you love me
stan loves kyle...and kyle loves stan

stan rly loves kyle and kyle rly loves stan

tracklisting: my pug - nicole dollanganger / i’m sticking with you - the velvet underground / first crush - sabrepulse / rather be (lash remix) - clean bandit / home is wherever i’m with you - edward sharpe / something about us - daft punk / you love me - kimya dawson / in my dreams - lincoln jesser ft. yuna / a thing for me - metronomy / you’re my best friend - queen

The Mountain Goats - Amy Aka Spent Gladiator 1 | Metric - Help I’m Alive (Acoustic) | Shamir - In For The Kill (Acoustic) | Watsky - Wounded Healer | Jenny Owen Youngs - Voice On Tape | Gregory And The Hawk - In Fact | Lianne La Havas - Unstoppable (Acoustic) | Blind Pilot - The Story I Heard | Kimya Dawson - I Like Giants | Say Anything - A Walk Through Hell

a mix for the Oxenfree gang, and for maybe not dying. 


anonymous asked:

i wont share you, wonderful woman or please please please let me get what i want from the smiths, cant help falling in love by elvis (the cover of haley reinhart is really nice too), child, man on fire or home by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, also any song of kimya dawson is really beautiful! (but specially my rollercoaster, so nice so smart, loose lips and my mom are my faves) arrrgh so many songs i want to tell you :'( hope you like them <3

oh wow thank you so much!! it helped a lot!

i wish people on this website could stop directly writing with their raw emotions and more with their brain and some kind of respect and politeness. especially to people you don’t agree with. being behind a computer is not a reason to have vivid reactions by angrily writing bitter answers to already well established assholes. i feel stupid because i’m always here feeling like “savages. savages everywhere. “ we can all learn from each others. even the people i admire can transform in less than a minute into incredibly hateful mr hyde that do not hear/read what they said to someone else. but in the end i still appreciate them, just not that part of their personality. i’ve got lots of flaws but these days i feel like an old wise man sitting on the top of a mountain saying quote like “be soft. do not let the world make you hard. do not let pain make you hate. do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness “ © kurt vonnegut - 

i swear we’re more powerful slaying someone’s stupid opinion with no use of snobbish attitude and unoriginals insults, and i say this as an inF(feelings)P ! i react with my guts but like… now i think about the best words i can use to express my feelings without being unnecessary rude to someone who could be very much changing their mind if you’re being a polite human to them. so maybe sometimes breath some fresh air and accept the fact that ppl have slightly different opinions even in your own community and that’s normal. we’re not one single person, we’re many different ppl with our own ideas and perceptions of the world. cherish your anger and let it falls like a heavy rain at the right time on ppl that are really your enemies, not individuals that like cats while you like dogs. chose your opponents wisely. does this mean i’m not an angry depressed teen like i used to be?? i just want to stop reading angry people being angry at the sky and the people who love the sky. if you’re going to be part of a community, whatever the community is, be sure to keep positivity in and between the ppl of said community. you’ll have plenty of time to argue with ppl outside of it. be compassionate and funny with your ppl! damn, y’all really need to listen to a frickin’ kimya dawson song

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