people: This new Killian has NOTHING to do with our Killian, he’s a joke, a cheap excuse, a clone basically, he’s no one and nothing, how am I supposed to give a shit about him??

also people: How can they even think of giving him a new love interest, that would totally ruin and taint and spit on CS, because essentially that man IS Killian Jones.


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I’m wondering how may folks have decided to keep watching the show this year, and how many are departing. I am genuinely curious as to what the fandom is thinking. I have been pretty vocal that I’m not watching season 7, but I really do understand those who are. This is a general inquiry for every faction of the fandom. 


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Killian Jones FF: He Wasn’t Prepared

A/N: I blame this entirely on @bleebug and maybe @queen-mabs-revenge. Also tagging @justanotherwannabeclassic because and @lenfaz, so that when she returns from travels she can join us in this. There is probably more to this, but I’m going to stop myself before it takes over. Unbeta’d. If you see something egregious, message me.

Summary: Killian Jones meets his daughter. 

Words: 885 | Rated: gen | ao3


He wasn’t prepared.

Left to his own devices, he’d blame it on the rum. But only two drinks in when he returned to his ship that night, there was barely a hint of fog papering over his thoughts. He would have hardly called himself unawares, but there he was, mouth agape, as Catherine sat in the chair before his desk.

Smee would pay dearly come morning.

Narrowing his gaze, he moved to pull the dagger that sat within the folds of his coat. It had been months - nay, more than a year now that he thought of it - since she graced his cabin. He couldn’t say he thought much of her in the absence, but knew if she had returned it couldn’t bode well for him. There had been no talk of her at port or on the taverns in that time, and he had assumed that she found passage with another ship’s captain. Somewhere more hospitable than this dreary port.

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In which I do an awful lot of reaching to find a parallel.

Okay, so, remember when the sneak peek for 7x02 came out… myself and @killian-whump had a bit of a banter going on over Henry’s curiously patterned sneakers. (shut up, they’re still awesome)

Anyways.. sitting here, it’s sort of hit me. 

During that scene, Killian and Henry were spending time together, he was teaching him how to sword fight and they were playing.

Then later in the episode… we find out Wish Hook has a daughter and he has fond memories of playing chess with her….

Both Hooks… bonding with with their (step)children… wth chess patterns all round….

Only in one realm, one was fulfilling that enjoyment, and in the other, it was but a memory of things sorely missed.

Shush! I’m taking this very coincidental thing and running with it! looool. 

Missing You (A CS AU fanfic)

“ Mommy. I miss daddy.” Emma looks down at her little boy. Emma picks Logan up. Logan was the spit image of Killian as he grew older. It kills Emma seeing so much of Killian in him and how much he is missing from their kids lives. She knew she couldn’t do anything about it. 

Emma says “ I know buddy, Daddy will be home before you know it.” 

Logan smiled sadly. Emma looks up at the door opening to see their oldest daughter Leia. 

Emma says “Hey honey, How was school today?” 

Leia shrugged her shoulders and says “Alright I guess.” 

Emma says “ Are you sure?”

Leia says “ Yeah.”

Emma sighs as she watches her daughter run up to her room. 

Logan says “ What’s wrong with Leia Mommy?”

Emma says “ I don’t know monkey. Let me go talk to her. Want to watch some tv?’

Logan says “ Peter Pan!”

Emma smiles and turns the tv on for him and goes upstairs. She knocks on Leia’s door. 

Leia says “What?”

Emma opens the door and finds her daughter crying into her pillow.

Emma says “Oh Sweetie.”

Leia says “ I miss daddy so much.” 

Emma says “I miss him too baby girl.”

Leia hugs Emma tightly. Emma says “ You know what?”

Leia says “What?”

Emma says “ You’re Daddy would be so proud of you. You have helped me so much with Logan and doing so well in school. He would just be so proud of you.”

Leia says “ I would hope so. I want him too be. I’m sorry for shutting you out.”

Emma says “ It’s okay princess. I just worry sometimes that’s all. I want you to be able to come to me and talk when something is wrong.”

Leia says “ I know that now. Thank you Mommy.” 

The next day everyone is at Granny’s eating dinner. Snow stands up and says ‘ So Charming and I have been keeping a secret from you.”

Emma just gives her mom a look when Killian walks through the door.

Leia screams “Daddy!” She runs from her seat and tackles him in a hug.

Killian says “ Hey there baby girl. Daddy’s got you.”

Logan says “Daddy! Daddy’s home!” He runs over to Killian and jumps onto him.

Killian says “ Look at you monkey. You’ve grown so much.” He hugs his son tightly. 

Emma comes over from the table and says “ Killy?”

Leia steps away so her mom can hug her dad. 

Killian says “Good to see you too Swan.”

Emma breaks down in tears running over to her husband. Not knowing this was something that could be possible. Her family was here all together in one room. This was where she wanted to be. Home. 

Since all the other kids are doing it…

Season 7 tags. 

#KillianJones All versions of Killian shall be tagged as Killian Jones because that’s his name.

#DetectiveRogers or #OfficerRogers for cop Killian… at least until we find out what his first name is.

#Wish!Hook for the older, dirtier yet debonair version of Killian

#Killian 2.0 I have unhappily used #Wish!Hook for the modern day version as well but I have a problem with calling Killian ‘Hook’. it seems like a hurtful slight to me soooo, this is what I will use for alt EF and modern piratey wish guy. For now. I may change my mind later.

#CaptainHook for pre-CS Killian, plus I use it for fan art.