Extreme Animals may make some of the best dance music on this planet, but they also are kings of the collage… be it visual or audio. So while tons of acts are dropping “mixes” all the time, Extreme Animals are two dudes that I actually pay attention to when they do so. Their latest lives up to their legacy, with an insane combination of everyone from Black Pus to Kim Dot Com to Rusted Root, and of course even some Extreme Animals. The player they’ve used for this mix doesn’t appear to allow re-embeds, so you’ll have to hop over to Percussion Lab to check it out. Available both to stream and download. Percussion Lap also has an interview with the band that you should check out.

Extreme Animals on Deathbomb Arc.


If you are going to do it, do it right.

  • Sangdo:Hansol, quit talking to your boyfriend and come help me
  • Hansol:[On the phone to Sehyuk] he's not my boyfriend!
  • Hansol:[To Sehyuk] Sorry, babe, I'm gonna have to go