Love is based on libido, drive for sex. Humans make the sweetest and the most passionate fantasy with that. You wonder if your love is forever. I can assure you that your love is not forever. Love expires like everything in nature. And humans cannot escape the laws of the universe. If love is mighty, then that’s because it prospers and continues the race. It’s nothing more. So don’t sacrifice what’s important for the fantasy of love.

My Love from the Star (2013)


HISUHYUN ft. Bobby with Kim Ji Soo - I’m Different MV!


YG Entertainment seeks to debut 4 groups this year?

The CEO met with reporters on January 26, and said, “This year will be a very important year for YG. It’s more like a period of reinforcement than a turning point.”

“YG will be debuting four new groups this year, with Winner being one of them. A new group might debut from WIN’s team B, but it hasn’t been decided on yet. I get very careful about debuting each group. Since there are four new groups coming out, I’ve been working even on Sundays. Psy and Big Bang will also be releasing new albums this year, which make it an important year for YG,” he said.

Expanding more about WINNER’s debut, “Originally, Winner was to debut right after Winner TV ended, but it has been postponed in order to better prepare,” he added. “We are preparing to release a full-length album, and not a digital single. Half of the tracks will be written by the members themselves.”

He also announced, “The plan for now is to have them debut at the end of February, but that’s not a firm set date. But if it gets postponed, it won’t be pushed back for more than a week or two.”

He also brought up YG’s new girl group stating, “It’s my goal to debut a girl group during the first half of this year. One thing I can say for sure, is that they are not going to have a sexy concept.”

Referring back to the time when he mentioned that he would like to debut a girl group who looks like Girl’s Generaiton (SNSD) but with hip-hop style, he added, “I think talent has to come before anything else. Realistically speaking, SNSD is the representative girl group of today. I hope this new girl group will be able to follow in the footsteps of SNSD.”

Another group set to debut this year is the sibling duo, Akdong Musician. Akdong Musician who were the winners of audition survival show SBS KPOPSTAR Season 2 are set to debut on KPOPSTAR Season 3’s finale at the end of February.

Source & Translated by: MWAVE 1 & 2