Killing in the Name

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I'm a little confused, wouldn't the turkey mind them celebrating Thanksgiving? Or do they not eat turkey?

Since they didn’t decorate for Thanksgiving, chances are they didn’t really celebrate the holiday, either. If Jack and Sally were invited to a party, then that’s probably what they would have done. Otherwise, there wasn’t any holiday-celebrating during November. 

Headcanon Alert!

As suggested by my friend @conscientiousmonster, I now have a pretty solid headcanon that Maul’s real name is Wild. It would make sense, since his brothers are called Savage and Feral, after all. ;)

(We’ll probs find out what his name is in later eps)

It’s been some a while since I finished main story of sun&moon(I got sun)

Lillie is waife…I want to draw Miduki x Lillie but enstar&engirl events are killing me…

Just a doodle of my miduki(named mine RekiTori) in Lillie’s sofa bed….let me sleep here forever….

btw I really hope I can take off the shoes while sleeping in bed okay nintendo…

African American Woman Who Was Navy Veteran Killed By Police Last September: Media Are Silent

India Kager was shot dead by police while she was sitting on the front seat next to her boyfriend Angelo Perry. Police officers were after Perry. 30 rounds were shot into the car. India Kager who was U.S. Navy veteran and a mother of two died on the scene. One of her babies was in the car and fortunately wasn’t hurt. India Kager was killed by police 100 days ago - media keep silence on the investigation of her death.

#Say Her Name

#Killed By Police

Kager’s story


NYPD sergeant kills Deborah Danner, a 66-year-old black woman who neighbors say was mentally ill

A black woman said to be living with a mental illness was shot and killed by a New York police sergeant in her Bronx, New York, apartment Tuesday evening. Police officials say the woman allegedly wielded a bat at a police sergeant. Commissioner James O'Neil admitted the officer didn’t follow protocol.


1 year ago today, Sandra Bland was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. She died in jail 3 days later.

Salute brave Sandra Bland, who stood up to racist cops on behalf of all of us! She will never be forgotten! #Love it!

  • Yuri: cute cinnamon roll, blushes always, nervous small child, protect him.
  • Victor: yes.
  • Yuri: hot badass, does the tongue thing, beautiful and sexy af, delicious katsudon.
  • Victor: yEEESSSSSSS