Bruce Jenner: The Interview, My Thoughts

I learned a lot about Bruce in last night’s interview. I have always respected/liked Bruce, and he seemed even more genuine and raw in that interview than he ever has. Honestly, I thought that Diane would be talking and putting words in his mouth the entire interview and asking stupid questions, but Bruce ended up straight speaking his mind and explaining himself, which was really great! This is such a dramatic and shocking change for everybody. In an ideal world, this would be such a celebratory event for Bruce, but unfortunately it isn’t. 

Kim: I am so happy that Kim turned things around, with the help of Kanye, and started to support Bruce unabashedly. Kim is very strong for completely turning things around!

Khloe: As I said in a different post, I’m shocked/saddened that Khloe isn’t as supportive as she could be, but it is understandable that Khloe is upset/confused/whatever she may be feeling. I admire Khloe. Though I don’t condone all of her actions, she has been through so much. Just hearing that she’s the one taking Bruce’s transition the worst makes me so sad because I know she WANTS to be that supportive person that she is, but she is troubled. Khloe is still dealing with the trauma she has endured over the past few years, and hearing something so shocking like this, just brings back all of the pain/losses she has ever felt in her life. Eventually Khloe will come around to support her dad. 

Kourtney: As Bruce said in the Interview, Kourtney is mainly concerned for her children; so I don’t think it is her in particular who has a problem with Bruce, II guess she’s just apprehensive to even begin to explain this concept to her kids at such a young age. In recent KUWTK episodes, Kourtney makes an effort to go see Bruce, so that says a lot about her. I believe that Kourtney, and Scott for that matter, will both support Bruce no matter what. 

Kendall: Kendall is always honoring her dad on instagram and has consistently been a very good daughter to Bruce! Though this may be hard/a shock for Kendall, but she will go through thick and thin with her dad because family is everything! 

Kylie: In my mind I pictured Kylie as being the least supportive for some reason, but she has proven on social media that she is fully supportive of her dad. 

Kris: I thought it was weird that Kris had “No comment” on the Bruce Interview, while all Bruce’s other exes had comments. THEN I saw a twitter post that Kris wasn’t even ASKED to comment and that she watched the whole interview with Bruce! It has got to be REALLY tough on Kris to have to go through all of this, but I’m glad that she seems to be turning things around. 

Brandon: Brandon is a really calm cool guy, and had a lot of interesting things to say. I thought it was an interesting perspective that he said he doesn’t feel he is losing his dad, in fact, he feels that he is getting an upgraded version of his dad. I thought that it was so perfect that he was the first one Bruce told about his situation. 

Brody: Honestly I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED at Brody’s reaction. However, after thinking about it, I can understand his reaction of “Oh everything makes sense now.” Brody is known for being somewhat of a hot head in some situations, so I was shocked that he was so accepting. I’m glad that Brody is building a better relationship with his dad. 

I think it is amazing that many celebrities are supporting Bruce rather than slandering him! 

“Look, I can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world and I am. I can have the most beautiful little daughter in the world and I have that. But I’m nothing if I can’t be me. If I can’t be true to myself, they don’t mean anything.”
- Kanye West to Kim on Bruce’s transition, making Kim “by far the most accepting” among the children, says Bruce