Kim Eun Joo

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They say that opposites attract and this two might have been the perfect poster child for it.

With Byung Gak being almost old enough to be Joon Hee’s father and his eccentric, weird ways that sometimes border on lunatic psycho, i understand how a lot of people can not appreciate the charm behind this pairing.

But it is exactly that that makes them work together.

His pissiness is the perfect foil for Joon Hee’s immaturity.

His emotional stuntedness a balance to her openness.

That and the fact that they make me laugh and cry in unexpected and unconventional ways than that of other pairings.

I loved watching Byung Hee and Chul Soo in What’s Up Fox but Joon Hee and Byung Gak just took my liking for that series just a little notch even higher.

Crazy for You

This is a heartbreaking drama about love, letting go and second chances… Here people of two different backgrounds cross paths that take them through a rough path towards forgiving and healing their hearts…

Suh Jin Young is an aviation maintenance technician who is engaged to pilot Jae Hoon.  Her family is his parents and her grandmother who has a little restaurant.  Her friend is her boyfriend’s best friend, Lee Hyun Chul.  Her life revolves around her job and Jae Hoon, so when one winter he fails to meet her because of a fatal car accident, her life is shattered to pieces.  She is lifeless as she moves to his parents’ house and lives as their daughter.  She never takes off the ring that united her to him and focuses on work. She doesn’t socialize and so the years pass on.

Kim Chae Joon is a young man that grew up in an orphanage and wants a better life for himself and those he considers his family.  He studies to be an aviation maintenance technician but does odd jobs to get by.  He helps his girlfriend, Jo Min Hee, support her father, who treats him like a son.  But she wants a better life fast and resents the poor economic situation they are at.  Chae Joon gets a night job driving wealthy men from a night club and one night, as he drives, he falls asleep and causes the death of a passerby.  His life is shattered as those he considered his family turn their back on him the moment he is sentenced to prison.  His guilt and the pain of knowing he caused a family’s pain by killing a man, make those years in prison hard ones.

 Chae Joon is freed after completing his sentence but people won’t give him a chance for a real, honest job because he is an ex-convict… Suh Jin Young meets the returning Lee Hun Chul, who had left the country when his friend passed away out of guilt because he loved his best friend’s girlfriend.  And Jo Min Hee, who no longer wants to know about Chae Joon, has landed herself a job as a flight attendant.  And these four people’s lives will never be the same as Suh Jin Young decides to give Chae Joon a chance to become an aviation maintenance technician…