Kimiko Kujo

“Tell me, have you ever heard this phrase? ‘Everything that was considered to be a sin in this world is now considered to be a disease.’ And a disease… must be eradicated to be treated, don’t you agree? L? Kira? Let’s see which one of us will be the one to rid this world of it’s diseases." 

{Indie AU Kimiko Kujo/K from L: Change the WorLd, set in the anime/mangaverse during the events of the Kira case. Please read my About before interacting as they also contain my rules.} 

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And here’s yet another year of Death Note Ladies Appreciation Weeks, inspired by teruzuki (A.K.A. The Lovely Luna!)’s Underrated DN weeks.

I asked, you excitedly said yes, and now for the next month, is all about the Death Note ladies!

As far as everyone knows, the Death Note series is very sexist in nature. Unfortunately, the fandom has had the horrific reputation of bashing the females, most notably for “getting in the way” of a ship. Despite the love for some of the females, they do get less exposure and recognition for their roles in the story. It does not help that the Death Note creators did not give their females proper development. BUT, that does not mean the females in the series are useless as many people consider them.

Ranging from action heroines to villainesses, the females chosen for the lineup have a day dedicated to fanart, fanfiction, text posts, or anything that floats your boat. And the best part, the two weeks are divided into two sections: Yuri pairing week and Character week.

Are you excited already? I SURE HOPE SO!

So how do I participate?

1. Look at the line-up and get inspired.
2. Post your stuff at that date with any contribution you can think of.
3. Tag your posts as #dn ladies appreciation so everyone can easily find them.

So, here’s the lineup for yuri paring week 1:

December 13th: Misa/Takada, Halle/Misa

December 14th: Naomi/Halle, Halle/Takada

December 15th: Misa/Sayu, Rem/Misa

December 16th: Wedy/Naomi, Wedy/Misa

December 17th: Sayu/Yuri, Yuri/Misa

December 18th: Sachiko Yagami/Eriko Aizawa, Sachiko Yagami/Mrs. Mikami

December 19th: WILD CARD (Any other yuri paring that was not in the lineup. Anything your heart desires!)

And now for the individual female character week:

December 20th: Halle, Wedy

December 21st: Naomi, Takada

December 22nd: Sachiko, Sayu

December 23rd: Misa, Rem

December 24th: Yuri, Shoko Himura (from the Death Note TV drama)

December 25th: Shiori Akino, Maki Nikaido

December 26th: WILD CARD (Any female that you can think of that did not make the lineup. Other suggestions: Yoshi, Nori, Linda, any of the live action ladies like, Sanami, Hatsune Misawa, and Kimiko Kujo.)

Each character and pairing was set up to have a diverse option and were not meant to be pitied against the other. If one dislikes a prompt for the day, they can simply choose the other prompt. Simple as that. Any questions or concerns can be sent to my ask box. 

Lastly, reblog this post to spread the word around to as many people as possible. Thank you and have fun!