Kim Sang Bum

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Who would you cast as zuko in a avatar live action? Asian actors please

There is a man… A South Korean actor, Kim Bum [pronounced as it looks] (see also: Kim Sang Bum). The face, the jaw line, the hair, the body. He’s Zuko. I am in love: 

and honestly you didn’t need to clarify?? I wasn’t gonna cast Chris fucking Hemsworth, okay. lmao

It looks weak, doesn’t it? But it’s stronger than it seems. It was sifted, pressed on and carved. It was put in a kiln of 1,300 degrees. But that’s not all. Even after all of this, it still wasn’t perfect, so I have to break it in pieces. If you want to become stronger and find your true self, it is a necessary process.
—  So Yi-Jeong - Boys Over Flowers