Some priest angst inspired by Fleabag and The Rite.


“Is it really a sin for us to be in love with one another? If there’s a God, would he really frown upon our love?“ Emma asked, squeezing the hand of the man she loved with her entire being, “I’m in love with you, I have been for a while. Killian, I love you.“

He began to speak, his eyes wide with emotion at her confession, but she shook her head and looked away, “Don’t. Don’t say anything. Let’s just leave that there for a moment. I love you.“

He squeezed her hand and gave her a sad smile, a tear rolling down his cheek as he spoke up after a few moments of silence between them, “It’ll pass.“ he said in a failed attempt to lighten the mood, “Love isn’t a sin, but I’ve taken vows. How could I ever make a vow to you knowing I’d broken the most sacred of vows already?“

“So it’ll always be him? You won’t allow yourself happiness because of your job?“ she replied bitterly, trying to keep herself together even though it felt like the world was ending, “I’m not enough?“

“It’s not a job, it’s my life.” he reminded her gently, “I’ve given my heart and soul to helping others through my faith and I’d be lost without it. You are enough, you are perfect and if things were different… If I hadn’t made these vows, I’d want you as my wife, but I’ve made my choice and this is my calling.“

She sighed and let go of his hand, getting to her feet and turning away from him to gather her thoughts and tidy her appearance, “What do we do now? Where do we go from here? I can’t imagine my future without you in it.“

He got to his feet too and moved behind his desk, focusing on the painting of Christ that hung above the fireplace, “I’ll see you every Sunday at services, if you choose to continue attending, and I’ll pray for your happiness. You deserve someone who can give their entire being to you and I… well, I can’t.“

She cleared her throat and dabbed at her eyes with a tissue, “It’ll pass.“ she repeated his words, shaking her head in resignation and moving to leave.

“Emma?“ he called, turning to face her as she reached the door, “I love you too.“

She looked back at him and their eyes met, two souls destined to be together but kept apart by faith, duty and vows. She gave him a nod and a smile before she left him alone in his office, knowing that no matter how hard she tried to be happy, he’d always be the soulmate she yearned for.

Hidden paths between the Moon and Sun (1/6)

A/N: and here it is!! My second fic for @cssns is finally here! I’ve always wanted to write a sequel to Until the stars are all alight - which I invite you to read to understand this fic - and now that the event is open to all the mythological stuff, I just had to write it.

I admit, I’ve debated for soooooo long about what it would be about, and my actual plan was for a one shot, but after a while, as I kept writing without an actual plot in mind, I just realized I could write something good, something a tad different from the origin story I already wrote, still sticking to mythology, but giving you readers lots of fluff to balance out the angst of my other CSSNS fic. You read it correctly, people, this is going to be aaaaaall fluff. And smut. Smuff. Hopefully good smuff.

I can’t thank @profdanglaisstuff enough for her wonderful, bloody brilliant beta skills and suggestions. I’d be lost without you, really. Thank you so much. 

Many many many thanks to the wonderful @sherlockianwhovian​ who’s my artist for this event and came up with this wonderful piece of art in so little time and probably during Post Con Depression. You rock, and the art is too amazing for words. Thank you very much.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to all the people in the discord chat for their help and cheering.

Oh no, wait, last one to be thanked for his services is Tolkien, since I stole this title from him. Again.

Summary: the King of the Underworld has never taken a vacation before, not a proper one and not one that lasted more than a few months. Now that his firstborn is capable enough to take the throne ad interim, Killian can finally show his beloved Queen the world, giving her the honeymoon they never had the chance to have. But the King’s plan doesn’t stop quite there.

(ao3) - (ff.net)

There was something to be said about what people believed in and what they claimed happened as if they’d been there.

It was all a big, fat lie.

Sure, there were books, there were myths, there was art, which captured - or tried to - what had happened. No one could deny the sculptures were fabulous, that some myths were better than the truth and that some others were much worse instead. Namely, the one the Queen of the Underworld was sick of seeing as an abduction when it had been her own choice.

The King of the Underworld knew it wasn’t true, but it didn’t stop him from being angered by the very idea of hurting his beloved wife. It didn’t help that it’d been Demeter spreading those lies, accusing him of sullying her precious daughter when the goddess of the  harvest and agriculture had been the one slowly killing her instead.

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Bad Guys That We’ve Fallen For…

Let’s start with an original:

Let’s remind ourselves about him:

Then there was:

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And, lastly, don’t forget about his so-called “twin”:

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“Try your hand at the Fantasy Gachapon!”

Whipped this up for a little secret project~ For something I frantically whipped together in 2 evenings I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! It’s loosely based on some of the first TAZ fanart I ever did!

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every version of killian jones attractiveness alignment chart [insp]

Just some of my favorites from Craig Clarke’s book! Loving these Captain Swan shots! That’s why day 78 of Ruby’s favorites goes to Craig Clarke himself! Thank you so much for all the amazing photos over the last 7 years!