Respect figure skaters

Today, we have received an ask telling us that YOI fans have swapped in Yuzuru Hanyu’s name with Yuuri’s, and his coach’s with Victor’s. 

We have read a post related to it, and we are pained and disappointed. This is not the first time it happens. 

We are making this post to remind you that it is not ok to do that. Figure skaters are real people, who have worked hard for years to achieve what they are doing and to get where they are. They are not fictional characters. These people were given a name, they have led their own life, they have went through their own hardships, they have their own career path, they have their own history, and it is disrespectful to change it to another’s, to a fictional character’s. 

The kind of image given by this kind of behavior certainly isn’t what Kubo, the YOI anime staff, or YOI fans would want. Kubo and the YOI anime staff want to spread love, tolerance and respect. Kubo and the YOI anime staff don’t want people to have a bad image of what they worked hard on. Kubo and the YOI anime staff don’t want figure skaters to feel disrespected because of extreme fans’ behavior. Kubo and the YOI anime staff don’t want their work to be a cause of pain.

No matter the reason why this was done, we hope you understand why doing this is wrong, and that it won’t happen again. 

On behalf of the YOI fandom, we would like to apologize for the pain it has caused. 

FYYOI admins Jen, Kim, Rasha & Ria.

john: you know whats the one downside of us being married
sherlock, mildly anxious: What
john: i kinda miss calling you my “boyfriend”
sherlock: oh…you can still call me that if you want
john: really?
sherlock: well i am both a friend and a boy