Calling this episode “KwangSoo’s Revenge was pointless, because just like the last couple times, everything was very one-sided for the other 6 members to win. This most especially happened during the final mission. 

1. Disadvantages to Team Giraffe.

Team Giraffe was literally given 3 disadvantages:

A. Holding hands B. Music C. Salad

Honestly, it would’ve been better had there only been two disadvantages rather than three. Being given these 3 disadvantages was unfair to the giraffe team. Whereas Team Running Man wasn’t given any disadvantages at all. They were free to run throughout the building to easily complete their mission.

Music was a good disadvantage, because it wasn’t played too often. Holding hands was an okay disadvantage but it would’ve been better if Team RM had also been paired off together while completing their mission or have team giraffe be separated as well. The salad disadvantage was the worst one. It would’ve been better if there was only 3 salads rather than have all of the members on Team RM carry 6 salads. Additionally, it would’ve been wiser for RM to use the salads strategically (like when JiHyo saved JaeSuk), but nope once they were all caught by the giraffe team, it was an instant “feed the giraffe” and run away from danger moment. These disadvantages went a bit overboard and took the value of entertainment away, making the final mission a bit annoying and not enjoyable.

2. Team Giraffe

Throughout this entire episode, I was able to see KwangSoo’s hard work. He didn’t cheat nor betray that much, like he used to do in previous episodes. However, KwangSoo’s “teammates” were of no help to his hard work at all, well at least 2 of them weren’t helpful. Throughout this entire episode, Jang Hoon was either complaining of pain, or just simply not playing the game properly. I don’t even know if he was for real or just playing a character. What he was doing throughout the episode was not funny at all. JinKyung was okay during the games prior to the final mission. But during the final mission, she and JangHoon didn’t give their all to catch team RM. This explained the switch, which was poor strategy on KwangSoo’s part. My point is, the whole episode wasn’t  even worth being called “KwangSoo’s revenge.” KwangSoo should’ve had better teammates or Team RM should’ve had their own disadvantages to make the game fair for all players.

Overall, I was not satisfied with this episode. For once, just once, I would like to see a KwangSoo-themed episode where he wins without being given so many disadvantages just so that the other 6 members can win. I’m tired of the RM staff playing off his “unlucky, pathetic giraffe” role. Please Running Man staff, treat KwangSoo’s character better!!!!