Killer Croc (Waylon Jones)   //  DC Comics

Killer Croc’s backstory explains that he was born with a condition resembling epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, a disfiguring skin disorder. However, it is actually a form of regressive atavism, meaning that he has inherited traits of ancestral species of the human race such as reptiles. This condition has been augmented by the presence of a metagene. Consequently, he has several extraordinary physical abilities relating to his endurance, strength, and speed making him to lift up to level of 20 tons with all his force. 

His skin is hardened to the degree that it is nearly impenetrable to ordinary forms of abrasion including high caliber weapons fired from a distance. He possesses a degree of super strength; for example, he was able to tear a bank vault door off of its hinges with minimal effort. 

He has demonstrated regenerative powers allowing him to heal and restore lost limbs and teeth. He possesses superhuman reflexes and speed, especially while he is moving underwater. Killer Croc also has an enhanced sense of smell. Once he has become familiar with a person’s scent he can track them from miles away.  (X)

Killer Croc enjoys French literature, and appears to be fluent in the language.


A perfect little family, driven apart by greed, infidelity, bloody murder – sounds like game night in the Joker household! You thought there was a happily ever after waiting for you, didn’t you? Not a peep… not even a giggle. What kind of sadists would give me a neighbor with no sense of humor? I mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself, Waylon, who can you laugh at?

Joker’s Asylum II: Killer Croc