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Ahhh, esse finalzinho do DVD da tour passada é tão fofo…

E mais fofo ainda é a música… não canso de ouvir! *_*

My gifs ^^

Here my gifs =D

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LOL Poor Aiba-chan xD

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Chibi Ohno !!! He was is so cute

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Koichi penguin xDD

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Tamamori LOL xDDD

Tamamori-kun’s face is the best xDDD

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Chibi Pi & Chibi Kazama ^^

(My gifs are made by me ^^)


Just ordered the LE Kimi to Miteiru Fuukei Dome+ Dvd! Yay! Yaay! Nice fainaru biimu!

Just hope they show a clip from the Tokyo Dome final day also! Maybe I’ll hear myself scream xD


With the news of the Dvd and the new album just around the corner I suddenly gained more power to work on my assignments and essays!



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