Didrachm Imitating Kimon, from Larissa, Thessaly, 350-340 BC

Obverse: Head of the nymph Larissa facing three-quarters left wearing an ampyx (headband), earring and necklace. Reverse: Horse walking right with the inscription ΛΑΡΙΣΑΙΩΝ.

Larissa was was represented on the obverse of common drachms produced by the city of Larissa (map) between 400 BC and at least 340 BC, as a three-quarters face with outward flowing hair. This style was copied from the head of Arethusa by Kimon (Cimon), depicted on Syracusan tetradrachms (example). According to hoard evidence from Thessaly, this coinage was produced down to c. 320 BC. Other coins depict Larissa seated, holding a hydria and with a spring nearby, confirming her status as a nymph.

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Rare Tetradrachm Signed By The Engraver Kimon

Excessively rare, a masterpiece and possibly one of the most beautiful Greek coins extant.

A silver tetradrachm signed by the master engraver Kimon circa 405-400 BC, from Syracuse, Sicily (Magna Graecia). Obverse: Head of Arethusa wearing pearl-shaped pendant and necklace over collier ornamented with pearls; hair flowing in loose tresses; across her forehead, ampyx (headband), on which is the signature KIMΩN. Around, two dolphins swimming among the locks and a snout of a third emerging from curls. Above, outside dotted border, APEΘOΣA. Reverse: ΣYPAK – OΣIΩN Fast quadriga (4-horse chariot) driven by a chiton-clad charioteer, holding kentron (horse goad or whip) and reins; above, Nike floating, holding wreath to crown the charioteer. Beneath the two further horses, an overset column (meta); in exergue, ear of barley.

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Things HOTSHOT appeared in

as of 2015/06/12. Not including music shows, because they appeared in those quite often. (Thank god.)
I decided to make a little compilation from the videos you can find on youtube, hope you will find it useful. ^ ^ Also if I left something out feel free to inform me, I only managed to find these, but I know there were more….

141202 Pops in Seoul
150125 K-Populous Ep42
150213 TONTON Korean interview (idrk what’s this but it has engsub :D)
150415 Pops in Seoul
150513 Meet&Greet

Radio lives:
2014.11.20. - K Sound
Call you mine, Take a Shot

2014.11.22. - Sukira
Take a Shot
Junhyuk singing Frank Ocean’s Thinking about you
Sungwoon singing 사랑한다는 말

2014.12.10. - Youngstreet
Junhyuk singing Only you

2015.12.24. - Super K-Pop
Last Christmas

2015.01.03. - Sound K
Talk Dirty, 빗속에서 (In the rain)

2015.05.03. - Sound K
Body language

2015.05.10. - K-Poppin’
Watch Out

Sanburger’s ‘Am I Hotshot?’ Signed Mini Album Giveaway!

After becoming one of the top supporters for Hotshot’s second Meet and Greet on MWAVE, I have a few left over signed albums! For this giveaway there will be one winner who gets a signed album!


- Signed ‘Am I Hotshot?’ Mini album. (may not be the one pictured)

- The Repackaged “I Am a Hotshot” Album


- Must be following Sanburger!

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- No giveaway blogs.

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- Please be a Hotshot fan. I want someone who will enjoy it to receive this!

Giveaway will end: JULY 31st at 11:59 EST. Winner will be chosen randomly. If the winner does not respond to the ask in 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Reblog, and good luck!