“I must agree with you on that, love; I am devilishly handsome.” He grinned appearing beside you.

You rolled your eyes, “I see your ego’s still in check.”

Killian beamed, “Even bigger since I heard that you find me attractive.”

“I- what?!” You choked.

“Ah, so it is true.” He smirked, “Don’t worry love, I find you extremely attractive as well.”

a chance to change...

Taking a break from 7 minutes so people who want to can catch up. Plus, I’ve been thinking about writing this since mryddinwilt mentioned the idea in my ask box a week or so ago… So, here’s a bit of Deckhand Killian helping Emma find her new outfit on the Jolly. (Missing Scene/Canon Divergence)

“Can I ask you a question? You trusted me with your life just now, why?

“It’s complicated, might take a while.”

“My schedule’s pretty clear.”

“Okay…let’s first work on your fighting skills. Then we’ve got to help Regina stop that wedding.”

Wedding? Regina? He has no bloody idea what this beautiful siren is speaking of, but there’s a pull deep in his belly telling him that none of that matters, the only thing of importance being her and what she apparently needs of him. Since the moment she crashed against him in that tower, her green eyes looking up at him as though she was seeing heaven itself, her body warm as she pressed fully against him, he’s felt for the first time as though his life may just have a purpose after all.

“As you wish, milady.”

They’re close enough that he can see the flecks of blue amidst the jade of her eyes as she looks upon him and he can’t be sure if it’s the rocking of the boat or a purposeful act, but she’s suddenly swaying towards him. Her gaze has moved to his lips and everything around him begins to dissolve in a haze where she is the only thing in clear focus. When his hand still holding his flask between them brushes lightly against her breast he freezes, the beaded material of her dress tickling his skin for a moment before he pulls back, his ears burning from the blush brought on by such an intimate contact.

“Apologies, lass, I didn’t mean…”

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Theoretical (1/1)

Rating: T

Summary: Emma and Killian start fake proposing to each other at restaurants to get free food. It becomes such a regular occurrence that Emma doesn’t notice when the proposal is real. Modern AU.

Author’s Note: Okay, so I said I wanted someone to fic this cute idea for CS but I wasn’t sure if anyone would do it so I decided to do it myself. It was pretty fun to write. This fic has been in my drafts for literally months, and I was nervous to post it, but boyfriendhook insisted that I do. So I’ll dedicate this one to her! Hope you all like it (remember I am very new to the CS ff world)!

It was just an experiment the first time it happened.  Emma and Killian were out getting lunch at fast food restaurant when she mentioned it.

“Oh my God, Killian, would you look at this?” Emma says with her mouth half full of food. Killian chuckles as she hands him her phone with a video pulled up on YouTube.

“This guy proposed to his girlfriend at a Dairy Queen and they got a free ice cream cake!”

He arched an eyebrow at her. “No offense, love, but that sounds utterly ridiculous.”

Emma rolled her eyes and suppressed the smile that was tugging on the corners of her mouth. “Would you just watch the damn video?”

“As you wish,” he says as he presses play. Sure enough, the man did propose to his girlfriend at a Dairy Queen (Emma swears she hears Killian mutter something about how it’s “bad form”) and sure enough, the newly engaged couple is presented with a free ice cream cake.

“See?” she says with a triumphant smile as she takes her phone back from him.

“I still stand by my statement that it’s utterly ridiculous, Swan.”

Emma smirks. “You’re just mad that you didn’t think of the idea first.”

Killian’s eyes meet hers and he immediately senses the determination behind them. She tilts her head slightly and raises her eyebrows. She’s challenging him, and he knows it.

And since when has Killian Jones ever backed away from a challenge?

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Play me a simple song, so I can sing along
Cherry blossoms in spring, and all the j o y that it brings

Cause I’ve been out on the road, driving with no place to go
From cheyenne out to frisco, I’m dying to find me a h o m e

If Killian was in season one

We all know he was meant to be in season one, but sadly, he wasn’t.

But if he WAS…I’ve come to the conclusion that he and Emma would become INSTANT friends and a team right away. He would be just as non-believing about the curse when Emma fills him in on what Henry has been telling her, but he would be a part of Operation Cobra as well.

He’d be a lot more enthusiastic about the curse than Emma is, though. Straight from the start. Like…he wouldn’t believe it exists, but he would admire Henry’s imagination and sense of adventure. Emma never really did that. She played along, but she was a lot more skeptical and unwilling to see it as an adventure.

But I think Killian would definitely play a part in convincing Emma to stay. AND to opening up to Henry and being the mother she can be.

Emma and Killian have always been kindred spirits. They would click very quickly. Whether or not they’d kiss by the end of the first season?
That I’m not so sure about.

I think they’d both begin feeling a spark and realizing their feelings, but I think their blossoming friendship would be a main focus alongside Emma and Henry’s bonding as mother and son.

As for what his profession would be?

That, I’m not entirely sure about, but this post is more about the fact that Emma and Killian were always meant to be a team, and they WOULD be if he were present in the first season.

CS AU Cafe Love Ch.13 Snow’s Birthday Weekend Pt.3

Emma Nolan is in her final year at University. Her parents own The Blue Bird Cafe in a small town called Storybrooke. She comes home for holiday break to spend time with her family and finds a new cafe is opening across the street. She randomly meets Killian Jones, who recently finished his MBA and plans to live in Storybrooke to help his brother Liam and wife Elsa get their new cafe off the ground.

Their lives had been on hold and seemed to start again when they met. This is a completely fluffy story about how a chance meeting leads them to fall in love. Get to know them and their family through the holidays and beyond.

It originally started as a holiday fic but will continue through the year.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7| Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 |Part 11 | Part 12 


A/N: Part 3 of Snow’s birthday weekend. It’s Sunday and our lovely pair decide to do a little more sailing after an interesting morning with her parents.

I appreciate all of your comments, notes, and reblogs of my story. I love writing this fluffy little family AU. There is more to come!

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Back To You - chapter 2

She was gone. One minute she said she loved him, and then she disappeared into the darkness. Or rather, the darkness disappeared into her.

Killian shouted after her, shouted until his lungs gave out and his throat was screaming at him to stop. But when he did, he knew the sobs would set in, and he didn’t know if they would stop.

She was gone. And it took all he had to comprehend that he was never going to see her again. At least, as herself. He was vaguely aware of David’s arms pulling him up from off his knees, helping him back to the apartment.

He was in a trance, a stupor that left him empty, a void in his soul that would never be mended.

“Killian?” He managed to catch, which snapped his subconscious into action. He blinked away tears, biting back emotions for the sake of his lover’s boy. He looked at Henry, and saw the pain In his eyes.

Of the people in the room, Henry had chosen to come to Killian first. Over his grandparents, he chose the man his mother had given her heart to.

He put his arms around the boy, sharing tears of anguish with him. “My mom–she’s gone, isn’t she?” He asked. Killian blinked away the tears, trying to avoid the burningly pitiful stares from David and Mary Margaret.

Thankfully, they leave the two alone, leaving them to sob over the loss of mother and lover.

“Aye, Henry. She’s gone.” Henry embraced him, and Killian bites back his emotions, staring at the dagger sitting accusingly on the kitchen table, burning the name Emma Swan into his eyes, a constant reminder of his loss.

Killian puts Henry into the spare bed in Emma’s loft, curling himself up in Emma’s sheets on her bed next to him. Henry succumbs to the sleep first, and Killian focuses on his constant breathing, relying on them for his on sanity.

She was gone. He blinked, the truth hitting him like a brick, a sinking feeling setting in. At some point Henry walked in, and in the back of his mind Killian registered thankfulness that Henry hadn’t witnessed what he had.

He was next to Killian now, saying something, but the pain was too much – too much to comprehend the words.

She was gone. The dagger on the table was a painful reminder of that, and it haunted him all night, making him unable to sleep. He gets up before the crack of dawn, pain driving him instead of rationality.

He paces down the steps, eyes focused on the dagger. He grabs it and heads out the door, careful not to wake anyone in the house.

He rushes outside, his head spinning with anguish, loss, pain, anger, and he screams her name. “Emma Swan!” He says, holding the dagger.

He didn’t know if she even could come, if wherever she disappeared to prevented her from coming back to Storybrooke – to the people she loved. He knew nothing of the transformation of the Dark One.

He waited, choking back sobs, but letting the memory of her drive his actions. Letting the pain drive him. “Dark One, I summon thee.” He says, channeling all the emotion into his words. He waits. Nothing.

Suddenly feeling very small, he drops the dagger and falls to his knees, hyperventilating. The pain was too much–he wish he could shut it off.

But he knew he couldn’t, and until he found Emma, he was going to have to learn to live with it. It was a part of him, as pain has always been, and it would drive him to find her. He wouldn’t rest until he did.

“Killian?” Henry was out of bed, possibly he had heard Killian leave, and he was behind him. “Are you ok?” He asks, going around and looking him in the eyes. Killian stands up, blinking tears away, and puts a hand on Henry’s shoulder.

“Just needed some fresh air, lad. Let’s go back to bed.” He says, nodding back towards the apartment building. He runs his fingers through his hair and exhales, putting his emotions on hold for Henry.

Henry grabs the dagger off the ground and tests it’s weight in his hands. “You tried to summon her, didn’t you?” He asks, his voice small. Killian turns around, licking his lips and contemplating what to say.

“Yeah, Henry. I did.” He replied.

Henry hesitated, stealing a glance at his mother’s name on the very thing she had tied to evil, he let a tear escape. “It didn’t work?” He asks.

“No.” Henry hands Killian the dagger and embraces him. Killian is caught off guard, and gives Henry a confused glance before putting his arms around him.

“I know you probably would never want to be my father, but you’re the closest thing I’ve got to one, Killian.” He says, his voice muffled by the leather of Killian’s jacket.

He smiled. A part of him felt deeply for the boy, and always thought of him as a son, though he’d never force that upon him.

Now, Henry, standing with him out in the cold, Confesses he thinks of him as fondly as he cares for the boy. Maybe Henry was all he’d ever have left of Emma, and he could live with that.

He didn’t reply to that, but he rested his chin on Henry’s head, embracing him tighter.

“Let’s get back inside, lad. It’s cold out here and I’m sure your grandparents will start to worry if they wake.” Henry nods, elbowing him in the ribs before pulling away. Killian grunts, smiling.

“I think I know how we can find my mom,” Henry says abruptly before opening the door to the building. Killian gives him a sideways glance.

“How so?”

Henry shrugs. “We need to find Merlin.”

Hope you guys enjoyed! If you liked it, reply to the post and tell me how you felt! I love to hear your opinions, and it helps me with ideas and keep the plot flowing. Also, if you want to be tagged, reply to the post and lmk xx

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New Captain Swan video! ♥

“once upon a time there was light in my life, now there’s only love in the dark”

why does it hurt so much…

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Killian is always in the background in scenes? The other characters are placed in front of him and he hangs in the back, sometimes even when Emma is there. It's like he lets the other characters also take charge. Is this gonna change next season you think with Emma being the new dark one? Also do u think we will get more on his background? I desperately want to know more about his younger days.

This show is ALL about the ladies - they take precedence on OUAT

Killian always walks a half step behind Emma to allow the viewers to see her as the lead - not in terms of their relationship - but for their roles in the show. i like that they do this.  Hook, Charming, and Robin are fantastic but the women are the true leads of this show - it’s so rare on TV and I’m thrilled OUAT has taken this approach.

I also think Killian knows that Emma likes to be in charge, and that she is always open and seeks his advice and expertise when the situation calls for it. So it’s comfortable for both of them to let her take the lead and His willingness to let her take the lead shows that he has no problem with female authority (which is nice considering he’s how old he is).  Also, I think he recognizes that Emma has felt powerless a lot throughout her life and that his respect for her abilities gives her confidence.

His tendency to linger in the background of scenes is likely a combination of personality and practive - he’s a natural observer or both situations and the human condition. but I think he’s also spent a lot of time lurking in his pirate years - old habits die hard.

As far as Killian deferring to other characters - I think he’s always felt a bit uncomfortable around the heroes -and would prefer to see what their plans are and only speak up if he feels it’s necessary (i.e. their plan sucks). but that is changing.  He does see himself as a hero now, he knows that Emma’s family likes and cares for him, and he’s so desperately in love with Emma Swan that I don’t think anything can stop him from being front and center in the quest to save her.

we don’t really know anything about S5 yet - will they all be together or will they split up in a search for Emma and/or Camelot (Merlin)? what kind of role Hook takes on may have to do with how the cast breaks up or teams up. It’s going to be interesting for sure.

Hook backstory you ask??? I am starving for this! - especially his childhood and who his father was/is.  I hope that the writers make time for this or at least one centric for him in S5. Fingers crossed!!!

thanks for the questions :)