Killing in the name

AU where Matsuda makes the Shinigami deal, not Soichiro. His natural lifespan would still be at least one and a half years long so he would have survived Mello’s squad.
Besides, everything would have been harder for Light considering that Matsuda could expose every owner of a death note. Also, Soichrio would be dead either way.

theres something about zayn just going by “zayn” on all social media that is killing me like yes just go by your first name ple a s e you really are the beyonce

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do you approve of the racist #callhimemmett hashtag?

How is it racist? We’re giving humanity to the preborn children killed by abortion, not taking it away from Emmett Till.

We’re not trying to cheapen his life or trivialize his death. Exactly the opposite. We’re trying to show the worth and significance of these children who are killed in the name of choice.

Unlike some movements, pro-lifers can raise up an oppressed group without tearing everyone else down to do so. We can honor and respect Emmett Till and know that what happened to him was inexcusable, and at the same time honor and respect these preborn children and know that what happened to them was also wrong.

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I know literally nothing about Dragon Age but I am loving Starless Road. should I read By the Still Waters or will I be confused?

Well, according to the people who commented on this post, it is totally possible to read Still Waters without knowing the canon. And if you like ‘sad elf on magical quest for shitty ex-boyfriend in mysterious spirit realm’ as a plot, it may be the story for you. It also has certain advantages over any fic based on Tolkien canon (more jokes; fewer colons; FEMALE CHARACTERS; also it’s complete.) You could give it a go!

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the real question is: what if light wanted to kill some like, raised by wolves dude who was never given a name, would they just be immune to a deathnote, would there name for the deathnote just be wolfboy or whatever became the common name for them,

This is the rawest question regarding death note that I’ve ever seen and I can’t think of a reasonable answer for this honestly. Just hope that Light never makes an enemy out of someone who was raised by wolves

I have a confession

I used to play World of Warcraft pretty intensely. Hardcore for about 5 years straight (2005-2010/1), then on and off for another four years. I quit “once and for all” (hahahaa) in February of this year. Wasn’t feeling the new expansion pack. I’m … feeling the itch. Again.

So. I love you all, and I think it would be fun as hell to run around in a guild named TJLC full of crazed Johnlockers, killing things with the power of gay love while cackling on voice chat. It’s free-to-play up through level 20 (which is basically nothing, but enough to see if it’s something you like) and I thought it might be entertaining to start brand new characters together and run around while stabbing things. There’s no player-vs-player killing without your consent on the server I play on, so it would be very low threshold to entry. We can also just do this over a weekend, or pick one day when we’re all off and have some fun as an experiment.

I, of course, will be your video game big sister and hold your hand through everything. It’s easy even if you don’t normally play video games and have never played one in your life.

I’m also open to doing this with other online games. Civ 5, anyone? Any other lifelong super gamer nerds out there? Probably not but it’s cool.

So, uh … anyone want to do the thing?

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And hey, avawatson, didn’t you used to play WoW also? Was that you?

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You didn't need to kill the mouse though. That's really sad. He or she wasn't gonna hurt you, obviously it was the other way around. Also, there are traps that don't kill them. :(

Haha I love this, you’re so sweet. My poems aren’t literal. I mean I really did have a mouse in my apartment and I was told to set a trap and kill it, but I actually found out how it was getting in, so I blocked off its entrance, I didn’t kill it. Also I named it Howard. I could never really kill anything. One time I stepped on a spider and I felt guilty for like an hour.

I just kinda take stuff from real life and use it as a metaphor. Like I just kinda meant the mouse to symbolize something innocent and when I said I ‘had’ to kill it, I meant like as in the human tendency to ruin good things by accident.

But your concern for the mouse is really sweet. Howard’s still alive and well for all I know. (I moved out last week.)

Gun Maker Prints Bible Verses On Assault Rifle So ‘Muslim Terrorists’ Won’t Touch It (VIDEO/IMAGES)

Gun Maker Prints Bible Verses On Assault Rifle So ‘Muslim Terrorists’ Won’t Touch It (VIDEO/IMAGES)

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A gun maker in Florida has raised eyebrows for putting a Bible verse on its assault rifle to prevent “Muslim terrorists” from using it and killing Americans. The AR-15 rifle, named the “Crusader”, recently made its debut online when gun manufacturer Spike’s Tactical posted photos of the gun from various angles. The gun features an emblem of a cross inside a shield, bearing resemblance to those…

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Im sorry im a coward to send this anon, but im just so sad seeing you get all these other anons, calling you names and whatnot and telling you to grow up. Calling someone else all those names and telling someone to kill themselfs? Wow i wonder who needs to grow up really, that is certainly not being a rolemodel to anyone, it really makes me afraid of such people. Just wanted to send some love and support altho you already seem like such a much stronger person than myself!

It is fine – I know people do not want to be associated with this. I don’t even wanna be associated with this. I will probably take down a lot of the messages in the morning. Well the more morning. When I wake up.

I appreciate your love and support, but oh I’m far from strong. I’m ending all this tonight (and ah, I realize that sounds dark, but I only mean I’m sayin’ my last bit and then blocking everyone I can.)

Considering I just got real life gore submitted directly into my inbox, I really do appreciate it.


My sister and I have vivid memories of this obscure show that aired on Disney. It was about two teens who become super smart after a toad types a code into the computer and hits them with like a laser or something. The blonde girl becomes evil with her new intelligence and every episode the guy and his friends have to foil her plans with his own smarts. We think the title was like “Weird Science” or “Mad Science” or something along those lines. And it wasn’t like a normal Disney show. It was probably made in Canada or Australia.

Anyone remember this show’s name? It’s killing us

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Me too if they kill Lexa off and if I hear those shippers who should not be named and go crazy about how there ship can now be cannon.

Lol i would love to see their reaction if the show gets cancelled shortly after it makes the dumbest decision of killing the character that’s been the saving grace.