Extreme Animals may make some of the best dance music on this planet, but they also are kings of the collage… be it visual or audio. So while tons of acts are dropping “mixes” all the time, Extreme Animals are two dudes that I actually pay attention to when they do so. Their latest lives up to their legacy, with an insane combination of everyone from Black Pus to Kim Dot Com to Rusted Root, and of course even some Extreme Animals. The player they’ve used for this mix doesn’t appear to allow re-embeds, so you’ll have to hop over to Percussion Lab to check it out. Available both to stream and download. Percussion Lap also has an interview with the band that you should check out.

Extreme Animals on Deathbomb Arc.

The famous file sharing site was closed by FBI last year  for alllowing the users to share copyright righted file on their servers.

Kim DotCom who is the founder of has launched a new file sharing site “Mega” ( as an alternate for the

According to Kim Dotcom, new file sharing service “Mega” has passed 1 million users.

Watch below the videos showing the Answers of Kim DotCom for the questions asked by people.


If you are going to do it, do it right.

Kim Dot Com feierte gestern im Kreise seiner anatomisch gesehen engsten Freundinnen seine Wahl zum Nachfolger von Kim Jong Un.

Dabei kündigte der neue Vorsitzende des National-Komitees von Nord-Korea an, den Bruderstaat im Süden in kürzester Zeit ökonomisch überflügeln zu wollen. “Samsung, Daewoo… wir haben der klassischen Industrie die Freiheit des Netzes entgegen zu setzen. Das Urheberrecht ist da überholt, wo es uns nicht nutzt.”

Come accedere a dall'Italia

Come accedere a dall’Italia

La censura italiana arriva dove nessuno è mai arrivato, nemmeno la Cina. Fatto sta che dall’Italia non è più possibile accedere a, ma non è una grave perdita in quanto l’oscuramento è nuovamente un banale blocco dei DNS degli operatori Italiani, di certo sufficiente a dimezzare il traffico, ma per chi non vuole rinunciare a Mega ecco la procedura da seguire.

Non riesco a capire perché…

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"How much should I charge, how much can I make"

I must have been absent that day at law school.

I don’t think they ever taught us once about the power of unreciprocated gifts, about real economics being a structure built on mutual support and generosity.

They did show us the ethical rule book, where chapter 9 allows a lawyer to charge a client whatever they want (“fair and reasonable”). I remember the lecturer winking ;) and then came a sense of hungry law students, craving the chance to make money.

Actually I don’t think generosity was mentioned to us once.

It appears we are brainwashed. It doesn’t occur to us that there is any alternative to “How much should I charge, how much can I make”

The internet is built on sharing. Facebook, Google, Yahoo. It is clearly leading the way. It is clearly the best future. Kim Dot Com is at the forefront in supporting this. That gives us a right to support him back.

To not see gifts as a way forward, likely means we have never actually given gifts.

We would then assume our economic backbone (drill more oil, milk more cows, get more tourist) as the way forward. We would support Key.

Gifts are special. That rush of euphoria when you receive one, or the equal feeling when you give one. To go without or to just give a beer for using Johns car. That’s pathetic.

If you where to find giving gifts without a return uncomfortable. Surely that’s a good enough reason for you to find out why?

Now’s the time to build, create, make and design the future. Don’t expect return.
New Year, New You
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Episode 5: New Year, New You

Get ready for a long one in which the boys discuss resolutions, Oscar nominated films, Kim Dot Com, and then ramble on for way too long about fonts. You’ll probably want to skip that part.

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I love this country and I love him.