. “Mon père (my dad).”

He sighed, taking one of his hands to mess with your hair. You giggled, smacking his hand off of your now very messy hair. He felt terrible when you got in the dumps about your dad and easily picked up on the weather patterns at the beginning of your relationship. After being here for two years, you suddenly gained even more control over your powers. Sometimes the atmokinetic weather outside was altered because you let it slip and now was one of those times.“Est-li la raison de la pluie? (is he the reason for the rain?)”

“Peut être…” you croaked. “Et j’ai faim (maybe…and I’m hungry).” He shook with laughter, pulling your face towards him so he could give you a kiss on the lips. The rain stopped immediately after. You giggled in between the kiss and he pulled away, dragging you out of the bed.

You sat at one of the high chairs at the counter, sipping on a black coffee, just how you liked it. Fabien cooked in the kitchen, humming lightly. You saw he was making your favorite, Coq au vin and the aroma was making your stomach growl even more. That’s another thing you loved about Fabien, besides the fact that he was a gentleman, dependable, intelligent, and passionate. He knew how to cook and it was always good. You didn’t know how you never knew about your new favorite dish but you were glad he introduced it to you. That’s how your night ended. Food, humming, sex, and sleep.


concept: magic wands intended for kids that allow them to practice the verbal and somatic components for combat spells without worrying about hurting themselves or anyone else. 

concept: taako and angus using these shitty wands for a giant long term laser tag battle that spans the entire moon base

  • “Intimidating” Tall people: kind, closer to heaven, bump their heads on door frames, will reach things for you, give good hugs, full of love.
  • “Cute” short people: evil, closer to hell and can hear the whispers of Satan, can fit in small spaces, will climb anything to attain their goals, full of rage.

I was in Oriole lover heaven today :D They dropped down on Michigan like crazy today! At times, I spotted six Baltimore Orioles in the yard at the same time. There was a female as well. I love the leopard head of the young one. And I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I also saw a Rosebreasted Grosbeak, but he would not go to the booth yet. Hummers have been sighted close to me, but I have not seen one either. This is my favourite time of the year <3

so like au where the balance friends are playing the commitment campaign i love it bc like. nobody expected taako to make a character like irene who is like the chillest, nicest, not taako-est character you could ever think of and everyone is so confused. taako hasn’t told anyone what irene’s powers are gonna be except merle. and then kardala appears and everyone’s reactions are 100% legitimately WTF IS HAPPENING?

I always found it funny that in the Hot Pot special where everyone’s telling a story abt their past, Shinra tries to join in with a story of his own but Celty’s ignoring him & then Kadota be like, “I don’t know what happened, but..”

Celty & Shinra are currently in a mutual loving relationship. But Kadota is telling Shinra, “oh unrequited love-life. Yeah that happens, especially if we’re talking about you.“

Shinra’s only ever pursued Celty, so why did Kadota attributed this to him? …could he by chance know about Shinra & Izaya’s fallout relationship?

I mean he does proceed to stop Shinra from calling Izaya over right after..

It’s like Kadota’s basically saying, “DUDE NO. You’re trying to invite your ex to come see you flirt with your new gf!? He’s going to flip it & WE’RE ALL going to suffer! I’m not having this ON MY WATCH!!”

good job Kadota. we’ve averted disaster! :D

All he knows is heaven
and all she’s ever known is hell.
He’s got a smile like holy
a voice like prayers
and a kiss like salvation.
She’s got a smile like sin
a voice like curses
and a kiss like damnation.
But when they look at each other
they think the same word:
—  blessed.

Classical artistic masterpieces + some paintings they remind me of

Queen - Houses of Parliament, Claude Monet c. 1903
Queen II - El Jaleo, John Singer Sargent c. 1882
Sheer Heart Attack - The Taking Of Christ, Michelangelo c. 1906
A Night At The Opera - The Shrine, John William Waterhouse c. 1895
A Day At The Races - The Last Judgement, Heironymus Bosch c. 1482
News Of The World - Endless Enigma, Salvador Dali c. 1938
Jazz - Guernica, Pablo Picasso c. 1937
The Game - The Family, Joan Miro c. 1924
Flash Gordon - Vase With 15 Sunflowers, Vincent Van Gogh c. 1887
Hot Space - Mahana No Atua (Day Of God), Paul Gauguin c. 1894
The WorksWinter Scene On A Canal, Hendrick Avercamp c. 1620
A Kind Of Magic - Frederick The Great Playing The Flute At Sanssouci, Adolph Menzel c. 1852
The Miracle - The Birth Of Venus, Alexandro Botticelli c. 1484
Innuendo - Composition VIII, Wassily Kandinsky c. 1923
Made In Heaven - The Rocks Near Pourville At Ebb Tide, Claude Monet c. 1882