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Because this is just so...fucked up:

I signed this petition (original post found here) in an attempt to help save Wayward Sisters.  Because I whole-heartedly believe it deserves it.  And I got a little carried away in the comment section, and wrote this:

So, let’s talk about this for a moment.
“Wayward Sisters” (originally “Wayward Daughters”, because hell yes) grew from a show that has issues with how it treats its female and minority characters. “Supernatural” literally begins - within the first five minutes of the pilot - with the main characters’ mother being brutally murdered to set them off on their path of Manpain and revenge. And we’ve been on that road for thirteen years now, and it took nearly that long for the mother program to start righting some of the wrongs they’d committed along the way (I.e., the fridging of Mary Winchester; killing off Kevin Tran, one of the rare minority recurring characters on the show; killing Charlie Bradbury, a canonically queer character; and killing Eileen Leahy, whose disability never once stopped her from being an absolute badass). The show, in just the last two seasons alone, has brought back three of these characters in some fashion. (But SPN does that a lot - who really stays dead on this show, anyways? What’s the real emotional impact? But that’s a writer’s room issue for another time.)
But Jody Mills has been with the show since season five. She’s been a presence every season. She - and the actress who portrays her, Kim Rhodes - is a badass. She’s a badass because, yes, she can kick ass, but also because she is vulnerable and relateable and and REAL. And so is Alex Jones, the first of her surrogate daughters that helped plant the seed of this idea. And so is Donna Hanscum, who can be wonderfully optimistic and then downright terrifying when she has to be. And so is Claire Novak, who has suffered and has grown into a character that lives to serve others. And so is Patience Turner, who was only just beginning to discover her gift and start on her journey. And so was Kaia Nieves, someone who literally opened up a world for us and the rest of the characters. These were women who were already reflections of us, who had the potential to become even more so.
The CW has fucked up. Plain and simple. They have missed out on something that could have been - and IS - absolutely spectacular. Something with so much potential. God only knows why.
I’d like for us to show them just how wrong they were for doing this. 

And I mean every word of that.

I’m heartbroken about Wayward Sisters not taking off, but let’s get loud and show everyone that even though we have an obstacle in our path, no one can stop us from being Wayward As Fuck

As you may know, unfortunately the highly anticipated “Supernatural” spin-off “Wayward Sisters” wasn’t picked up by The CW channel. This show wasn’t just a TV show to many people, it was inspiration. Six strong female characters of different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, who would want that? These women are role models to so many people
But we’re fighting back. Almost 70% of the cast has now shared this petition and now it’s your turn. Please share and sign this petition!

Please signal boost!!!!

We’re strong. We’re fierce. We are: Wayward.

My enrty for @littlepopworkshop ’s Wayward Art Contest.


Okay, so I was reading an article from Elle the other day about Wayward right before the backdoor pilot aired.  At one point in the article, it says,

Though the backdoor pilot episode will air this Thursday [Jan. 18] as a part of Supernatural, enough material has been filmed for a standalone pilot.

Which, I mean, I think people have known that for a while.  I would assume that if there is to be a series premiere in the fall – which may or may not happen if they get ordered to series – then there would be some footage for them to use to help the official pilot stand on its own.  Of course, we all know that WS is a spinoff of Supernatural, but some more general viewers or people who just happen to stumble upon it won’t necessarily know that, so they definitely need to have a pilot that doesn’t depend completely on us knowing that it backdoored (making nouns into verbs!) as part of SPN’s thirteenth season as their mid-season premiere.  

I think that’s where this picture comes into play:

As you can see, this picture came out as part of EW’s “First Look.”  This is one of the first promo pictures we’d ever seen for the episode. And I’ve seen the episode several times, and I know for a fact that there isn’t one scene where either Claire or Jody is dressed like this, or even an exterior scene like this, one where Claire appears to be trying to leave, and Jody trying to speak to her/see her off/stop her, etc.  I know it didn’t happen, and you know it didn’t happen.  

Long story short: this has all just been me speculating that we might see Claire try to leave in the pilot, and that Jody will somehow put a stop to it (meaning gently convincing her to stay, probably).  I mean, we need Claire around – she’s a lead.  And Kim and Briana have said that they’ve read what the producers and writers are wanting to do in the first season, so they’ve already started to shape what this is going to look like, and if there’s a fall premiere, then they’ve got a lot of work to do; getting that early outline is important, as a lot of writers especially know.  

Short story shorter: I’m really fucking excited about Wayward Sisters and I can’t stop thinking about it.

So I just heard a rumor that wayward sisters is going to start with Jody calling Claire and saying “the boys are on a hunting trip and haven’t been home in a few days” and i just wanna crawl into a hole and die leave me be

Claire: Thanks, mom.


Claire: Why is everyone staring at me?

Alex: You just called Jody mom, you said: “Thanks, mom.”

Claire: What? No, I didn’t. I said thanks, Jody.

Jody: Do you see me as a mother figure, Claire?

Claire: No, if anything, I see you as a bother figure because you’re always bothering me.

Kaia: Hey, show your mother some respect.

Wayward Sisters

I finally finished this.  I meant to finish it BEFORE the Wayward Sisters episode actually aired…that didn’t happen.  It’s going to PittCon with me.  

I think I should’ve chosen a more flattering picture of Alex for this but it’s WAY too late now.

Charcoal and Graphite with Ink for the lettering and symbol

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts…

Okay, so I just got a chance to watch that episode. Lemme just say, HOLY CRAP!

-So we have Kaia Nieves, aka awesome awesome awesome! I love what this show does, which is give characters doubts. I actually adore the fact that Kaia was not willing at first to help the Winchesters because it’s the “right” thing to do.

-Jack. Just everything he did this episode. He’s gone from lil’ baby nougat to badass, eager to please, TFW mirror Jack. And the cocaine line was pure gold!

-Sam, always the rational one. He was the one to basically say innocent until proven guilty about Jack. Like, “Hang on, Dean. Let’s talk about it. Maybe Jack didn’t do it.”

-I knew that lady was an angel as soon as she stepped outta that car! It’s funny how after 9 seasons of angels, you can tell what they are by their fashion sense.

-I know everyone was speculating what the hell Dean’s play was when he pulled out the gun on Kaia. I also know that either Bobo or Dabb confirmed that no, he was not actually going to shoot Kaia. As we’ve repeatedly seen, grief and determination make Dean stop pulling punches. It’s always been like that! When he lost Sam and found out he could get him back, he didn’t stop to think of the consequences. He just sold his soul immediately! He snapped at Bobby even though we know Bobby was the closest thing to a father he had at that point. So I think that, yes, it was a jerk move, but Jesus Christ, Dean was not going to pull the trigger.

-I hate most of the angels, but holy guacamole, the sigil blasting thing was cool. Synchronized grace smashing anyone?

-Patience 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

-Jodi is the concerned mother. Jodi is always going to be the concerned mother. Jodi is probably, (don’t kill me,) definitely a better mum than Mary.

-Speaking of Mary, I do hope she and Jack will get on well these next few episodes.

-WheN WIll wE HeAR fROm cAS aNd LucIfER (Never thought that last one would be missed)