The you all who are mine❤️😊
At times, you can’t solve health problems simply by wearing thermal pants! 😖
Thermal pants is a must to wear, however you need to take note of what you eat and what you drink, also, training your body is very important! 😔
I’m here indoors with heater😉
That’s why I didn’t wear thermal pants!
Take care of your body, because your body doesn’t just belong to you, but also mine❤️ <— This is a blatant tease. 😏

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Got7: Painting their nails in their sleep


Being typical Jackson, he would act like he was angry about his new black nails but you saw right through it.  He would try to sound as sarcastic as possible when he said that they looked cute.


Jinyoung would try to act like he was mad as well, although he wasn’t particularly bothered by it.  He wouldn’t make too much of a fuss and would most likely just remove the bright orange nail polish.

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When Bammy woke up to the sound of your giggling, he immediately became suspicious, especially since you were sitting on the edge of the couch, where he had fallen asleep.  He grabbed a near by pocket mirror, thinking maybe that you drew some thing on his face.  As he held up the mirror, he noticed that his nails were now alternating between pink and purple.  He yelled out, looked at you, and then rushed to the bathroom to search for nail polish remover.

*holding up the mirror, realizing that you painted his nails*

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Mark was napping and you had to leave for work.  Since you couldn’t say goodbye to him properly due to him falling asleep, you decided to get back at him.  You found the brightest red nail polish that you owned and painted his nails with it.  When he woke up and realized that he had slept later than planned, he grabbed his phone to text you to have a good day.  While holding his phone, he saw the bright red color on his nails and laughed to himself, thinking that you were ridiculously cute.

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Jaebum woke up from a nap and the first thing that he saw was a bottle of half opened white nail polish.  A drop of it was spilled next to the bottle and was still wet, so he looked around the room, expecting to see you somewhere with new nails.  He spotted you in the kitchen, so he stood up to greet you.  Confusion set in when he saw that your nails hadn’t changed, the color white nowhere in sight.  He asked if you had been using the bottle and became even more confused when you started giggling.  Realization finally showed up, he glanced down at his freshly painted white nails, and kissed your forehead, then asking how to remove it.

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You had decided to surprise Youngjae at practice but when you arrived, the other boys were busy dancing while Youngjae was propped up with jackets, napping against the wall.  An idea came to your head as you walked over to him and sat beside him.  You pulled a bottle of Spring green nail polish and got to work.  After the nail polish dried, you woke him up to ask what he thought.  

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As soon as Yugyeom woke up and saw his pastel blue nails, he went searching for the person who did it to him.  When he spotted you, he realized that you were most likely the one who did it.  He ran after you, trying to hide his nails out of embarrassment.  Ready to pounce, he caught up to you, practically begging you to take it off.  When you did, he decided to forgive you for your sins

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