Killing of Wolves


“Tough as Wolves. Kill Cancer.”

I just found out today that my brother, who has been cancer free for 10 years, has been re-diagnosed. They found a tumour on his kidney so he has had surgery to remove the tumour and his kidney. As soon as he recovers from the surgery he will start chemo treatment. This fundraiser was already pretty important to me because my dad and best friend are currently battling cancer but now it’s even more imperative that I spread the word and try to raise as much money and support as I can. If every person that reads this post would donate at least $5 and reblog it that would be absolutely amazing. Thank you all so much! 

For my dad, my brother, my best friend, who are all battling cancer, I ride up not one mountain but three (150km in one day). Please support me on my quest to kill cancer by helping raise funds for the BC Cancer Foundation through my fundraiser the “Triple Crown Challenge.”

Thanks friends!

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“Dutch” wolf run over in Germany

July 2015 - The wolf that walked around in the northern provincies of The Netherlands last March, has been run over by a car in Germany. This happened last April, but recent DNA-research confirms it’s the same wolf.

It was big news when the wolf entered The Netherlands; it was the first wolf in over 150 years to have entered The Netherlands. After about a week, he returned to Germany. 

On April 15th, a dead wolf was found on the highway A7 at the German place Berkhof. The wolf was hit by a truck.Research conducted by the Senckenberg Institute in Germany showed that the male wolf belonged to the so called Münster-pack.A comparisment of DNA-traces of two Dutch sheep killed by a wolf, showed that it concerned the same animal. 

Below a map depicting the route of the wolf (numbers are dates):



The wolves in the United States are in serious danger. Its not just peoples right that are in danger here. Its the rights of these creatures as well. The Defenders of Wildlife need everyones help here. They can’t do it alone. So there is the link to the information and where people can also donate to try to help save our wolves.
Save B.C. Wolves!
January 15, 2015 B.C. Government green-lights controversial wolf hunt in the South Selkirk and South Peace regions. As many as 184 wolves to be shot from helicopters. Decades of habitat destruction and human encroachment have left BC’s mountain caribou on the edge of survival. Instead of protecting critical food and habitat for caribou, such as the lichen rich interior forests, the BC government has now placed the blame on wolves. Over 180 wolves are now being targeted for aerial killing in the next two months.

New York we need your help!

In its 2005 plan, extirpated species (including wolves and cougars) were included on New York’s SGCN list. But, the NYDEC removed the gray wolf on its 2015 SGCN draft.

Recent scientific evidence has proven that preventing extinction isn’t just about preserving individual species so they can propagate and survive. It’s about preserving these species’ ecological roles and relationships with entire ecosystems. Large carnivores improve the health of plant communities and provide food for the many species that scavenge on their kills. An ecosystem with wolves in it is far richer than one without wolves. New York has viable habitat for the natural reestablishment of large carnivores like wolves. Wolves are critical to the future ecological integrity of the state.

Please tell the NYDEC that the SWAP should retain management recommendations for wolves and cougars as it did in its 2005 plan. The state has viable habitat for the natural re-establishment of these creatures and they are critical to the restoration of NY’s ecological integrity.

Please act now by clicking link in bio or below

Seriously, Ether Chests should be easier to find, should have a brighter and bigger light, or if you don’t find them then the treasure should automatically go to your post master. Because, in my opinion, it’s not fair when you kill off a pack of wolves by yourself and then can’t find the chest or when everyone else around you finds the chest and you don’t. Normally, that doesn’t happen, but sometimes people don’t signal where the chest is and they run off without helping you find it.

anonymous asked:

You really hate HIMYM, don't you?

Oh, Anon, OH, ANON.


That’s the problem, really.

I love it so much. I love it too much. I love it so much, because Robin, and Barney, and Marshall, even, and you know what, even Ted, in his good moments, when he wasn’t being an asshoole and thinking his way was the way, and Lilly, when she wasn’t judging everyone and spilling secrets left and right, and thinking she knew best.

But mostly Robin and Barney. And not even Robin/Barney, but Robin & Barney. Robin, by herself, and Barney, by himself.

Robin, because she can be nice, or she can be herself, but she can’t be both. Except she can because she is sort of really really nice. On the inside.

Robin, who apparently killed a pack of wild wolves with nothing but a pocket knife when she was 14? 

Robin who is allergic to feelings. And drama. Who likes to shoot things and drinks scotch and smoke cigars. Who is so fucking screwed up, and yet is still walking around and making connections in spite of acting like she pretty much wants none.

Robin who thinks love is a dirty word. 

And Barney, who is probably the kindest person ever, who makes me cry just to think about him sitting on his living room staring at that TV and whispering Dad.

Barney, who loves too much, and feels too much, wo the point where he’d rather not feel at all.

Barney, who thinks being a father is the scariest shit ever, until he doesn’t, until he thinks, no, this is what I want, and then he lets it go, because it’s just not going to happen.

Barney who was the ultimate jerk, until he wasn’t, until he became a better person.

Barney and Robin, who carried so much pain, and we were never hit over the head with it, but we could see it, right? We knew, and it informed everything they did, and it showed that you can still be awesome, and you can still be fun, and you can still have a pretty kick ass life, even if you are damaged. 

So, no, Anon, I don’t hate HIMYM, not even a little bit.

I just… there are very few things that can get me to break out the capslock and rant, and HIMYM is one of them, because I just love it so much.

Now excuse me, this gave me feels, I need a moment.

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//Since I already asked the J$, I might as well ask you too. How do ordinary noxian people call people from other citystates, be it polite or not?

// Well, this is a pretty interesting ask to get, thanks for sending it!

Noxians tend to be an inclusive society and those who have not earned the respect of Noxians will be called Derogative Terms. Bilgewatians and Zaunites are automatically given lee-way due to long-standing alliances between the two. That said, they may still be insulted by some social circles. Insults are as follows:

Bilgewatians: Seadog
Zaunites: Shimmer-head
Piltovians: Gearhead
Ionians: Peacenik
Shurimans: Sand-Breather
Frejlordians: Barbarian
Demacians: Vassal/Blueback
Yordles: Fuzzball

Ways one can prove themselves are numerous, and vary from essentially being an RPG Protagonist in a small town (that is, doing small tasks for people from gathering wood to killing wolves that are plaguing the town, the small things add up) to Enlisting in the Military and serving in some capacity. As you prove yourself, people will stop calling you derogative terms and start using your actual name or a cute nickname people may have invented for you. 

Trust from Noxians doesn’t just suddenly transfer from town to town, but once you earn their trust, they cling tightly to the trust you do build. There have been tales of entire Noxian Towns revolting over a single foreigners arrest in extreme cases, but when you earn your place in Noxus, it’s pretty much secure unless you do something really, really bad like being revealed as a Spy or committing serious offenses.

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I just spent 20% of my battery just scrolling through your blog and enjoyed every second! Majoras Mask is my favorite too. What is one of the most memorable experience you've had playing The Legend of Zelda? Me: I started playing Ocarina of Time when I was about 4-5 years old. It took me 10 years to beat the Forest Temple because I couldn't find a key I needed. It was the key that you climb the vines after killing the wolves. I refused to use a guide and when I figured it out I was like 😱

I’m glad you like it!  I think my most memorable experience with Zelda was the first time I tried to play a Zelda game (Twilight Princess to be exact) when I was 12.  I too didn’t want to use a guide, but I got stuck at Ordon Village when you are supposed to call the hawk to grab the stolen baby crib.  So I ended up running around the village picking up cuckoos for an hour.  Then I gave up haha ;)

A year later I picked the game back up and tried again, this time using a guide.  It helped a lot and I’m so glad I did because that game really launched my interest in Zelda and gaming in general :)

also love the wolf-mom with the weird hair who keeps describing how shes going to kill other wolves in vivid gruesome detail