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why are people comparing koe no katachi and kimi no na wa, as if one is better than the other, when they’re both good movies?

one is based on a manga, which means it had a ton of information to pull from, whereas the other is an original film. they weren’t produced by the same studios. they weren’t directed by the same people or worked on by the same people. they don’t have even an iota of similarities, from the plot to the characters. one is based off real life, while one is purely fictional.

help me understand the point of this tomfoolery, please. they’re both good movies. you don’t need to trash/put down one for another.


365 Day Music Challenge: Day 108
Kawashima Ai - kimi no koe

(notes: song from the movie “The Place Promised in Our Early Days”. I watched this movie in cinema yesterday ^^)

A Silent Voice vs Your Name (Place your bets)

Well I finally watched the two big anime movies Your Name and A Silent Voice. These two took the anime world by storm and have received more praise than most anime movies that have come out recently. They also just happened to be released at similar times and be similar in genre (both Romantic Dramas), so people naturally started to compare them. Well, I just saw A Silent Voice and I saw Your Name a while back and so therefore I am obligated to compare them.

Overall I thought they were about the same in quality but Your Name didn’t hit me as hard as A Silent Voice. Lets just say the cry counter was A Silent Voice 2, Your Name 0. I think it was pretty obvious why this was the case. A Silent Voice was definitely more relatable as it focused on bullying and being antisocial. Your Name on the other hand was about pure romance, which, as someone whose never experienced that kind of love, it didn’t resonate as hard. However, I can tell it’s themes were well explored by the reactions of my parents who really enjoyed its take on love. 

So, lets start with where Your Name succeeds, and that’s pacing and plot. The story kept me engaged even though I didn’t relate to the main themes. I am a sucker for time travel and the body swapping gimmick was used really well. However, even acknowledging my extreme bias towards that type of plot I do think the overall pacing of Your Name was better. I felt multiple times that A Silent Voice was dragging on. I never felt like Your Name was going too fast or too slow. 

Also in terms of plot, A Silent Voice suffered a huge blow in arguably its most emotional moment, the huge spoiler scene (which by the way I thought I had spoiled but I really didn’t). It was surprising when she did the thing and that hit well, but when he did the thing it felt REALLY contrived. Mind you, I’ve never been in such a situation but I’m pretty sure physics was working for the writer right there. It really felt to me like that was a way of generating superficial drama at the end, and that could have just been accomplished by her thing.
Of course, Your Name does something similar in its very third-acty third act, but it felt better in Your Name because it tied into the plot at large.

The one area where A Silent Voice smokes Your Name though is in characters. A Silent Voice’s characters felt nuanced with an air of realism that actually made them mysterious. They acted human and thus were unpredictable, and I wasn’t sure who to route against. The two leads alone are so much more interesting than the two leads of Your Name even ignoring the fact that I inherently relate to them more. There was also a lot of care put into the supporting cast. While the movie did feel like it dragged on at times, it was using that time to develop these incredibly complex characters and it needed the time to do so. Your Name actually suffered because it didn’t spend enough time with each of its leads to get me to understand them as people as opposed to humans with traits.

So, yeah overall I think both would score a 9/10 if I were to rate them. They are both great, but different, and really shouldn’t be compared as much as they are.


What I love about Japan and going to the cinema in Japan is that you can get special goods related to the specific movies at the cinema’s shop. Like special booklets, acrylic charms, etc.. If you preorder the ticket you can get a clear file (thank you @darklightsworld ♥) or at the entrance you get a free leaflet with a special manga in it, or a paper coaster…

anonymous asked:

which anime made you cry the most?

Idk if it was AnoHana, Orange or Nana. All three made me bawl my eyes out. But I’d say Nana got me the most, mostly because the topics were so real an relateable (even though the manga was even more touching). A lot of things the Nanas go through were similar to my own personal experiences.

Other anime that made me cry:
- Assassination Classroom
- Elfen Lied
- Noragami (!!!)