I’ve Fallen For You (2007) starring Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu.

This is one of my favorite filipino movies and here is my favorite scene. Kim (a hardworking girl who tries to get into college) joined a cosplay event in the hope of winning a raffle which she could add to her savings. She accidentally bumped into Gerald (a rich spoiled brat) who then told her that their characters were a love team in the anime. Kim (who is not an anime fan) doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about. So Gerald told her that he (Sasuke) is Romeo and Kim (Sakura) is Juliet. Later on they were interrupted by Gerald’s bestfriend who is dressed as Naruto. (人´∀`*)

Credits to SasuSaku (Facebook) for the photo.


Sharlene San Pedro and Nash Aguas (NashLene) on Minute To Win It 

My NashLene heart was dying of super effortless and innocent kiligs. 

“prinoprotektahan po namin yung isa’t-isa” and“pag may umaway sa kanya, aawayin ko. pag may umaway sakin awayin nya din” - THIS bestfriend(relation)SHIP, though

People should not envy Sharlene nor Nash but their relationship. It’s too precious, whoever comes and break them apart… I will break in pieces. (kidding!) But seriously, this rare bestfriend relationship need to last 50 more years and *cough* ive seen a ‘kandong’ picture recently bebe shar ;)

Part 2 [x] || Part 3 [x]

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I’ve been a Kimmy fan from the very beginning. I saw how happy she was with Gerald and how heartbroken she was when he cheated on her and after their eventual breakup. I saw her beat herself up about it. I saw how unhealthy she became because of Gerald and how uninspired she was with her career. It was scary for a while. Then Xian came. And then he stayed.

He showed her how to love and how to open her heart to another person again. Now, Kim is as happy and as beautiful as ever… and as a Kim fan, I am truly, truly grateful that he came into her life.

I loved Kimerald at one stage for a very long time and even wished for them to get back together after the whole fiasco. But then Xian came along with his flowers, his s i n c e r i t y and his e f f o r t and it made me love him so much for Kim. Both men are exceptionally good at what they do, and both men are two of the most respected actors in Showbiz at the moment. Comparing them would be a crime. They are both civil and friendly with one another and even hang out together with Kim in between them. There’s no issue so I wish fans would stop making one… I ship Kim and Xian but it’s still Kim’s choice at the end of the day. Fans should only support decisions not dictate them… from what I can see, Xian makes Kim happy and vice versa. She says he is the closest man to her heart and says they are happy together. With Gerald, I feel like they are the greatest of friends and their love is nothing but platonic. I feel that their friendship with one another is so beautiful and I could never wish anything or anyone to ruin what they have and what they HAD. She says that her heart is closed to him, r o m a n t i c a l l y. She’s ready to write another chapter in her life, and I’m hoping this next chapter is with Xian.


Katulad nalang po ng nabasa ko sa Twitter “ It’s not about Gerald, it’s about the FRIENDSHIP of Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador”

 #SS (Super Sayang) You know why? They look like sisters, they love each other, and comfort each other. Pero bakit ganun? Trials and problems is there when you have a friend but both of you will fight for that problem.

Gusto ko pa naman nang kaibigang katulad nila when i grow up. :| 

Gerald Anderzoned

Kahit saan mo tignan, ang panget na liligawan mo ang bestfriend ng ex mo. Hello, galang na lang din yun sa ex mo. Bestfriend niya yun eh. Buti sana kung sobrang mahal mo talaga yung bestfriend niya. At kung buti sana, hindi kayo nagmahalan ng totoo ng ex mo at kung di ka niya minahal ng sobra.

Para sa bestfriend na nililigawan ng ex ng bestfriend niya, bago mo sagutin yan, isipin mo muna ang kahihinatnan. Isipin mo yung mararamdaman ng bestfriend mo. Isipin mo kung tama ba yang gagawin mo. Kahit ba na sobrang tagal na nilang wala, ang panget parin eh. Masakit pa rin yun sa part ng bestfriend mo kahit hindi na niya yun mahal. Ikaw yung sinabihan niya ng mga problema tungkol sa kanila. Ikaw yung sinabihan niya ng mga kung anong mga nagyayari sa kanilang dalawa. Ikaw ang nakakaalam ng lahat tungkol sa relasyon nila. Nakakaano naman sa bestfriend mo yun. Tapos ang awkward pa kung magkakasama kayong tatlo at magpapakasweet kayo sa isa’t-isa.

Kung nililigawan ka man ng ex ng bestfriend mo, ang una mong kausapin, bestfriend mo. Hindi ang ibang kaibigan. Masakit kapag sa iba niya pa yan nalaman. Siya yung bestfriend mo tapos huli pa siyang makakalaam? Tanungin mo siya kung ayos lang ba sa kanya yun. Kung oo, edi go! Magpaligaw ka. Pero kung hindi, galang na lang. Unless, mahal niyo talaga ang isa’t-isa at gagawa talaga kayo ng paraan para maging kayo.

Kung itetake mo ang risk ng pagiging mag-bestfriend niyo, siguraduhin mong worth it ang lalaking yun at talagang magtatagal kayo hanggang sa huli. Dahil mahirap ng mabalik ulit ang tiwala na nawala na. Kaya pagkaingatan mo ito. Isipin mo rin kung ano ba ang mas matimbang sa kanilang dalawa.