This part was SO SAD…Key’s acting is so amazing.

Lookout ep. 22


(official) 170627 mbc lookout ep. 23 & 24 — key cut #4

a mermaid jonghyun & sea nymph kibum AU that goes like this:
- jonghyun is a beautiful odd eyed mermaid
- kibum is a perfectly androgynous sea nymph
- they hang out together making flower tiaras & pearl necklaces
- and one day this young prince taem discovers them
- jinki is his older brother and also the King
- minho is one of his knights, and actually his mother was a sea nymph so he’s Beautiful n shxt but since nymphs attract mostly males……. yeah he’s Popular among these
- jongkey

- jongtae


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The Show Must Go On

Rating: PG-15

Warnings: Mentions of … uhm, murders, yeah.

“Come on Jinki, I need the script by Monday!”

Jinki growls at the woman in front of him. She’s tapping her finger impatiently on his table.

“And don’t forget that you have a book signing tomorrow and one again on Friday and that you have a meeting with the proof reader on Thursday along with a meeting with the graphic designer for the front page of this one. Do you even have a title for it yet?”

Jinki glares at the woman and stands from the table.

“Where are you going?” she asks, her finger stops tapping the wood as she glares at his back. Jinki can feel the annoyance fill the room, but his frustrating is far greater than his publisher’s right now.

“I’m leaving so I can write.”

With those words he leaves her alone in the large office.

Jinki used to like his job. When he was a teenager he would have given everything to become what he has become today but it doesn’t come without a prize.

Ever since his first hit novel 5 years ago, he has been working hard to write the sequels and interacting with his readers to promote his image. Jinki can’t count the books he has written his signature in so far and he can’t remember all the things he has rehearsed and said in interviews.

What inspires you? How do you create your characters? Any good ideas on how to plan a story?

Jinki can’t count the workshops he has been on for young writers, he can’t remember the stories he has read as judges on amateur writing contests.

And despite all the things Jinki has achieved, there is nothing he wants to do more than throw his computer out of the window, burn all the rewritten pages, all the edited notes and the destroy the career other people would kill to have.

It’s 3 AM, his eyes are burning and he’s going insane. The blue artificial light from his computer is the only light in the large living room and Jinki is still stuck in the middle of his latest romance novel.

Staring at the blank pages is stupid, though. It doesn’t help him write and the words are still there, still stuck with the frustration of giving without ever getting.

He slams his fist into the table, the cup of tea spilling over, unfortunately not hitting his computer and destroying it. The hot liquid drips off the edge of the table, onto his socketed feet and Jinki feels the slight burn through the fabric as it becomes wet and the heat reaches his skin. He feels numb while the words of his publisher repeats in his mind.

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