Kim Jongdae is made up of sunshine and rainbows and fluffy clouds on a beautiful day. He is also made up of the ocean when it’s calm and when it’s angry. He’s made up of hot chocolate on a cold winter night, made up of illegal midnight sensual jazz and he’s also made up of pure stardust. He’s precious and I will fight you if you say otherwise ^^


Day Twenty Eight || Bias At A Radio Show

The Fantastic Kim Bro’s radio show counts right? They were so sweet, and chill the whole time. It’s so nice to see them being relaxed with each other and open with the fans. Plus who doesn’t like an hour and 4 minutes of XiuChen?


I’m gonna go cry now, see ya

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I couldn’t stop smiling when making this post~

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Thank you, sweet cheeks!~

I tag: @chenbaekery / @devil-seok / @sehungotbaek /& anyone else who wants to do this~

(I just noticed that I did this in a pattern. Black and white, then color gifs~)

Request Schedule!

Okay here’s the schedule for the week! I will (of course) post them in the order I received them! For those of you that don’t know, I post at night between 8pm to 12pm (PST timezone)!!!! I’m doing WAAAAY less requests this week because it’s a busy week for me and I’ll be in vegas this weekend! :DD I’ll still do my best on the requests so don’t worry!!!! ^^ I hope you guys enjoy them! :DDDDD

Mobile Masterlist!


  • OT9 when theres been a tragedy in your hometown (X)
  • Kyungsoo/Chanyeol worried you’re overdoing it with schoolwork (X)


  • Xiumin telling you sweet things when he’s away on tour
  • OT9 when you tell them you’ve dated a girl in the past
  • Chan/Baek/Hun (maybe OT9) teasing you for being clingy


  • OT9 finding out you (and little sister) have a thing for NCT’s Mark 
  • OT9 obsessed with their girlfriends curves


  • OT9 giving you suggestive compliment and you get embarrassed
  • OT9 teasing you because they love how shy you get / wanting kiss


  • OT9 trying to calm down in public when you were something they like
  • Sehun when you accidentally confess to him
  • Wrong Number Series Part 14!

Requests are Closed! ^^


Day 2 of 30 Day EXO Challenge: Your bias in EXO-M?
ALRIGHT! Since everyone went with Xiumin I think Imma play it a little different! Although Xiumin is adorkable I do agree I think that Chen is my bias from EXO-M~ I mean just look at that nerd xD His goofy ass personality alone keeps you interested~ His voice is absolutely amazing because he is full of talent and well I’m not gonna lie he is cute as fuck~



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