Kim Him Chan

Himchan Scenario: Soul Mate AU

A/N: Hello! I’m back with another soul mate scenario! It’s Himchan’s turn! This is based on the first words your soul mate says to you on your wrist. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Yongguk Soul Mate AU

Daehyu soul mate AU

Youngjae Soul Mate AU

Jongup Soul Mate AU

Zelo Soul Mate AU

Well it was no lie that Himchan was confident about his looks. And no one was going to deny it. One look from him and even the boys would swoon. It wasn’t just the looks he had going on for him. Oh no, it was also the confident aura he had and how friendly he was to everyone. His cooking skills were an added bonus.

He was the dream boyfriend.

Despite it all, he was still insecure about a few things. He was a human after all. But whenever he felt insecure he would trace the words tattooed on his wrist.

“You’re beautiful”

Those were the words his soul mate was going to say to him when they first meet. It was one of the biggest things in his life, which has helped him get through many things.

It was almost like the unspoken words from his soul mate was always there comforting and encouraging him. He is always thankful for those words and has always been eagerly waiting to hear those words being spoken. He always thinks about what their voice may sound like.

“Ugh, Kim Him Chan!”

Himchan is snapped out of his thoughts as he looks up at this friend, Daehyun.

“You aren’t listening to me!”

Himchan laughs and apologizes about spacing out.

“Stop thinking about someone you haven’t met yet and pay attention to me!”

“I didn’t know you could be so clingy”, Himchan says.

“Because I am asking for your opinion and you are just blocking me out”, Daehyun says angrily.

“Sorry! Sorry! I will pay attention”, Himchan says as he claps his hands together in front of Daehyun.

“Fine”, Daehyun huffs before going back to the conversation they were having.

“If I needed someone to space out while I was talking to them I would have invited Jongup or even Yongguk”, Daehyun grumbled as he took a sip of the drink the waiter had brought over.

“Yongguk is just awkward with you so Jongup would probably be a better choice”, Himchan says with a laugh and Daehyun rolls his eyes.

“I miss Youngjae!” Daehyun complains.

“And I miss Junhong, what is your point?” Himchan says blankly.

“Whatever, what do you want to eat?” Daehyun asks as he flips through the menu.

The conversation then turns to food as they flip through the menu. They had met up for lunch so they could discuss some matter about work. It had been a simple task until Himchan had spaced out but they had managed to come up with a solution in the end.

Once they had finished lunch they both paid and left. Himchan bids Daehyun bye before they go their separate ways. Himchan decides that he might as well pick up some groceries on his way home. He would have to feed Jongup and Youngjae even if he himself was full.

He hums to himself as he picks up some food and some of Youngjae and Jongup’s favourite snakes. They were like his kids. Except they were over grown kids…why did he live with them again?

Himchan shakes his head and clears his thoughts as he gets his head back into shopping.

You were always a little bit worried about meeting your soul mate as the words tattooed on your wrist read “what?”

Talk about something you don’t want to hear when you meet “the one”. It felt a little bit anticlimactic. And so as you were walking around the grocery store you had your heads in the cloud.

What kind of person looks at their soul mate and says “what”?

And with your head in the clouds you bumped into the person in front of you. He makes a sound in surprise and your immediate reaction is to apologize but he turns to face you and you are rendered silent.

“You are beautiful”


You snap out of your thought as the said man looks at you in shock.  

“It’s you”, he whispers and you have to strain to hear him.

Your heart skips a beat, his voice is a beautiful as his face and some how you know he has a heart to match.

“I’m Himchan”, he says with a small smile on his face.

Of course you two clicked instantly. He was funny and sweet and his cooking was second to none. You had a suspicion that you had gained a good chunk of weight just by being around him and his cooking.