EXO Reaction when their GF picks up Lay’s habit of slapping them on their butt

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*You should be careful of the Yeol* “You butt slapper.. better come with me…”


*Chokes* “Baobei! What are you doing! Not here….!”


“Do you want to do that again… or get to the real thing?” *kekekekke*


*For some reason he’s very sensitive there… very…”


“So… you are into spanking and that kind of stuff jagi? Because I won’t complain..” *Naughty nini*


*This says it all. Your welcome*


“You want to play this game? I can play it too…” *;)*


“Did you just… nah it couldn’t be you…. but I’ll be watching you…” 


“Ahhh no no no… my butt is already reserved for Lay..” *Nah jk he loves it*


*Smol shy ball of squishy* “Jagi what… what are you d-doing?”


“My job is done here…. you really learned from the best” *Proud boi*


*Mental break down* “She just… in front of everyone… I kinda liked it… no no I can’t, the boys are watching!”

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  • Jongdae: *sends Minseok a selfie with an empty concert venue in the background*
  • Jongdae: Look, here's all the people who wants to fuck you.
  • Minseok: So why are YOU in the pic?
  • Jongdae: Get the fucking point I'm trying to be subtle here
EXO REACT: Telling Them That You Like Their Smile/Makes You Happy

Anonymous said: Hello can I request an exo (OT9) reaction to you telling them that you like their smile and it makes you happy when they smile.. :)


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“Wah, really?” feels something in his stomach and all he does is smile at this. He sees you smile real big back at him and his heart melts. “I’ll be sure to smile whenever you’re sad then.” :)


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“Wait, really?” you get shy after being interrogated by him and he’s like, ‘nooo, don’t be shy’ He’d have that happy-go-lucky smile plastered on his face and he’d feel all gooey and literally just hdbafgadfhf.


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“Aweee babe!!” WILL NOT LET THIS GO but will smile more often than he regularly does. Whenever you feel down, he’ll just sit next to you and wrap an arm around you, ‘don’t be sad. Would my smile make you feel better?’ a sweetheart


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!!!! SO CUTE !!!! after telling him this, his heart will skip a beat. Not smug at all; genuinely happy hearing this. “I’m glad I can make you happy by just smiling. It’s actually vise versa :3″ He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling until you tell him it’s getting creepy.


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ok who wouldn’t love his smile ;-;
He would be over the moon. “Wahh~ really? That’s great!” he’ll ramble on about how he’ll try to his best to not frown around you. He’s holding onto your hand as he smiles at you. “If you love my smile then I’ll never stop smiling for you.”


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…he’d just…go blank for a sec.,,,, “but I don’t like my smile..” aaAHH PROTECT THIS PUPPER!!! you tell him that his smile brightens up your day and he smiles at that, “ah, that’s good to hear then.” *kisses you and won’t stop smiling for 2hrs*


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goes from :I :] :) :D . He’d go pink from his ears to his mochi cheeks as he nods happily to himself. “If my smile makes you that happy then I’m glad.” so serious! He’d think abt how happy he is to have someone like you in his life ;-;


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[goes into a giggling mood] “aww, that’s cute of you!” He’d then stare at you with a tiny smile on his face and his eyes full of admiration, “I’m really lucky, huh?” he would ask himself out loud. “Why does my smile make you happy?”


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would question you too like Kai, “What’s so special about it? It’s just a smile.” After explaining why, he’d smile gently and take your hand, “You’re too much for me.” he’d sigh out and probs kiss you out of cuteness :3

My friend who knows Korean told me Chanyeol commented, “Do tag me.” asking them to tag him in the pic but this what instagram translated it into and I actually got scared for a bit there ‘cause no one wants a threat from a giant like him okay 🙌

EXO Most to least likely to tease their S/O when they have an absolutely hideous hangover

This was requested by Cheesy anon! Everything here is just my opinion, doesn’t mean it’s close to reality, I base myself in what we see in shows and interviews and such. Xoxo, Ara~

Ps: of course they would care but like… they would tease you for drinking too much or something. Thought of adding some text to make it more entertaining. 

  1. Baekhyun: “Oh jagi let’s play!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeee! You said last night you wanted to play with me and then you fell asleep!! Can we take a shower together? yes? Jagiiiiiiii~” Joking around the whole time about the night before and asking Kyungsoo what to do with you xD
  2. Chen: “JAGI WAEEEEE! WAEEEE! Why did you drink that much??” *Whining like a puppy the whole day as he takes care of you*
  3. Tao: “Too bad no one recorder last night… right?” Probably will make you chase him through the whole house until you get that video. And then he would call his mom and ask how to cure the hangover xD
  4. Chanyeol: He’ll just probably be too bored because his jagi is asleep that he would star playing with his cars and trains and making noise and making you have second thoughts about the night before. 
  5. Luhan: “Seriously baobei… does it hurt? The head? Yes? You drank waaaaaaay too much last night. If only I could show you what you did…” Probably will leave you with the doubt the whole day while he goes out to buy something for you.
  6. Sehun: “Kkekekekekeke having regrets from last  night? As I recall you wanted to take your clothes off and go kokobop. Still want to do it? Fine, we’ll cuddle”
  7. Kai: Giggling the whole time probably. “Jagi… you got drunk? And you didn’t invite me? And here I was… thinking we could get some chicken and beer… hmm want the chicken?”
  8. Kyungsoo: He’ll probably have that poker face the whole time that makes you feel guilty but will prepare pancakes and bring something for the headache 
  9. Suho: “Tsk tsk tsk…. the head hurts? Too many martinis hum? Better have Suhos next time” 
  10. Kris: “this girl… next time you go out with the boys don’t play with Chen and Baekhyun… really… Now, let’s go for a shower”
  11. Xiumin: “I told you to not drink that much… sigh… well I guess we’ll be staying home today. What do you want for breakfast?”
  12. Lay: “Oh baobei… you shouldn’t drink too much. Come, I’ll prepare my mom’s recipe for hangovers”

Okay so today can we talk about how hard they work 24/7 without rest? Like I know this happens with every comeback and I know it’s part of promotions but seriously… can’t they sleep a little? I don’t want anything bad happening… no one does. I love seeing my EXO dorks but I worry for them too. I don’t know but I respect them so much, they are so strong and do all these things for us… thank you EXO. For being so dedicated, special and precious. Ara~