cs au: instead of a curse, a virus is spreading in storybrooke. ignoring the warning they got from the apprentice, emma and killian stay in the town, after their friends start turning into zombies. now they must find a cure, while being face to face with those monsters..


CS + “Conjuring magic is not an intellectual endeavor. It’s emotion. You must ask yourself, "why am I doing this?“ "Who am I protecting?” Feel it.”  

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Ever since we learned that the ability to do magic has to do with the emotions one feels, I always watch Emma as she practice her magic and kinda think about what goes through her head during it.

If you think about it, during season 4 doing magic became natural for her, actually at the same time she finally started to feel comfortable with her emotions. 

At the end of season 3 Emma regain her magic in the minute she admitted her true feelings. That was because, just as Rumple said to her, her emotions control her magic. So if you think about it, Hook not only helped Emma be a person who’s more attached to her emotions, but she also became better and better with her magical skills and a lot of it is thanks to him.

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I really think that Colin’s new Hook outfit is for the probable Camelot ball thing. Because if he was doing a pirate flashback, he’d most likely be wearing one of the pirate outfits they already have for him. They toted out the Black Velvet Vest of Sex for Operation Mongoose. When Rumple magicked him a prince outfit for their trip to the past, that made sense, since he was supposed to pass as a prince. But now he can go to a ball AS HIMSELF. The pirate captain. Who just happens to be dating a princess. That requires a whole different outfit. ;)


2015 Comic-Con Roundtable Interview: Jennifer Morrison & Colin O'Donoghue (Once Upon a Time)

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…quick, someone change him back, this is freaking me out. 


I’ve talked with a few people about how concerned I am for what ‘Pure Heart Rumple’ is gonna be like. xD The rainbow bunny kitty flower monstrosity above is the worst case scenario. He’s so nice … it’s gross. Let Rumple still be Rumple pls. Also, thank you for the 600 (+22) followers! 

Captain Swan AU Week Day 3: Another Realm (Enchanted Forest) - Lieutenant Duckling

AU in which Princess Emma of Misthaven and Lieutenant Killian Jones of the Jewel of the Realm get married.


I’ve never done this before and this is my first proper go at using Photoshop so I’m sorry if it isn’t perfect!