Jung Min's "10th Anniversary Memories" Album Group Order

Hello peas~ Jung Min’s “10th Anniversary Memories” album is available for preorder for Japanese fans. We have someone in Japan willing to purchase and ship these albums for international fans. Shipping from Japan is pricy, so we will do a group order. Purchasing these albums as a group will mean that shipping costs are split between everyone who buys. 

Prices BEFORE shipping:

Normal Edition :  ¥3840

Limited Dance Edition:  ¥3500

Limited Ballad Edition: ¥3500

Tracklist for each version:

Shipping costs from Japan to us, and us to you, will be added with the price of the albums you purchase. If you are interested, please let us know by this Wednesday (April 29), so that the preorder will count on Tower Records’ charts. All payments (PayPal only) are due May 4th.

Let us know your name, e-mail, shipping address, and the quantity of each album version you would like.

Contact Us:

Twitter: @USATripleS

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