Scoot McNairy: “For Killing Them Softly, I had my best friend Ben Mendelsohn in the movie and we ended up moving into a house together. We figured; let’s not make up chemistry, let’s create real chemistry and take it to set. Ben and I developed a very quick, solid, sick relationship with each other for the movie and you definitely see that in the work.” 

Ben Mendelsohn: “We were there first before anyone else, and we ended up staying the longest. We ended up living together and, I think that was the most important thing. Instead of standing there and pretending to be really angry with each other, we genuinely got to know each other. Once you find the things about each other that piss you off, that’s love. That’s love.”


Ben Mendelsohn, Scoot McNairy and Andrew Dominik at 2012 Cannes Film Festival