Kimiko Kujo

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“Thank you for responding so promptly,” Ryuzaki gestures to the seat, hunched over his own chair in the lab. 

“It seems the results are not quite what anybody here expected. The samples from the deceased victim show he was infected with H1N1. However, it appears to have mutated rather drastically over the past twelve hours. More so, there is the opinion that this mutation is in fact a result of human modifications made to the contracted virus.”

Pause. Ryuzaki slides a thumb into his mouth and glancing over at her to gauge her expression.

“In short, a test-run for a biological weapon. What do you make of this, Dr. Kujo?” 

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“I was not talking scientifically. However, I am stronger in many ways.” Lawliet pulls back.

Swiftly he rolls forward with the lightsaber, manoeuvring into a fluidly executed Aú sem Mão. As he lands, he holds the toy out defensively.

As you can see, I have both force and technique.”