Bloody Pads ( Kai x You )

Bloody Pads ( Kai x You )

Jongin - (y/n), why didn’t you come to school today?

You heard your phone beep and you squirmed on your bed, trying to move towards your bedside table. You struggle to reach out to grab your phone, after you did that, you already felt exhausted. You read the name on the screen and immediately sat up, causing you to regret it afterwards.

“Ugh..” You groaned loudly in pain. You had dysmenorrhea, and it was extreme. It can be so extreme to the point where you can faint from it or you can’t move. What was worse was that you have it every month. After reading the text you sent a message telling Jongin that you were on your period having those painful unbearable cramps that could kill you any moment.

You were in a position that looked like you were bowing on your knees to someone; paying respect. Almost every girl knew what that pose was for when it came to period cramps. You spent the next 45 minutes dying and crying from the pain. Yes, it was a legitimate cry.

There was a doorbell and your mom went to check. Your door opened, revealing your boyfriend — Jongin. “You look horrible.” He commented placing a plastic bag down on your bed.

You halted at him, “You’re mean. Get out.” You grumbled and closed your eyes as you tried to forget about the pain. You hear your boyfriend chuckle and felt your bed sink down. “I’m guessing the pain is a 9/10?”

“More like a 10000/10, it hurts a lot Jongin.” You poured as tears started to form again. Jongin frowned and moved closer to you, trying his best to soothe you by rubbing his hands up and down your back. “What’s in the plastic bag?”

Jongin took the items out to show you what he had bought. Extra large pads, chocolate and pain killers. “Chocolate!!” You gasped, “Good for relieving pain.” You muttered as you held onto your abdomen. Jongin chuckled and opened the bar of chocolate for you. “Afte resting this you can take the pain killers if it still hurts a lot.” He smiled at you. You returned the smile with your teeth covered in chocolate.

“Man I’m so fat.” You spoke as you continued eating. Jongin raised an eyebrow at you but didn’t say anything. That must’ve been your period talking, he thought.

“Do you want anything else?” He asked. You pondered about it for a moment before nodding your heads. “Let’s watch an action movie!” Jongin nodded his head and took your laptop from your desktop.

He went to search some online action movies that he knew you would love. “Oh yes yes! I want that one!” You giggled and clapped excitedly as you wrapped yourself in your fuzzy blanket. “Wait I need to change my pads, it’s bloody.”

Jongin scrunched up his face in discomfort, “You didn’t have to tell me that.” You grinned cheekily at him, “I just felt like saying it.”

Once you changed your pad, you crawled back in bed to cuddle with your loving and caring boyfriend. After watching the second movie of Avengers, he turned on the light and you were searching for another movie. “Still want to watch another movie huh?”

“Yep!” You smiled as you clicked on the next movie. You and Jongin spent the afternoon having a movie marathon and your mom had called you both for dinner. “Thank you for allowing me to come over.” He bowed politely at your mother. She smiled warmly and shook her head, “You’re invited anytime, plus, (y/n) is more happy and less cranky when you’re around.”

You blushed and whined, “Can we not embarrass me please? I’m on my period and I can get really cranky you know.” Your mother smiled at you knowingly, “It’s okay, Jongin is here.”

Once you were done with dinner, you headed back to your room, making adjustments for a last minute sleepover. “My mom’s passing by to hand me my clothes later.” Jongin spoke as he got under the blanket. He pulled you closed as he wrapped his rams around you lovingly, “Do you still have cramps?”

You shook your head, allowing yourself to relax under his embrace as you rested your head against his chest. “Nope, not anymore.”