For everyone

1.      Stop spending so much money at the vending machine, it adds up to more than you think

2.      If you’re hungry, eat. Don’t look around at other people, don’t wait for them not to be looking, just eat.

3.      Don’t hold your pee for that long, no one is talking about you for going to the bathroom, just go.

4.      Laugh when it’s funny, your laugh is beautiful and unique, let others hear it.

5.      Your mom is more than likely right, that person is being fake.

6.      Don’t be afraid to reject a guy if you don’t like him; think of yourself first.

7.      Don’t think that you’re bothering others, unless they say it, don’t think it.

8.      Your mind is your biggest prison, and I know that it’s hard to escape it…but at least try. Fight to get out, don’t let those thoughts and doubts overwhelm you.

9.      You’re funny, someone finds you funny, and that’s because you are.

10.  Your voice is beautiful, speak and sing your heart out.

11.  Your hair isn’t ugly, don’t be insecure of it.

12.  You’re not too skinny/fat…you’re the way you are because it’s perfect just for you.

13.  Eat all you want, stop starving your beautiful self.

14.  People that matter care…people that don’t matter don’t.

15.  When they ask you what’s wrong, that means they care…say something.

16.  Don’t hold it back, don’t keep it in, don’t tell yourself that you’ll get over it, don’t tell yourself that you’ll be bothering others, don’t tell yourself that nobody cares, SAY SOMETHING.

17.  Crying is alright, no one thinks less of you for it.

18.  Stop covering yourself so much, it’s unhealthy both mentally, emotionally, and physically.

19.  Get out of your room more, even if you are depressed, staying in there won’t help you at all.

20.  Take a moment to pause everything, everything, and just breathe… You made it.

21.  At the end of the day, you worked hard, pat yourself on the shoulder, think about what you did well and the mistakes you won’t need to do again, then call it a day.

22.  Say I’m sorry

23.  Forgive, but don’t be so naïve to let your heart get trampled on again.

24.  If they hurt you once, okay…twice, don’t bring them back as if nothing happened.

25.  Learn to go with your gut, believe me, sometimes it’s right.

26.  Just because is five for $4 doesn’t mean you should buy 20…buy what you need.

27.  Think about others before yourself, it helps lessen the anxiety too.

28.  Write…and if you’re not good at writing, paint. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, it just needs to be you…

29.  Grades do not define you. Give your all to your grades, but if you still don’t pass, it’s not your fault, it’s not YOU.

30.  Mistakes happen, learn, but don’t let them chain you up and drag you down. It’s not YOU.

31.  Sleep, just one hour more of sleep can change everything.

32.  Take a warm shower, it helps.

33.  Drink more water, it’ll help with the headaches.

34.  I love saying this – “Live until you laugh, laugh until it hurts, hurt until you cry, cry until you Heal”…please, never hold it in.

35.  What people say about you doesn’t define you, what you say about yourself does.

36.  Let it out, but don’t let everyone know every single detail about your life, keep somethings private.

37.  Call your mom, tell her you love her.

38.  Listen to your grandmother, even when she starts to rant.

39.  You can’t please everyone because some people just don’t want to be pleased, erase them from your life.

40.  Pray. If you believe in God, even prayer helps you so much when you’re hurting, trust me.

41.  Say thank you, even for another day of life that went terribly.

42.  Don’t procrastinate, even if you write one word/sentence a day since the assignment was given…do that.

43.  Don’t eat out all the time

44.  Remember the good days when times go bad, appreciate the lessons learned when days are good.

45.  You don’t NEED to go to prom, you don’t NEED to go to homecomings or parties, you won’t miss things if you don’t.

46.  Being an introvert isn’t a curse, love yourself whether you’re outgoing or not.

47.  They don’t need to tell you that you’re beautiful for you to be beautiful, it was already a fact before they stated it.

48.  You don’t NEED a boyfriend, no matter how many of your friends or peers have one. Don’t rush into a relationship just because you’re the odd one out.

49.  Keep your virginity, and it you lose it, don’t end your life or future because of it.

50.  Love others freely. And yourself too.

51.  Organize yourself, nothing sucks worse than getting a zero on a paper because you couldn’t find it, not because you didn’t do it.

52.  Learn to let go if it hurts you, don’t hang on to something/someone that brings you pain.

53.  Keep in touch with teachers who were there for you.

54.  Someone loves you, someone will miss you when you’re gone…remember that.

55.  You’re not a burden.

56.  You worked hard.

57.  Think of that future someone (God has) for you and smile.

58.  If things don’t go on as plan, don’t be afraid to throw everything out the window and start all over again…breathe, and do it.

59.  You’ll survive without them, even if it hurts now, you already are.

60.  Worry more about what you do than how you look. Character lasts, looks don’t.

I saw something like this and wanted to do my own version for this…

I love you all