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What are your top ten favorite kdrama couples?:))

do i have a top 10? every couple in kdrama is special and i love them all but okay, let me pick my favs~

1.  grim reaper and sunny from goblin, they were awkward but so cute, i loved them from the beginning ): 

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2. bok joo and joon hyung from wfkbj! their relationship was SO REAL and i loved it ;a;

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3. eun bi and tae kwang from school 2015, i liked their interactions so much, they made each other happy~ ;u;

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4. bong soon and min hyuk from swdbs! they were so cute and had a nice chemistry, i enjoyed watching them~

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5. wang so and hae soo from moon lovers, their relationship was so nicely done? bless writers! their ending made them special ;a;

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6. ban ryu and soo yeon from hwarang - they were so cute and innocent, i wish they had more screen time ):

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7. dae young and myeong joo from dots, just! so! many! feels!

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8. okay but shi jin and mo yeon from dots were amazing too! you can probably say that i’m a big fan of dots lmao

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9. kang chul and yeon joo from w! they looked great together and i was their big fan ;u;

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10. kim yeol and yeon doo from cheer up! they were great match and i liked their relationship development

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