Some unfinished fanart for a manga coming out late this year called Crash'n'Burn. I was giddy when I found out there was going to be a female guitar player. Their history seems like such an intense story, but I honestly don’t think it will be included in the actual books. It kills me. Maybe a side story?

So here they are, Tyler and Kimi (plus Biscuit) listening to a playback of their latest endeavor to make it as a band. Not necessarily a romantic picture, they might just be comfortable enough to be this close. Though I did listen to Jeff Buckley’s rendition of “Hallelujah” on repeat for the first half of this. Ha!

I don’t know if I will ever color this. Coloring is not something I am familiar with and frustrates the hell out of me. There are mistakes in this picture, like Tyler is missing his tattoo because I flipped the thing last minute, and Kimi’s right arm needs to be changed to actually make sense. But, well, that’s for another day. It feels weird since all that fanart for this is already so very awesome.

Based heavily on a pose from this fantastic photo at Woodstock 2007, altered just a bit to fit my liking. Kudos to the photographer, the emotions in it get me every time.

Playlist. Sappy sap stuff.

Also, drawing flames make me want to flip a desk.


About Kimi’s musical skill:
Kimi learned violin and piano very early in her life. By the time she was introduced to the electric guitar (by Tyler), she had already tried out and played various classical instruments. As a grown up, she likes devoting time to her skill, so it’s mostly due to her not really having any other hobbies. (meaning she practices a lot, but probably has a knack for it)

As for friendships, Kimi has few, but very close friends mostly! (usually balancing out her quiet nature.)