Killing Hope

                                                                               Once I imagined

                                                          my country saying I am sorry for not
                                            being big enough for you to grow out

                             of sooner. You, always leaping upstream,
              hook-teethed and flashing silver, a

reminder that the most beautiful
              things will kill us. I hope the ocean 

                           loves you so much you feel free in its

Natalie Wee, from “Silverfin,” Our Bodies & Other Fine Machines

Her Smoking a Lot and Refusing to Kiss Them: BTS



“But look at all those one-smoker couples that still kiss! Why would we be different?”


“Don’t be ridiculous. If you ain’t gonna kiss me because you smoke then stop doing it. I’m not loosing my happiness that your kisses bring and I’m not on the track of you getting a cancer, either. This is a double-kill.”


“I have a solution for you, then. I know that you love kissing me, vice-versa of course, and therefore I will give you a week’s time to actually bring some effort in to stop smoking. Meanwhile, I will still kiss you because the smell or after-taste is nothing compared to the bliss you bestow upon me with your lips.”

Rap Monster:

“So if you don’t stop smoking you gon just never ever kiss me again too? Doubt it. Now stop being weird and just gimme a kiss.”


“Then maybe this is a sign that you should stop smoking?”



“(Y/N), it was your decision to start smoking and it is mine to say it’s okay for you to kiss me even if you smoke. It doesn’t matter.”

i honestly haven’t even been checking my notifications lately, i am so exhausted when i get home haha

holiday retail kills me. i hope i can find time to draw a little bit soon though gaaahh how do people DO things when they get home from work 💀

ooooohhh my neighbour thinks its gonna snow this year he says the news been going on about it im so mad it hasnt snowed here (like properly) in like …. years. 2009 is the last real deep snow i can remember and that was like … 8 inch i think. and ive been killing myself hoping for snow all the time and im gritting my teeth i dont want snow i dont wanna pay an arm and a leg for gas auuuauuuuuuuuuu fuck british winters when you need a mild one itll fuck you over one

My 26 yr old sister still says things out loud like ‘ermagerd’ and ’___ ALL the things!’ Like…is that what’s gonna happen to me?am I going to be 30 still saying stupid shit like O shit waddup! Are all the youngins gonna be embarrassed by my use of outdated memes….how long until I myself am not Hip With It….how long until I am no longer a trendy memer…


so i did some galra!keith doodles,,

and also these lmao

i could not resist

Peridot is anything but common