Dance • written by Anna

  You love to dance, you love to move your body to the beat of the music, your rhythm is amazing and your feeling with music is unbelievable.

  You started dancing with other crews on television, but nothing major. Until you got asked to dance on Hit The Stage.

  You couldn’t let this opportunity slip so you decided to drop everything and start practicing with the people dancing there.

  Already a few weeks in and you knew all the ins and outs of the people around you. You know who is coming on Hit The Stage and you know when and with whom you are going to dance.

  You recently got signed up with Yugyeom from got7. Not only you though, which made you kind of sad. You are dancing with a crew and you made an amazing choreography with each other.

  Yugyeom didn’t say much to you, you also didn’t say much. He mostly talks to the people asking him questions or the people making the choreography. You weren’t one of them. But you did notice him staring at you sometimes.

  You were wearing a cropped top and high waist shorts, your favourite outfit to dance in. With some awesome light weight sneakers, you were dancing your butt off.

  When you did notice Yugyeom staring at you, you decided to pull your top a little lower so your cleavage was kind of showing (not too much though, you weren’t a slut). The poor innocent Yugyeom (or so you thought) got a bit flustered and looked away, only to be walking to you after a few minutes of not looking at you.

  “I want to dance with you.” He said into your ear. You didn’t notice him coming up to you so you got a little surprised by him.

  “Gosh! You scared me!” You laughed looking a little bit up to him. You were pretty tall (for all you fellow tall girls out there), but Yugyeom was actually taller than you. “What did you say?” You asked.

  He put one of his hands on your hip and leaned to your ear again. “I want to dance with you.” He said repeating himself.

  “You already are dancing with me, in this crew.”

  “No.” he looked you deep in the eyes. You were drowning in his beautiful brown eyes. “I want to dance with you, only the two of us. Let’s make a choreography together, let’s blow everyone their minds with our dance skills!”

  You just smiled and nodded. “When?”

  “Now.” He said confidently. “Everyone, that’s a wrap for today. Let’s practice again tomorrow. Have a nice free afternoon!” He said loud enough for all the people to hear.

  He wrapped his arm around your waist and you felt a few butterflies go crazy in your stomach. You weren’t expecting the cute and innocent Yugyeom being so direct and flirty. This was new for you, but you liked it.

  After everyone’s gone he turned to you, still having his arms on your waist. “Where do we begin?” He said.

  “I don’t know.” You said looking into his eyes. You couldn’t stop looking at them and he noticed you were staring at him. “What did you have in mind?”

  “Can we make an intimate choreography?” He asked hesitantly. You saw he wasn’t sure which made you kind of see through his flirty attitude. It made you like him even more, you thought it was cute.

  You smiled at him, and confidently you took his hand. “Why not? Let’s be intimate.” You said leaning forward.

  All you could think about were his lips on yours. All you could think about was your hand messing up his hair and his hands finding their way to your bare back.

  You started kissing him, and your hands immediately went into his hair. His hands easily found the way to your back, as if he read your mind.

  After you guys stopped to get some air Yugyeom quickly pecked your lips again and smiled. “Great start! But not what I meant! Didn’t mind it AT ALL though.” He said winking.

  “Let’s start.” You said.

  After a while of dancing you both took a break. The choreography was going well and you guys did kiss now and then. You loved this one on one time with Yugyeom.

  “I know it’s very soon, but I think I can like you a lot.” Yugyeom said out of the blue.

  “I know it’s very soon, but I know I like you ever since I knew GOT7.” You said smiling at him and laying your head on his chest.

  You both were lying down. One of his arms underneath your body playing with your loose hair. The other hand was holding yours. Your head was on his chest and you could hear his heartbeat. It was faster than a normal heartbeat and it got even faster after you told him you liked him.

  He tried sitting up. “Seriously?” You nodded and just smiled, like you did all day long. “I think I want to dance our choreography on Hit The Stage.” He said.

  “I would love that, but the fans would hate me.” You said looking down, kind of sad.

  “They wouldn’t if I explain.”

  He couldn’t get enough of you and started leaning in again to get another kiss. After a short intimate kiss, you got up. “Let’s finish this choreography.” You said.

  When you finished the dance you had your legs wrapped around his waist leaning your head on his shoulder, he was supporting your body and leaving small kisses on your neck. “I actually like you.” He said.

  “Actually? Is it so surprising?” You asked, faking being offended.

  “No! I didn’t mean it like that, it was more being surprised by myself for actually liking you so fast and damn it why do I ruin things like this…” he mumbled on and on.

  “Gyeom! I was just joking!” You laughed a little.


  “I like you too.” You said. “Let’s dance together, forever.”

  “Let’s do just that.” He said kissing your neck again, now leaving an actual mark.

  “We should date.” You said.

  “We should.”

I haven’t written anything in such a long time, the reason being school. But after seeing Yugyeom dancing in Hit The Stage I was blown away and HAD to write something. 

Hope you liked! 



why is yugyeom so relatable

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YALL……you ever see an idol and think, I don’t love em like that, I just wanna be their best friend? Like its a platonic love and you just wanna talk about random shit with them??….