[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong - lawyer Interview on OBS channel [2015.05.06] : Choi, accompanied by HJ & HJ’s parents, went to the hospital as selected by Choi, for check-up. But Choi did not allow HJ’s mom to go into the ultrascan room with her. Choi went in alone and later provided them with the pregnancy report after the check-up. As of now, it is confirmed that she is pregnant but there is no confirmation on the paternity of the baby and that the baby is really HJ’s. This is still a contentious point on both sides. HJ’s lawyer said that HJ had indicated that after the baby is born, it must undergo paternity test to confirm that baby is indeed his first. Upon such confirmation then he will bear the responsibility of raising the child, etc. But as of now, baby is not even born yet but Choi has hurriedly filed a lawsuit of 1.6 Billion won for compensation. From a legal point of view, this is unduly excessive because even in any normal situation such as a traffic accident which resulted in death, the compensation for any psychological suffering (arising from death of person) would not exceed 100 million won! Although in different situations, the compensation figure could be negotiated by both parties but in this case, Choi’s demand is obviously way out of any negotiable parameters. Hence, they will prepare to go through the legal proceedings in respond to the lawsuit from Choi .. cr: Eng Trans : Princessmich123

Hyung Jun Instagram Update Translation (credit to Sarah):

“We all know how difficult it is to wait for five years, so thank you for being here. We’re touched and our beginning of 2015 has been wonderful because of you guys. It was also exciting to see some people we haven’t seen in a long time. Thank you and thank you again. We’ll be back soon and it’ll be as amazing as what you’d expect, so please get excited. Happy new year and we’ll pray that everything goes well for all of you. It’s a little embarrassing… But hooray, 501! Hooray, Triple S!”


Choi Ji Woo with Kim Hyun Joong,2PM,Jang Geun Seuk,EXO & others - You’re So Beautiful (Lotte Duty Free) MV/CF!