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One of my FAVORITE Jongkey things EVER!

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SHINee reaction to their GF coming home drunk

Onew: “OPPAA” he heard you yell from the front door. Walking down the stairs, he saw you walking to him in a not so straight line. “How much did you drink?” he asked worried, while grabbing you into a hug. “I’m not even that drunk, Jonghyun oppa. Where’s Jinki?” Onew looked down at you in disbelief. “Come on. Off to bed we go.”

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Jonghyun: He sat in the living room watching some late night television, when he heard the door slam open. “Hi jagi” he greeted you. “Oppa! I have a plan” you shouted out. He could immediately tell that you were not sober. “Let’s go for a swim!” He smiled with a look of confusion on his face. “We don’t even have a pool. Go to sleep, i’ll be there soon.”

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Key: Kibum was just about to fall asleep, when you ran into the room. Sleepy-eyed, he put on the lights. You jumped into bed with him while laughing and wrapped yourself around his arm. “Jagi-ya, you’re drunk.” You nodded. “Yes I am. You look so cute today!” you yelped. Kibum got up and tucked you in. “I’m gonna sleep in the living room. Rest well and try not to scream.”

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Minho: He had never seen you as giggly as when you walked home and came in through the door. Minho started laughing at your try to be cute. “Don’t laugh at me, I AM CUTE” you exclaimed out loud. “Jagi, let’s go to bed.” Minho said carrying the sleepy yet bubbly you to bed and tucking you in, smiling all along.

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Taemin: “Let me sleep” Taemin mumbled under the covers once you started singing to his songs, completely drunk. “I think Press Your Number was better than Danger, Taeminnie. What do you think?” Taemin giggled at your odd commentary over his albums. “I think we should sleep. Come on.”

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Cute Hello Baby Jongkey Hugs  (✿◠‿◠)


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Why SHINee’s debut interview is their best interview

These forced smiles

This not-so-sync but perfect bow

Onew forgot to greet

Onew  stammered 

Taemin trying to smile and talk at the same time

Their eyeliner free and makeup less faces

They were so cute I loved every second of it


minho : kibum, you were crying?

minho : *wipes kibum’s tears*